Thursday 31 March 2022

Eyemaster - Charcoaled Remains/Festering Slime EP

Labels: Caligari Records

Formats: Vinyl/Tape/Digital

Release Date: 12 Nov 2021


1. Charcoaled Remains

2. Festring Slime

I felt like choosing something at random to write about this evening. It was a toss between some US shoegaze/synthwave and German death metal in the end and the death metal won out (I might come back to the former at a later date). Charcoaled Remains/Festering Slime is the debut demo EP from Eyemaster, who formed in 2020. This demo was picked up by Caligari Records for a tape release towards the end of last year, followed by a 7" vinyl release earlier this year. 

It’s quite cold here at the moment (we even had snow yesterday and today) so it didn’t really feel like the right time for shoegaze/synthwave music. Something more extreme was called for and Eyemaster came to the rescue with their debut EP. The current upward trend of death metal shows no sign of plateauing and ‘Charcoaled Remains’ proves why with a murky yet infectious sound. Deeply barked/growled vocals, loud percussion and bass-heavy guitars hidden deeper in the mix make for a pretty solid concoction. The lengthy solos later on show you exactly where Eyemaster is coming from in terms of death metal worship. It’s the old-school or no school.

‘Festering Slime’ is the best descriptor for this demo in my opinion. It hints at the depraved and dismal atmosphere conjured up by Eyemaster. The mid-paced approach is very effective in making the song feel longer, allowing more to fit in instrumentally. Another hefty amount of screeching lead work and a frighteningly grim ending puts the final nail in your coffin. This demo is everything you’ll want a death metal demo to be in 2022. Long live death (metal).

You can stream and purchase Charcoaled Remains/Festering Slime digitally below, where it's also available on both tape and vinyl formats:-

Eyemaster -

Caligari Records -

Wednesday 30 March 2022

.Gif From God - ...Defragmented...Reformatted

Labels: Contrition Recordings/Rage Records/Zegema Beach Records

Formats: Tape/Digital

Releases Date: 06 Apr 2016


1. Adios Bozo, This Time I'm Downloading You Straight To Hell

2. Self Pwnage For A Narcissistic Nutjub

3. Rats

4. Let's Look At The Plague

5. Physics Problem: Sucking Nothing But Vacuum

6. Technology Will Kill You 111111

7. Empty Grave, Shallow Mind, I'm Sill Alive But My Head Is Full Of Shit

8. Maybe None Of Us Understand What We Have Lived Through

It feels a bit strange to be writing about the first .Gif From God full-length release after writing about their split with Vein, but I guess that's how things go sometimes. This is their first album, following their 2016 tour tape, which featured two songs. ...Defragmented...Reformatted was self-release by the band is 2016 and was put on tape by Rage Records, and Zegema Beach Records around the same time. Following the initial release, more tape copies were made available by Contrition Recordings in 2017 and ZBR in 2018. Whatever the semantics, this is gonna be worth it.

This album is over quickly. Opener ‘Adios Bozo, This Time I’m Downloading You Straight To Hell’ is eighty seconds of bizarrely programmed craziness mixed with mathy madness. I guess that counts for the rest of the record as well. ‘Self Pwnage For A Narcissistic Nutjub’ lasts a lot longer in terms of playing time, but is equally as crazy at the same time. As per my previous ZBR roster reviews, I feel guilty for leaving it so long before writing about this release but I can’t dwell on it. With that being said, I can totally see why .Gif From God were picked up by Prosthetic Records. I mean, the whole sasscore/mathcore thing was massive at the time. 

‘Rats’ is a totally different sounding beast altogether, with a mix of more sensitive post-hardcore sitting alongside breakdowns and heavier vocals. It’s pensive opening passages of spoken word and lighter instrumentation (after initial bursts of heaviness) gives way to building intensity that reaches it’s peak toward the end, as you’d expect. A really well put together song I think. ‘Let’s Look At The Plague’ is anxious mathcore at it’s best. It’s sub sixty-second playing time is filled with off-kilter tempos and panic chords. 

