Friday 24 December 2010

Australia attacks pt.2 - Corpse Carving

A while I featured new Australian death metal band - The Fevered, who seemed to go down really well with people. So I've been doing some digging around and while I know there are probably loads of death metal bands in Australia that I'm yet to come across, I thought I'd mention Corpse Carving, as they from the other end of the death metal spectrum to The Fevered.

Corpse Craving are from Tasmania, and play gore grind with touches of death metal. The band are currently signed to Despise the Sun records.

The band currently have four releases: -
A split release with Italian band Mincer, which was released through Coagulated records called - "Hacked, split then quartered"

A split release with Philippino death metal band Human Mastication, which was released through Sonic-Corruption called - "Masticate The Corpse : Aftermath of Human Carving"

A three way split release with UK death metal bands Bludgeon and Twitch of the Death Nerve, which was released by Life Fluid Productions called - "And Then There Were 3"

Also, a full length released through Despise the Sun records, called - "Grotesque Goratorium : Disemboweled Gorific Feast"

To find out more about the band go to and!/pages/Corpse-Carving/94943029972.

If you're into brutal death/gore grind, check these guys out!

P.S. If anyone reading this post is able to suggest any other extreme metal band from Australia that I should check out, please let me know. I'd love to hear from you about this subject or other stuff metal related. Cheers.

Wednesday 22 December 2010

I want to hear from you!

I want to hear from anyone who is reading my blog. I want to know what the metal/hardcore scene is like where you are, the gigs you go to and about any bands in your local scene you think people need to check out!

Get in touch with me by commenting below this post, by e-mailing me at or by adding me on Facebook at



Scene Heads-up - Book of Job

Here's another kick ass local band for you! Book of Job are a metal band from Leeds, but are slightly different from a lot of bands, as they're more progressive.

They are playing at Rehab in Harrogate tonight at Bottom of the Bottle, alongside local boys Waking Theo and York rockers, The Fallen. The gig starts at 9pm.

They are also down to support Harrogate's own Ericbana and Rash Decision on their tour on 2011, at Scruffy Murphy's in Birmingham on Feb 23.

As well as the gigs mentioned above, the band are playing in Barnsley on January 7 with The Ocean Between us. These guys are always playing shows so you've got no excuse for missing them.

You can find them at and at!/BOOKOFJOBUK?v=wall, which is updated more regularly!

Monday 20 December 2010

Scene Heads-up - Demoraliser

Demoraliser are a brilliant metal band from Grimsby. These guys formed in June 2010 and already have a 7 track EP out called - Reform.Repent.Revenge.

The band have spent a huge amount of time playing shows with some great bands, including up and coming bands - The Eyes of a Traitor and Awaken Demons.

Below is link to their video for the song "Checkmate", which appears on their EP.

The band currently have a gig booked for July 24th at The Priory in Doncaster. Get down if you can!
Here is a short review of their debut EP:-

The opening track "Hellbound" comprises a 40 second breakdown, which is a clue to the rest of the EP's sound and will no doubt get people moving in a live setting.

Track 2 - "47" is the first song proper. It reminds me a bit of Devildriver to start with but takes on a direction of it's own with more melodic guitars. It's a good combination of metal and hardcore being fused together to get that aggressive, modern sound, including those good old twin guitar harmonies.

Track 3 - "Checkmate" is starts with more melodic guitar and a crunching breakdown, which later makes way for guttural screams and then dissonant guitar riffs. The band again use breakdowns to emphasise the aggression in the song.

Track 4 - "Blood Meridian" is a faster song to start, with a slightly more punky vibe in the rhythm section. The vocals are more hardcore in this song, that may remind people of No Turning Back. The song seems more angry and sinister and the lyrics back this up. They also make use of low, guttural death metal vocals and gang vocals inside the breakdown towards the end of the track and demonstrate a good time change in the closing bars to slow thing to a halt.

Track 5 - "Pallbearer" begins with the sound a rain and wind and acoustic guitar melodies to break up the relentless brutality so far and set a calmer mood before the final two tracks.

Track 6 - "Out for Justice" hits the ground running, with fast paced riffs. rhythm section and furious vocals. The band again are sticking to their brand of hardcore infused metal to bludgeon the listener. The song also includes some more thrashy parts.

