Monday 21 March 2022

Kevatuhri - II

Labels: Starving Light Collective

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 09 Nov 2020


1. Neljas Alku

2. Kaaos, Messu

3. Interlude

4. Kohti Pimeaa

5. Outro

Finnish antifascist black metal from a band of musicians who wish to remain anonymous. Very little information surrounds Kevatuhri except for a Metal Archives page and their bandcamp page. Following a self-titled debut EP that was released in 2018, Kevatuhri released their second EP called II in 2020. As well as being made available digitally by the band upon release, it was pressed on tape via Starving Light Collective in mid 2021. 

You’d think that having two weeks of annual leave would be enough to catch up, but you’d be wrong. I wanted to use most of the time to go through e-mails and write but instead I’ve spent the time procrastinating (so far). I’ve got a bit of time left though, so miracles might happen. Without wasting any more time, I’m diving into II by Finnish antifascist black metal band Kevatuhri. They’re part of the modern era of Finnish black metal and are just starting to make their presence felt. EP opener ‘Neljas Alku’ is teeming with ambience and foreboding instrumentation. It builds with a great sense of musicality and eventually the band’s full arsenal is unleashed, in all their raw glory. There are so many elements to the music and while a lot of people would call black metal “anti-music”, there is a lot to admire here.

‘Kaaos, Messu’ is much more instant in it’s delivery and impact. The vocals are truly piercing and the instrumentation is chaotic yet strongly together as well. I guess you’ll just have to listen to this song for yourselves to truly appreciate it. The mid-point of the EP passes via a song simply called ‘Interlude’, which is very traditional and melodic. It breaks the momentum a bit but is a nice bridge that guides you to penultimate song ‘Kohti Pimeaa’. Like the opener, it’s lengthy and brimming with menacing atmosphere. For the last couple of years I’ve sung the praises of Finnish metal and punk, and quite rightly so. The almost avant-garde structure of the song proves why the country contains the most forward thinking artists. 

The final ‘Outro’ gently calls time on the EP, which is an engrossing and infectious release. While it may have benefitted from more actual songs, it’s still a really enjoyable listen. Kevatuhri is a name to look out for moving forwards. Hopefully someday soon, they’ll be featured in a book about Finnish black metal, just like the bands that forged the community they're now part of.

You can stream and purchase II digitally via Kevatuhri's bandcamp page below:-

Kevatuhri -ätuhri/

Tape copies may still be available from the link below:-

Starving Light Collective -

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