One of the most bizarre song titles on the album is ‘Physics Problem: Sucking Nothing But Vacuum’ but don’t read too much into that as the music is much more familiar. It’s over pretty quickly again but doesn’t need to hang around anyway. ‘Technology Will Kill You 111111” is the aural equivalent of computers taking over and making everybody learn to speak in binary; however, .Gif From God know how to write a song and the heavy passages at both ends are interspersed with one that’s a bit more restrained, giving it a nice flow.

It’a not often that song titles are almost as long as the songs themselves, but it’s nearly the case with the album’s final two. ‘Empty Grave, Shallow Mind, I’m Still Alive But My Head Is Full Of Shit’ is a noisy beast, though not necessarily in volume. Ambient noise and feedback blend with gentle guitar that leads into reverbed/looped screams and musical textures that bring Full Of Hell to mind during the song’s first half. The second half is a lot more chaotic. That penultimate song lays the foundations for ‘Maybe None Of Us Understand What We Have Lived Through’, which it has to be said is very apt given what we’ve just lived through.

Everything feels very raw and emotive initially, not that the rest of album doesn’t, it’s just more obvious here due to how things unfold. Equal parts post-hardcore and screamo/emo-violence with some bass-laden powerviolence thrown into the mix too. The layers of noise that round everything out seem only too perfect given this album’s intensity. This album pretty much epitomises the chaotic screamo, post-hardcore that helped to spawn the re-emergence of the Myspace scene (If my memory is right). Even if it isn’t, this is still rad.

You can stream and grab it as a name-your-price download here:-

Tape copies are long sold out.

.Gif From God -

Contrition Recordings -

Rage Records -

Zegema Beach Records -

Monday 28 March 2022

Noise Aholic - Narcissistvarld

Labels: Elitbolaget

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 25 Mar 2022


1. Förlägen och förevigt vilsen (feat. KjellHell, Jacob Björnfot and Matias Löfman)

2. Du är ingenting värd (feat. Mathias Lillmåns)

3. Vakna upp

4. Vad fan har ni uppnått?

5. Allt handlar om dig (feat. Dario Kåll and Otto Kaalikoski)

6. Bortkastad, hatad och ensam

7. Alla jävlar lider

8. Ignoransens ansikte (feat. Marco Lindholm)

9. Avskild och förglömd (feat. La55e Dog, Otto Kaalikoski and Matias Löfman)

10. Narcissistvärld (feat. KjellHell and Matias Löfman)

Long story short, I was supposed to write about this album on the night of it's release on March 25th, but I forgot. That isn't like me at all and for that reason I would like to apologise profusely to Owe Inborr of Noise Aholic and also Matias Lofman of Elitbolaget, who originally reached out to me about it. Narcissistvarld is the debut album of Owe Inborr (also of Dispyt and Ondfodt) from Finland. For the album, Owe enlisted a large number of musicians and friends from various bands, including Bob Malmstrom,  Dispyt, ...and Oceans, Kvaen and many more. It features 10 songs filled with crust punk and d-beat.

Narcissistvarld isn’t an album that hangs around long, which is good because it’s not the norm for an album where a solo artist is joined by a lot of guests. Most are quite long and self-indulgent from previous experience but not here. Album opener ‘Förlägen och förevigt vilsen’ sets out Noise Aholic’s stall for the night with a rip-roaring clash of rabid punk and hair-swinging heavy metal flair, packaged up as only Finnish musicians know how.

‘Du är ingenting värd’ continues at exactly the same pace and it reminds me a bit of equal parts Turbonegro and Kveletak (and yes I know they’re both from Norway!). The music is incredibly uptempo and aggressive but also fun! There’s no time to dwell on that fact though as ‘Vakna upp’ immediately springs into life, once again proving that the precise drumming wasn’t just a fluke (I hope it’s not a drum machine after saying that!), while the guitar work is just as expertly played. The vocals are definitely routed in hardcore and the gang-sections are great.

‘Vad fan har ni uppnått?’ goes even harder than the songs it follows, with a greater sense of urgency and attitude. Punk has always varied greatly, sometimes even more so than metal and this album proves why. ‘Allt handlar om dig ‘ contains the most abrasive vocals so far, which seem to come from a place of black metal and terror. They add a new layer to the music, which is still utterly mental. Another fantastic guitar solo is added for good measure too, leading you head first into the album’s second half.

