Thursday 31 March 2022

Eyemaster - Charcoaled Remains/Festering Slime EP

Labels: Caligari Records

Formats: Vinyl/Tape/Digital

Release Date: 12 Nov 2021


1. Charcoaled Remains

2. Festring Slime

I felt like choosing something at random to write about this evening. It was a toss between some US shoegaze/synthwave and German death metal in the end and the death metal won out (I might come back to the former at a later date). Charcoaled Remains/Festering Slime is the debut demo EP from Eyemaster, who formed in 2020. This demo was picked up by Caligari Records for a tape release towards the end of last year, followed by a 7" vinyl release earlier this year. 

It’s quite cold here at the moment (we even had snow yesterday and today) so it didn’t really feel like the right time for shoegaze/synthwave music. Something more extreme was called for and Eyemaster came to the rescue with their debut EP. The current upward trend of death metal shows no sign of plateauing and ‘Charcoaled Remains’ proves why with a murky yet infectious sound. Deeply barked/growled vocals, loud percussion and bass-heavy guitars hidden deeper in the mix make for a pretty solid concoction. The lengthy solos later on show you exactly where Eyemaster is coming from in terms of death metal worship. It’s the old-school or no school.

‘Festering Slime’ is the best descriptor for this demo in my opinion. It hints at the depraved and dismal atmosphere conjured up by Eyemaster. The mid-paced approach is very effective in making the song feel longer, allowing more to fit in instrumentally. Another hefty amount of screeching lead work and a frighteningly grim ending puts the final nail in your coffin. This demo is everything you’ll want a death metal demo to be in 2022. Long live death (metal).

You can stream and purchase Charcoaled Remains/Festering Slime digitally below, where it's also available on both tape and vinyl formats:-

Eyemaster -

Caligari Records -

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