Final track "Glass Hands" finishes the EP the way it started, with a pit friendly, brutal sound. The song invokes feelings of euphoria as well as visions of flailing limbs flying across the dance floor of any sweaty, small club gig and rounds of an excellent EP.

If you're into your mosh and like more modern metal, you could do a lot worse than listen to this lo!

You can download their debut EP and find out more about Demoraliser by going to and

Saturday 18 December 2010

Scene Heads-up - Never Cry Wolf

Never Cry Wolf are a hardcore band from Sheffield, and form part of a very fertile metal scene. The band have just started recording new material ready for 2011.

They have loads of shows booked for the start of 2011, starting in Sheffield on the 28th of January.

These guys are gonna be very busy in 2011, so be sure to check em out.

You can follow Never Cry Wolf at -, and

The band has offered their 2010 demo for free download via their Facebook profile and they have merch available through -

Scene Heads-up - Etai Keshiki

Etai Keshiki are a brilliant hardcore band from Leeds. They play very chaotic hardcore.

The band are always playing shows in Leeds and the surrounding area and are up for playing anywhere in the UK.

They are about to start writing in January 2011, so won't commence playing shows till February, however you can view their shows and other stuff at -

You can also follow them at - and!/pages/ETAI-KESHIKI/206028141638.

The band also have a release out via Hypnowave records -, where a lot of their music has been made available for free download, including improvised material.

Wednesday 15 December 2010

Here's to the past

This is a quick post about several Dutch bands that are no longer active. I thought I'd do it to show people bands that have pushed the Dutch scene on and because they still deserve a mention :-

Gonzo were a hardcore band from Drenthe, Holland. They were active from 2007-2010. Their last release was a split with fellow countrymen - Laatste Halte.

Find out about them here -

Milhoen were a Dutch punk/crust band. Their last records was split with Seein Red.

Find out more at -!

Insult were an uncompromising hardcore band from the Limburg area of Holland. Their discography CD is out now via Power-it-up records in Germany.

Find out more at -

Backfire were a very prolific hardcore band from Maastricht, Holland. For more in Backfire releases go to -

For more info on Backfire, go to -

Right Direction were another hardcore band from Maastricht in Holland. They shared staged with Dutch metallers Gorefest and one their members went on to play in Backfire.

You can find out about Right Direction at - and at

The Butcher was hardcore/punk band. Their last release was "Bad Blood, which was self released by the band. Find out more about the band at -

Violation of Trust were a band from Eindhoven, Holland and were part of the Noord-Brabant scene. The band are no longer active, but have played several one off reunion shows over the last few years.

Find out more about them at - and

Off my chest were a good hardcore band from Amsterdam. They were active between 2003-2007.

You can read more about them at -

Henceforth were another hardcore band from Amsterdam. The band are currently taking time out to focus on other bands, including Ten Threats, This will kill You and and Downforce.

Read more about this band at -

Razor Crusade were a hardcore band, who were signed to Reflections records during part of their time as a band. You can read more about them at -

If anybody reading this feature spots any inaccuracy and wants to let me know, please posy a comment or e-mail me at, and I'll sort it out. Thanks.

Tuesday 14 December 2010

Interview - Riekus (Antillectual)

I did a feature on this band a couple of weeks back, but at the same time, sent them some questions so you guys could get more of an insight into them. Riekus (Drums and Vocals) answered them for me. Enjoy!
What is the feeling like amongst bands when you play live in Holland? Is there a
feeling of togetherness between the bands in your scene?

There is definitely a sense of togetherness between bands around here, and i consider many of the people in bands here to be good friends. I guess like anywhere, people stand up for each other and try to help each other out: booking shows, visiting each others’ shows, even singing guest vocals on records. I’d say this is broader than just the scene in the Netherlands. On a European - or even global - scale there’s this sense of Doing It Together, andthat is one of the many things that keep this little punk movement interesting and inspiring.

Being a punk band and being more melodic than some of your peers, what kind of receptions have you got when playing with some of the more aggressive bands?

I’m not sure what it’s like in the UK these days, but here in the Netherlands there’s been quite an uprise of melodic punk bands lately. I guess that for the UK bands like The Living Daylights and Above Them are the flag-bearers of the more melodic genre. From time to time we will share the stage with louder, more aggressive bands but I think the overlap between us and - for example - hardcore bands is still large enough to not be ‘the odd one out’. I never really thought of us as a more melodic band than others,but rather see us as one of the many variations of punk and hardcore in general. I think we all share the same kind of audience though.