‘Bortkastad, hatad och ensam’ kicks it off without hesitation and with no change in approach from Noise Aholic, which is only a good thing. It’s hard to keep up but easy to listen to, if that makes any sense at all. ‘Alla jävlar lider’ brings to mind another comparison in the form of AFI for some reason. Noise Aholic is nowhere near as melodic but there’s something in the depths of their riffs that just hits me here. Not bad company to keep I guess, if comparisons even mean anything.

At this point we’re fast approaching the end of the album and ‘Ignoransens ansikte’ knows that, because it tears it’s way through just over two minutes of throat-ripping powerviolence/crust screams and screeching lead work. If this is how Monday evenings are gonna be for me now, sign me up! Penultimate blast ‘Avskild och förglömd’ is the longest song on the album, not that that means much. I swear the Finnish vocals keep getting better and I genuinely love the heavy metal vibes that flow through it all.

The album’s title track ‘Narcissistvärld’ ends it all in proper breakneck fashion. I can’t really say anything that hasn’t already been said at this point. If you’re looking for an album that’s just straight-up, no-nonsense punk in it’s most vicious form, then look no further. If you also like a bit of flair and some classic riffs, there’s some added flavour here too. I can’t think of a better band name than Noise Aholic to be honest. Does what it says on the tin.

I implore you to stream the hell out of this album below, where it's also available to buy on tape and digitally:-

Rumour has it there could be a vinyl pressing on the way, so watch the socials below:-

Elitbolaget -

Monday 21 March 2022

Kevatuhri - II

Labels: Starving Light Collective

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 09 Nov 2020


1. Neljas Alku

2. Kaaos, Messu

3. Interlude

4. Kohti Pimeaa

5. Outro

Finnish antifascist black metal from a band of musicians who wish to remain anonymous. Very little information surrounds Kevatuhri except for a Metal Archives page and their bandcamp page. Following a self-titled debut EP that was released in 2018, Kevatuhri released their second EP called II in 2020. As well as being made available digitally by the band upon release, it was pressed on tape via Starving Light Collective in mid 2021. 

You’d think that having two weeks of annual leave would be enough to catch up, but you’d be wrong. I wanted to use most of the time to go through e-mails and write but instead I’ve spent the time procrastinating (so far). I’ve got a bit of time left though, so miracles might happen. Without wasting any more time, I’m diving into II by Finnish antifascist black metal band Kevatuhri. They’re part of the modern era of Finnish black metal and are just starting to make their presence felt. EP opener ‘Neljas Alku’ is teeming with ambience and foreboding instrumentation. It builds with a great sense of musicality and eventually the band’s full arsenal is unleashed, in all their raw glory. There are so many elements to the music and while a lot of people would call black metal “anti-music”, there is a lot to admire here.

‘Kaaos, Messu’ is much more instant in it’s delivery and impact. The vocals are truly piercing and the instrumentation is chaotic yet strongly together as well. I guess you’ll just have to listen to this song for yourselves to truly appreciate it. The mid-point of the EP passes via a song simply called ‘Interlude’, which is very traditional and melodic. It breaks the momentum a bit but is a nice bridge that guides you to penultimate song ‘Kohti Pimeaa’. Like the opener, it’s lengthy and brimming with menacing atmosphere. For the last couple of years I’ve sung the praises of Finnish metal and punk, and quite rightly so. The almost avant-garde structure of the song proves why the country contains the most forward thinking artists. 

The final ‘Outro’ gently calls time on the EP, which is an engrossing and infectious release. While it may have benefitted from more actual songs, it’s still a really enjoyable listen. Kevatuhri is a name to look out for moving forwards. Hopefully someday soon, they’ll be featured in a book about Finnish black metal, just like the bands that forged the community they're now part of.

