Friday 3 December 2010

Noord-Brabant Scene - The Darkest Red

The Darkest red are a death metal I have recently come across. They are from Wallwijk in the Netherlands. They play awesome, death metal with technical guitar and a slight touch of modern metal thrown in for good measure.

They have an album out called - Destroy and Rebuild, which has been released by CrossFireCult Records.

The band released their first demo in 2006, called - Time has come to embrace. In 2007 they released a single track demo called - The reaping. They then performed with many bands across Europe, including Belgian hardcore band - Arkangel and the UK's own - Bleed from Within.

The band have two songs available for free download on their last FM site - Both songs are from their album - Destroy and Rebuild.

They are writing a second album as we speak.

Go to for news on the band and to listen to their tracks.

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