You guys have toured the USA a few times. Have you found more difficult making an impact there than across Europe?

With so many good bands coming from the USA, it’s pretty much impossible to really make a dent over there, but on the other hand: people in the States tend to be very appreciative of European bands coming over. A lot of people never met Europeans in real life before.That’s funny sometimes. We can tour Europe any time we like, whereas touring the States takes a lot more preparation and time in general. So i’d say it is indeed more difficult than Europe. However, having the experience of playing a packedshow at Gainesville Fest 7 and getting very positive commentson Punknews does put things in a positive perspective.

So far, you've been really productive and toured relentlessly. What is it that drives you
on as a band?

Basically what keeps us going is the will to progress as a band, making that small step forward with every tour we do and every album we record.We never expected to be at the point where we are now when we set off, so we enjoy every last minute of it. To be honest, we’ve never felt that we are necessarily better than any other band out there, we just try hard and give it our very best. Besides that, exploring new places and people and meeting up with long-time friends in familiar areas sure keeps it interesting enough to keep going. The last song on our new album, “So Much More” is pretty much about this topic: howbeing in a band can ‘ruin’ your life to the extent that you are occupied by it on a daily basis, whereas some people prefer to see punkrock as a hobby. Bottom line: we’re trying to squeeze every last bit out of this band, and as long as that works we’ll keep playing and hopefully progressing.

The Netherlands has a very fertile metal/punk scene. can you give any tips on up-coming
bands that people should pay attention to?

The scene here is indeed pretty vibrant with a lot of great ‘young’ bands around. I
must say that i’m not that much into metal myself, so no suggestions on that topic. For punkrock, make sure to check out The Real Danger (not so new, but still very cool! Descendents / Face to Face style), This Routine Is Hell (Paint it Black / Panic kinda style), Midnight Menace (powerpop /punk with female vocals - Heleen sings guest vocals on our last record), Ravens (The Get Up Kids meet Hot Water Music) Otis (loud / sludgy hardcore inspired by Refused), and SweetEmpire (powerpop / melodic punk). Oh, and if you find yourself wearing skintight jeans and long hair, and you’re desperatefor some 70’s Hard Rock / Metal check out Vanderbuyst!

Saturday 11 December 2010

Blog - Right Direction

A blog about Dutch hardcore band - Right Direction

New blog - As Good As Dead

This is to let you know about a new blog that's been set up about Dead and Gone records. It's only just started but it's worth keeping an eye on.

Go to -

The blog will show old videos, Interviews and other stuff from their vaults. If you're into hardcore, you could do a lot worse than check this out.

Introducing - Brides

Okay, so this band probably doesn't need introducing to those of you who have your ears to the ground, but I thought I would post a piece about them anyway, as they are pushing the UK scene forward.

The band are from Brighton and have so far released to records of progessive/hardcore noise. An EP called - High Charity and an album called - Ocular. Unveil. Brides are currently signed to Visible Noise here in the UK.

The band have just announced a January 2011 tour with The Perfect Crime and others. The flyer for the tour is below: -

You can check the band out at - and at!/bridesmusic.

Introducing - Acatalepsy

I just wanted to let you know about a cool new Death metal band from Edinburgh. I got in touch with the band recently, and they sent me a short introduction about them, which I've posted below for you:-

"The band was formed in October 2007 by Hamish and myself, but it took us until early 2010 to secure a full lineup and start playing live. Since then, we've had the pleasure of supporting quality acts such as Diamanthian and Neuroma. In late November we went into the studio to record 4 songs for our debut EP, which is due early next year. We hope to bring something different to the Scottish DM scene, both musically and lyrically. The only gig we have confirmed at the moment is the 'Slaughterhaus' on the 18th on February in Glasgow (
) but we hope to book a few more gigs soon."

The guys have posted some songs up on their Myspace profile, so you can check em out.

Visit them on Myspace at - and on Facebook at -!/pages/Acatalepsy/136430469743921.

These guys are are another band who are proving that the Scottish Death metal scene is alive and kicking and long may it continue.

Monday 6 December 2010

Dutch Metal scene - Antillectual

This next band are another band I've discovered during my look into the very fertile Dutch metal/hardcore scene.