You can stream and purchase II digitally via Kevatuhri's bandcamp page below:-

Kevatuhri -ätuhri/

Tape copies may still be available from the link below:-

Starving Light Collective -

Thursday 17 March 2022

Feed The Corpses To The Pigs - This Insidious Horror

Labels: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

Formats: CD/Digital

Release Date: 15 Oct 2021


1. Separate

2. Ghost Of Winter (ft. Rick Ross from Death/Massacre)

3. Jesus Is My Respirator

4. The Death Of Expertise

5. Trapped Spirit

6. I Drink Myself To Death

7. The Ocean Sings Of Murder (ft. Jelly from Void Dancer)

8. Out Of Sync

9. Flashpoint

10. This Fucking Horror

It's hump day, I'm on annual leave and getting down to some jams! Getting back on track with my review schedule even though I'm not fully immersed in 2022 releases yet. Feed The Corpses To The Pigs released This Insidious Horror, their debut album, back in October of 2021 after signing to US extreme metal label Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. There was a limited CD run made available by HPGD for the Albuquerque, New Mexico quartet that promptly sold out. If you missed out on a copy, it's available digitally too. I've had it on my list of releases to write about for a while, so let's not waste any more time.

Feed The Corpses To The Pigs counts ex members of obscure US extreme metal bands Cicatrix and Cambodian Death Squad amongst their ranks, as well as a current member of Gravework. Those names may not mean much to you but it’s always nice to learn about a band’s lineage. Moving onto This Insidious Horror, you’re greeted by metal with all the extremities! Album opener ‘Separate’ is a mix of death and black metal with thrash riffs, and even keyboards?! I’m sure that’s what I’m hearing in places, but then again it probably isn’t. There are a couple of guests joining Feed The Corpses… here with the first being Rick Rozz of Death/Massacre fame on ‘Ghost Of Winter’. He provides his experience and guitar prowess to a song that’s filled with crazed intensity from start to finish. Old-school in the best way possible!

In amongst all of the heaviness and extremity, there’s plenty of catchiness on This insidious Horror. If you like horror-punk and a keen sense of humour then look no further than ‘Jesus Is My Respirator’. It’s another quick-fire number, which is the MO of Feed The Corpses To The Pigs. That’s exhibited even further in the blistering grind of ‘The Death Of Expertise’. Equal parts neck snapping and slamming with a very apt sampled excerpt at the end.

’Trapped Spirit’ is spooky to begin with but soon settles back into what this record is about. Intense tempos, galloping bass, head-crushing/squealing riffs and genuinely frightening vocals. There is a brief moment of calm as the album’s first half comes to a close, but it doesn’t last long. ‘I Drink Myself To Death’ is where this band really shows off their musical chops for me, even though it follows the same formula laid down so far. Being able to write and perform something this fast, yet also keep it fun and entertaining is a hell of a skill, and the fact that the lyrics are audible (just like they are throughout) gives it more accessibility.

There’s great continuation into ‘The Ocean Sings Of Murder’, which feature guest vocals from Jelly of Void Dancer, a local Albuquerque band. At this point, I want to mention that the engineering work on the album was done by Will Putney of Fit For An Autopsy no less. That’s significant because This Insidious Horror really benefits from a production that brings out the musical and song-writing skill of all members. ‘Out Of Sync’ is in one of hell of a rush compered to ‘The Ocean Sings Of Murder’. It’s fast and punchy, but still engrossing at the same time. Hats off to that!.

In what seems like no time at all you’re listening to penultimate song ‘Flashpoint’ and it’s gargled/barked vocals. The mixture of chunkier riffs and grindcore is a reminder that metal really doesn’t need to be pigeonholed into different sub-genres, even if it serves a purpose. Metal is metal and however heavy you like it, it’s gotta be enjoyable snd this is! Ending with ‘This Fucking Horror’, you’re hit with the most pummelling and lengthiest song on the album. Both the dynamics and the length of it only lead to one place, which is a place of pain (mainly because the eagerness to mosh to it is so strong). 

Sometimes, writing about a record in a live setting (not literally but as it plays) can lead to things not making sense. This review does not do this release justice, so you’ll just have to listen to it for yourselves. I love it and Horror Pain Gore Death.

You can stream and purchase the album digitally here:-

Feed The Corpses To The Pigs -

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions -

Monday 14 March 2022

Gillian Carter/Eyetlet - Split 7"

Labels: I.Corrupt Records/Puddlejumper Distro/Santapogue Media/Zegema Beach Records

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 10 Jul 2017


1. Gillian Carter - Despair

2. Gillian Carter - Anguish

3. Eyelet - Famine

4. Eyelet - Cowardice

Looking at the cover of this split featuring US screamo/hardcore bands Gillian Carter and Eyelet, you'd think it was a ZBR swirl dip. It was in fact released way before the label started doing swirl tapes (I think?). I sit here tonight staring at a physical purple vinyl copy, not fully remembering how I came across it. It was either directly through Zegema Beach Records or via another label/seller back in 2018. For those of you who like your geography, Gillian Carter are from Florida and Eyelet are from Maryland, USA.

