Wednesday 15 December 2010

Here's to the past

This is a quick post about several Dutch bands that are no longer active. I thought I'd do it to show people bands that have pushed the Dutch scene on and because they still deserve a mention :-

Gonzo were a hardcore band from Drenthe, Holland. They were active from 2007-2010. Their last release was a split with fellow countrymen - Laatste Halte.

Find out about them here -

Milhoen were a Dutch punk/crust band. Their last records was split with Seein Red.

Find out more at -!

Insult were an uncompromising hardcore band from the Limburg area of Holland. Their discography CD is out now via Power-it-up records in Germany.

Find out more at -

Backfire were a very prolific hardcore band from Maastricht, Holland. For more in Backfire releases go to -

For more info on Backfire, go to -

Right Direction were another hardcore band from Maastricht in Holland. They shared staged with Dutch metallers Gorefest and one their members went on to play in Backfire.

You can find out about Right Direction at - and at

The Butcher was hardcore/punk band. Their last release was "Bad Blood, which was self released by the band. Find out more about the band at -

Violation of Trust were a band from Eindhoven, Holland and were part of the Noord-Brabant scene. The band are no longer active, but have played several one off reunion shows over the last few years.

Find out more about them at - and

Off my chest were a good hardcore band from Amsterdam. They were active between 2003-2007.

You can read more about them at -

Henceforth were another hardcore band from Amsterdam. The band are currently taking time out to focus on other bands, including Ten Threats, This will kill You and and Downforce.

Read more about this band at -

Razor Crusade were a hardcore band, who were signed to Reflections records during part of their time as a band. You can read more about them at -

If anybody reading this feature spots any inaccuracy and wants to let me know, please posy a comment or e-mail me at, and I'll sort it out. Thanks.

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