Antillectual are a melodic punk/hardcore band from Nijmegen. The band have been around since 2005 and have released 2 EP's and 2 full lengths, as well as touring relentlessly around Europe and the US.
Their current release in called - Start from Scratch, which you can buy from the following link - The band are offering the album in various formats - including CD/LP and free/donation digital download.

The band are due to play in the UK in January. They are Playing in London on the 27th and Blackburn on the 29th. More shows can be found on the above link.

These guys are well worth checking out if you like melodic punk music and they are really refreshing in a time when more and more bands are choosing to go down the aggressive route.

For more info, go to -

Sunday 5 December 2010

Scene Heads-up - Torn Apart

Torn Apart are another fine, local hardcore band from Leeds, West Yorkshire. They play in a very old school style, being influenced by bands like Voorhees and Sheer Terror.

They currently have a S/T 7" ep out via Grot Records and a 4 way split out with fellow Yorkshire bands Closure, Mouth and Bonestorm, who I recently featured.

To get hold of the bands S/T 7" ep, go to -
To pick up their 4 way split, go to -

The band have a myspace page where you can listen to a selection of their tracks.
Go to -


I while ago I said that I had started a facebook group so you could stay up to date with whats happening on my blog. Well, I finally got around to sorting out a proper facebook page.

Go to this link -

I'll get a proper URL set up soon.

If you're already a reader of the blog and you have Facebook, please add me.


Saturday 4 December 2010

Dutch Metal Scene - Screw Houston Start Screaming

Screw Houston Start Screaming are hardcore band from Utrecht. They started in 2009 and shortly after the formed, they recorded a four track demo.

They have a hardcore/rock n roll sound that is kinda like Every Time I die and Comeback kid.

SHSS have been pretty regular members of the Dutch live scene and have played shows with loads of local bands, including Malfunction, who I featured on this blog a few weeks back. The band have shows organised for December and into January in Holland.

Go to for more information on their Dutch tour dates and to download their four track demo.

Scene Heads-Up - Bonestorm

I realise I haven't done one of my local scene posts for a while, so here's one.

Bonestorm area a band I came across in the "New/Cult bands" section of a Terrorizer magazine. They are a Simpson's obsessed hardcore band from Leeds.

They currently have a limited demo cassette available that can be purchased through their myspace site. They have also recorded some tracks for a split 7" with local bands - Mouth/Torn apart/Closure.

The band are playing a gig at Santiago's in Leeds on the 18th of December, with Diet pills/Goatspeed/Normal Man and Legion of Swine. They are also due to tour in March of next year.

To find out more about the band, go to -

Dutch Metal Scene - Human Demise

Human Demise are a hardcore band a discovered not so long ago. I chanced across a review of their most recent album, The Odditorium on Aversion online. To check that review out and the rest of the blog, go to -

Anyway, Human Demise have been around since early 2004, and have been influenced by the mid-90s hardcore scene, witch is evidenced in their sound. They've shared stages with the likes of Sick of It All and and fellow countrymen No Turning Back.

They are currently working on a new record and have a gig booked for the 28th of December in Middelberg, Netherlands.

These guys are a bit of an institution in underground Dutch hardcore circles, and I think they need to be heard by more people from outside of the Netherlands. 

Go to - for more on the band and if you want to pick up their releases, go to their labels webshop -

Friday 3 December 2010

Noord-Brabant Scene - The Darkest Red

The Darkest red are a death metal I have recently come across. They are from Wallwijk in the Netherlands. They play awesome, death metal with technical guitar and a slight touch of modern metal thrown in for good measure.

They have an album out called - Destroy and Rebuild, which has been released by CrossFireCult Records.

The band released their first demo in 2006, called - Time has come to embrace. In 2007 they released a single track demo called - The reaping. They then performed with many bands across Europe, including Belgian hardcore band - Arkangel and the UK's own - Bleed from Within.

The band have two songs available for free download on their last FM site - Both songs are from their album - Destroy and Rebuild.

They are writing a second album as we speak.

Go to for news on the band and to listen to their tracks.

Thursday 2 December 2010

Australia attacks - The Fevered

This band got in touch we me as they wanted to let people know about their debut EP, which they've just recorded. The Ep is available for free or "sliding scale" download at this link -

The Fevered are a death metal band from Brisbane, Australia. I've recently listened to their EP, so have done a review that I've posted below.