In case you hadn’t guessed from the intro paragraph, this is another Zegema Beach Records roster review. I’m ploughing on with the series but before I start talking about this particular release, I want to say thank you to CanaDave for the shout out via his recent ‘Out Past The Rings’ video, which was about the four-way split release that featured Massa Nera, Thisismenotthinkingofyou, Yo Sbraito and Ef’il. That was really kind man!

Both bands contribute two songs to this split, starting with Gillian Carter. ‘Despair’ lasts less than a minute and presents itself in the most violent of ways. Both the instrumentation and the vocals waste no time in making an impression, I wouldn’t say this was emoviolence per se, but it’s pretty damn close. GC’s second song ‘Anguish’ is very aptly titled. The riffs here are way more accented (if that’s even a word!) and there’s an atmosphere that’s more obvious, even though it’s no longer that their opener.

Eyelet are a more considered proposition, with their opener ‘Famine’ being more screamo in approach. The overall sound is more melodic as opposed to being more violent, while also having a slightly more technical edge as well. At the turn of the year I said that I was going to alter the way I wrote my reviews, yet I can’t seem to get away from doing live reviews (writing about releases in real time, while they’re playing). Eyelet makes it easier to do that and their second song ‘Cowardice’ follows on straight away but with a much more intense feel. The screams are truly caustic, while the instrumental approach is a mix of violent and melodic at the same time.

This split is over in the blink of an eye. Coming into this (and not by design), I was much more familiar with Gillian Carter than I was with Eyelet, even though I’ve owned this release on 7” for a good few years now. I love both bands though. I know there are newer releases that I need to delve into, so this review is the catalyst I’ve been waiting for. There’s still time for you to do the same. 

Stream and download the split digitally here:-

You can still purchase physical copies from Santapogue Media below:-

Santapogue Media -

Gillian Carter -

Eyelet -

I.Corrupt Records -

Santapogue Media -

Zegema Beach Records -

Wednesday 9 March 2022

Robust Split Series - Season 1: #2 Celophys/Radian

Labels: Robustfellow Productions

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 24 Dec 2021


1. Celophys - Cenozoic

2. Celophys - H.O.I.M

3. Celophys - The Main Issue Is You

4. Radian - She Gone

5. Radian - Nothing Gets Through

6. Radian - Beast

7. Radian - Herts Of Metropolis

8. Radian - Not Dying

9. Radian - She Blind

Tonight's post comes from an uncertain place. When I wrote about the first Robust Split Series release  review (about the Kasu Weri/Taser split) back on February 1st, I couldn't foresee what was going to happen in Ukraine. We were hoping and indeed starting to come out of a pandemic, beginning to feel more positive again but unfortunately somebody had other ideas. This review focuses on the second split in the series that was released by Kyiv's Robustfellow Productions in late December 2021, where bands from the Ukraine are joined by bands from all over the world. This tape features stoner/doom duo Celophys (from Cherkasy, Cherkasy-Oblast) and US sludge/doom quartet Radian (from Ohio).

After my initial hesitancy about this review last night, I’ve decided to go for it. This split consists of nine tracks with the first three coming from Celophys. Their opener ‘Cenozoic’ is twelve-and-a-half minutes of bass guitar/drum-laden doom with uber deep vocals. It’s mix of instrumental groove and depressive extremity is hypnotising, especially due to the repetitive nature of the song. Being repetitive isn’t a bad thing at all though!

The duo’s songs get shorter from here on in, though not by much in the case of ‘H.O.I.M’. The stoner/psych influences that graced the end of their opener are back in the song’s intro, leading into another lumbering and cavernous hymn. I’m not sure that calling it a hymn is correct, but who cares. Celophys certainly make me remember why I fell in love with doom in the first place. Their final song ‘The Main Issue Is You’ is also their most atmospheric, with more use of melodic and metallic elements (albeit subtle ones). There’s still a whole lot of dread in it though and with that, Celophys rounds out their side of this split in such a moreish and satisfying way. I need more of this band in my life for sure.