Opening track, To Frailty starts off with what could be described as hardcore gang vocals over the top of buzzsaw riffs and speedy drumming. The song then moves into their take on Swedish melo-death, with vocals in the vein of Mikael Stanne from Dark Tranquility.

Second track, Sky Burial is a very black metal influenced song with dual screamed vocals. The song also includes bouncing riffs akin to Meshuggah.

Third song, Cascade Divide also employs Meshuggah style bouncing riffs. The song is again in the bands melo-death style and includes an awesome, but not ostentatious guitar solo.

Track four,  Cycles has a slight change of sound. It includes more buzzsaw riffing and almost punkish, grindcore style drumming with blastbeats not being overused. The band introduces a kind of anguished screaming to the middle of the track and the change in time signatures in the song is done to aplomb.

Fifth track, Vestige again shows a variation on the bands theme. The band this time employs something that resembles a death metal style breakdown in the middle if the song with more of their brand of gang/dual vocals, alongside their Swe-death inspired racket.

The final track, Sever the world is the longest track on their EP, coming it an just over eight minutes. They build up with slow almost doomy riffs before breaking into, very thrashy riffs. They employ twin guitar melodies and later on the track, a very introspective passage with more, almost spoken word style screaming. They employ string effects towards the end of the track to add atmosphere as the track and EP comes to an end.

Overall the EP shows a band who are not afraid to vary their style and improve upon a style of music that is very popular with up-and coming bands. The EP's sound is good and all the parts are clear and distinguishable. These guys have a bright future and need exposure. Go to their myspace page - to find our more. They have an interesting blog up about their recording sessions for the Vestige EP.

Remember you can also download the EP from Bandcamp, for free by typing in $0.00 when after clicking on "Buy it now", or contribute a little to the bands cause by paying a small donation to download it.



Tuesday 30 November 2010

Holy Roar Records

In one of my previous posts, I featured We'll die smiling, who have recently released an EP via Holy Roar Records. So, I've decided to do a special feature on the label so you can find out a bit about them and the bands that they work with.

Holy Roar Records are an independent record label operating out of London. They have worked in the past with more well known names in the underground, such as Gallows and Rolo Tomassi.

They are currently working with a number of bands, so I've put details about them below:-

Antares are a band who can't really be tied down to a particular genre. They are wildly technical and discordant. They feature one ex-member from the band - Chronicles of Adam West, who have previously worked with Holy Roar records, but who are sadly no longer active.

The band currently have release out through the label, called - L'esprit De L'escalier. You can download the release directly from the label at the link above.

Black Mass are a Leeds based hardcore/metal band. They are due to play a gig at The Old Blue Last in London on the 10th of December with label mates - Hang the Bastard.

They have a self titled EP available through Holy Roar. They have once free song available for download from the EP via the label's website, just click on the the link below for more information. 

Brontide are an instrumental band, featuring ex-members of I Was a Cub Scout and Pictures. They have a self titled EP out via Holy Roar, and feature on a number of their label's compilations.

They have two gigs arranged for December. One is Birmingham on the 16th and one alongside Rolo Tomassi in London on the 19th. Go to their myspace page for more information and to listen to some of their tracks.

Brutality Will Prevail are a hard touring, UK hardcore band. The band have a number of European and UK dates booked with Mother of Mercy and Dead Swans at the end of November and through December. They are also playing in London on the 13th of January with Downpresser, Cornered and Pariso. Dates are available through the Holy Roar website and the band's myspace page.

They currently have an album available through Holy Roar, in various formats including 10" Vinyl, CD and Digital download. They also appear on one of Holy Roar's compilation cassettes.

Crocus are an awesome and original hardcore band from Cornwall. They have already released one EP through We Heart records and a split CD with fellow Brits, Lavotchking. They are hoping to release their debut album through Holy Roar in the near future. They also appear on one of Holy Roar's compilation cassettes.

The band have gigs booked in December, January, where they will be playing in Devon and London and have a gig booked for London in April, playing with Kerouac and Bastions.

The Ergon Carousel are a UK grindcore band featuring ex-members of Carmen, Beecher and Narcosis. The band run their own blog, the address is -

Their self titled EP is available through the label, alongside their special Kyuss covers split 7" with Throats. Go to The band also appear on a couple of Holy Roar compilation releases. 