The other side of the split belongs to Radian, who approach doom/sludge from a different perspective. Still very groovy and slow, ’She Gone’ definitely contains that familiar mid-west twang and attitude. Radian don’t ponder over their songs as much, as you’ll find out. There’s definitely some clear-ish influences within their sound, especially if you’re a fan of the NOLA bands. ‘Nothing Gets Through’ features a great off-kilter rhythm that forms it’s backbone, while the quartet steamrolls on.

There’s much more alternative metal going on during ‘Beast’. It’s not like a nu-metal thing but Radian definitely knows how to add hooks to their sludge. They don’t hang about either, preferring to go straight from one song to the next and before you know it, ‘Beast’ has ended and you’re being greeted by the band’s most riff-laden song yet, ‘Herts Of Metropolis’. It features a haunting sample buried within the mix, which at one point made me think my neighbours were in distress before I realised it was part of the music!

Penultimate song ‘Not Dying’ sees Radian going back in a more straightforward direction, presenting themselves once again as a really solid heavy band that is more mature than expected given that this is only their second recording. Again, as with Celophys before, I’m floored. Split closer ‘She Blind’ takes you on one last trip down Radian’s dark rabbit hole and in doing so, will make you reconsider coming to the surface. It’s a really great way to end what’s been an engrossing union of like-minded individuals from different corners of the globe.

I think that’s what makes this split series what it is. On the one hand you’ve got the raw, extreme edge of Celophys and on the other, there’s the slightly more approachable urgency of Radian. There’s something here for any metal fan and that’s the point. Music brings people together, whether it be in the same town or across the world. It’s needed now more than ever and while this review won’t help the plights of both Celophys or Robustfellow directly at this time, hopefully it’ll help to show that there are good people doing good things, whatever the situation.

Contributions to help provide aid and relief to the people of Ukraine can be made via UN Crisis Relief, who have set up a Humanitarian Fund here -

You can stream this split along with all of the other splits that form part of this series below, where you can also buy it digitally and on tape:-

Celophys -

Radian -

Robustfellow Prods -

Sunday 6 March 2022

Dream Drop - Sometimes You're Gonna Feel Like A Loser But That's Alright + Interview

Labels: Self-Released

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 10 Sep 2021


1. Loser

2. We Will Go Down

3. Livestream My Suicide

4. Unpure Thoughts

5. Come Apathy

6. You're Sleeping Alone Tonight

7. Come And Sit With Us

8. If I Were To Disappear

9. Growing Pains

10. Reckless Demon Youth

11. Winter Star

12. I Can't Remember

The roots of this post go back to September 2021. I was contacted by my friend Jesper about Swedish band Dream Drop, who released their debut album at that exact time and he asked if I wanted to interview them for the blog. Anyway, six months on (everyone's been busy dodging a pandemic while keeping everyday lives going) I've received the completed interview. For those wondering, Dream Drop are a band that have embraced nu-metal/alternative music, in a similar vein as bands like Tetrarch and Code Orange.

It’s surprising when musical influences and sounds come back round after being saturated or forgotten, though it really shouldn’t be given the cyclical nature of music in general. Dream Drop are a band that fuses nu-metal into their own sound, influenced by pop-sensibilities and chunkier riffs, while having a broader palette as well. Album opener ‘Loser’ is a prelude of sorts and one that’s melodic and clean, both in instrumentation and vocals. It’s use of electronics give you a clue about what’s coming, but it’s subtle. 

‘We Will Go Down’ is minimal at first, reminding me of the album I recently reviewed by Formants. It’s not long though before Dream Drop hit their stride and deliver a varied collage of technical nu-metal, rap-like vocals and emo. Obviously, this is just what comes to my ears so make your own judgements. ‘Livestream My Suicide’ is a harrowing song-title that might be a nod to a real life example, where somebody actually did just that on a popular social media platform (if the Internet is to be believed that it!). The music is mid-paced and angsty with plenty of clean vocals and modern pop-sensibilities, though a heavier section later on gives the song a menacing edge.

One thing that’s certainly true of this band is their groove-laden approach to songwriting and ‘Unpure Thoughts’ will be welcomed by plenty of ears, especially those who’re familiar with Twenty One Pilots. It has the same catchiness. I was nervous about making this comparison, but it fits in places I think. Moving on from that though, there’s a lot more to this album than meets the eye (or ear). ‘Come Apathy’ provides a place for the band to experiment further with electronics and harsher elements, though the latter are sparingly used. Not sure if I’m doing this album justice but I’m gonna keep going.

None of Dream Drop’s songs here are overly long, meaning that they keep their catchy appeal and momentum. ‘You’re Sleeping Alone Tonight’ is really upbeat. Again, it’s pop influences come to the fore but the added bite of metal isn’t too far away. Dream Drop hold up well alongside bands like Sleep Token. This is a side of the Swedish music scene that I didn’t think I’d be writing about but I have no complaints at all, as I can really get behind songs like ‘Come And Sit With Us’. After all, we need a break from extreme music once in a while. Right on cue as I say that though, things get heavier!

This review’s gonna stretch on a bit, sorry. The songs and overall message delivered on You’re Gonna Feel Like A Loser But That’s Alright are very relatable given what we’ve all been living through of late but songs like ‘If I Were To Disappear’ provide hope and solace, in their own way. Proving that even in the darkest of times we can still pull through. Listening to ‘Growing Pains’ gives you a new perspective on the album and merely saying that the music here is a modern take on nu-metal is wrong. Dream Drop are much more than that.

High-octane tempos and energy make up ‘Reckless Demon Youth’, which may aptly describe the members of the band themselves. What it does do for certain is propel the album forwards, before giving way to the powerfully emotive penultimate song ‘Winter Star’, with it’s self-deprecating lyrics that we can all relate to. Album closer ‘I Can’t Remember’ with it’s clean and clinical (programmed?) beats, help to create one final memorable song that allows Dream Drop’s lyrical and vocal style to flourish. 

Concluding a review like this is always difficult because I already feel like I’ve said too much. Revisiting this album after a couple of months has given me a new appreciation for it. It’s an album that might divide people but that’s fine because the best album do that anyway. Not so long ago, Dream Drop lost a lot of records due to a break-in at their storage facility. Please help them out if you enjoy what you hear below. It would be appreciated for sure.

1. I first heard about Dream Drop through a good friend on mine. I listened to your 2016 EP and it floored me. Can you give us a bit of background into the band and how you formed?


Zorro, Joar and Olle met in highschool and Fredrik came in contact with us later through a friend.  Martin joined us last year but he and Joar have known each other for a long time. 

2. As well as the obvious heaviness on that EP, the turntable scratches are a retro nu-metal addition to your sound. How much is nu-metal an influence on Dream Drop and if you had to stick your necks out, who are your favourite bands from that sub-genre/era?

Nu-Metal isn’t so much of an influence anymore as it was during the time we wrote the ep. But at the time Deftones and Linkin Park were our biggest influences. 

3. Five years on from the release of your debut EP, you’ve just announced your debut album Sometimes You’re Gonna Feel Like A Loser, But That’s Alright. Can you tell us about the writing process for the album? Was there a reason for the big gap between releases?

We did release singles and a second EP between those two releases. We just took the best songs/ideas we wrote during this time and finished them.

4. Your album launch was very different to that of other bands because it took place on Discord. What was it like and why did you decide to use that platform to showcase your new album?

To get close to the fans.

5. Following that question, I’m really interested in hearing what bands think of the state of the modern music industry. What is your impression of it and do you see the way bands publicise themsevles changing? If so, how do you think that will change?

The music industry as it is now is very difficult to make it. There are so many bands now that want to make it big so you have to really stand out. 

6. Moving back to the present; now that you’ve released the album and with restrictions easing in some countries, do you plan to tour and do you have any plans in the works for 2022?

We have had a lot of plans but everything so far has been postponed or canceled  so as soon the restrictions ease off we will tour as soon as possible. We have our biggest hometown headline show on the 12/3 and it's going to be amazing. We're gonna play the new album and maybe a few new songs together with Sweden's rising stars Envyyou, Those Without and Set To Wake.

You can stream the album on Souncloud below:-

You can also stream the album via other major streaming sites via the link below, where you can purchase the album on vinyl alongside other merch -

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