Gallops are something a bit different, showing that the label is an eclectic stable of strong talent. They play rock with added electro and you can follow them on twitter at by clicking on this link -

You can get their self titled CD via the label and they have a free song available for you to download off that record, called - Miami spider. Go to for more!

Hang The Bastard are London Based hardcore band. Their current release - Hellfire Reign, is available in multiple vinyl versions, CD and via digital download from the Label. 

They have just recently finished a short run of dates in the UK with hardcore legends Knuckledust, and have a gig booked for February 19 at The Ringside in Hull.

Last Witness are another wicked hardcore band from the London area. They currently have their latest release - Give up, available through the label as various coloured vinyl and as a digital download.

The band have a gig booked to play Salisbury in January the 22nd. For more news on shows and to hear songs from their 7" - Give up, go to -

Livimorket is the ambient/black metal solo project of an unnamed member of one of the bands on Holy Roar's roster. The demo titled - Dark Totality, which is available as a digital download and features one 39 minutes track. There has also been a self titled demo and a split release with Deafest. 

You can find out more information in the projects releases by going to -

Maths are a UK based screamo band, but a very good one. They mold their screaming in with introspective musicianship, which has come to signify many British screamo acts in recent years. Their latest release - Descent is available through the label along with their split release with Throats. Go to -

Pariso and others. For more info on the band, go to -

Run, Walk are a young UK duo from Winchester, playing good old, noisy off-kilter punk. The band appear on a couple of Holy Roar compilations and you can hear tracks by going to -

They also have all of their releases to date, listed on their myspace page, including their long sold out, self titled EP which they are offering as a free download.

Finally, We'll Die Smiling are a local hardcore band from Leeds/Bradford. You may have already read about them on this blog, as I featured them not so long ago. I've recently bought their EP - Avant Garde, directly from the label. It's a great release and the whole package is well worth picking up from

The band are offering the song - Interdisciplinary, from their EP, as a free download through Holy Roar's website at the link above. They also have a split cassette with Betty Pariso and a free download of their self titled EP available through their myspace page.

Earlier in the month, I caught up with label co-founder Alex, who was kind enough to give me some insight into the label. Here's what he had to say.

Can you tell me a bit about how the label begun and how you decided on the direction you wanted to go?

The idea for the label was sown when me and Ellen lived in Birmingham. I formed a label with a couple of friends in Birmingham based around a webzine and we did 3 releases. Me and Ellen then moved to London and decided there was a bunch of bands we wanted to see pushed more in the UK! The first release came out around June/July 2006. As for deciding on a direction - well, essentially, this never happened! We just did, and always have, released exactly what we want. Anything we like that isn't cheesy is certainly up for consideration. We certainly never sat down and went 'lets release whatever is in fashion in the metal world and try and clean up on merch' or anything like that - a look at our catalogue should hopefully reveal that we always have, and always will support some bands that have no commercial prospects at all.

How has it been for you to see the label grow?

Amazing. The most satisfying feeling in the world. But it has certainly been very hard work - far more work than monetary return that is for sure! Which is sometimes hard to swallow when you do it full time, but I cant complain as it is better than working in a soulless office with personality-void drones.

You're the label that brought bands like Gallows, Rolo Tomassi to people's attention. What helps you decide on bands to work with?

I'm sure there are cynical people who think we released those bands to a) make money b) increase our profile, but that has never been the case. Rolo Tomassi we have been with since the start, and every other 'name' band we have worked with has come about organically through real friendships or mutual respect. Generally we just go with gut feeling on who to work with - sometimes we get it wrong, and sometimes with hindsight I'm like 'why did we do that?' - but if we ever got more calculated than that then I would hate myself. All we ask of our bands is that they be fucking amazing and work hard. Not much! Ha.

Do you still take pride in the DIY formula that the UK underground scene stands by?

I'm not sure to be honest. I've felt really burnt by a couple of situations recently that have left me more disillusioned with the complete lack of intelligence and logical thought of a bunch of people. But DIY to me is a personal thing - it stands for 'do it yourself' after all, and we certainly do EVERYTHING to do with Holy Roar ourselves. There is no outside funding, there is no one promoting our bands except us and fans!

What does the future hold for the label?

I'm determined not to becoming a merch company. I want to continue to release a lot of music and continue to try and push our music into new physical territories across the world. The future is trying to strengthen our position whilst remaining 100% independent, making ourselves better known around the world and releasing loads of good music!

To find out more about Holy Roar go to -