Thursday 2 December 2010

Australia attacks - The Fevered

This band got in touch we me as they wanted to let people know about their debut EP, which they've just recorded. The Ep is available for free or "sliding scale" download at this link -

The Fevered are a death metal band from Brisbane, Australia. I've recently listened to their EP, so have done a review that I've posted below.

Opening track, To Frailty starts off with what could be described as hardcore gang vocals over the top of buzzsaw riffs and speedy drumming. The song then moves into their take on Swedish melo-death, with vocals in the vein of Mikael Stanne from Dark Tranquility.

Second track, Sky Burial is a very black metal influenced song with dual screamed vocals. The song also includes bouncing riffs akin to Meshuggah.

Third song, Cascade Divide also employs Meshuggah style bouncing riffs. The song is again in the bands melo-death style and includes an awesome, but not ostentatious guitar solo.

Track four,  Cycles has a slight change of sound. It includes more buzzsaw riffing and almost punkish, grindcore style drumming with blastbeats not being overused. The band introduces a kind of anguished screaming to the middle of the track and the change in time signatures in the song is done to aplomb.

Fifth track, Vestige again shows a variation on the bands theme. The band this time employs something that resembles a death metal style breakdown in the middle if the song with more of their brand of gang/dual vocals, alongside their Swe-death inspired racket.

The final track, Sever the world is the longest track on their EP, coming it an just over eight minutes. They build up with slow almost doomy riffs before breaking into, very thrashy riffs. They employ twin guitar melodies and later on the track, a very introspective passage with more, almost spoken word style screaming. They employ string effects towards the end of the track to add atmosphere as the track and EP comes to an end.

Overall the EP shows a band who are not afraid to vary their style and improve upon a style of music that is very popular with up-and coming bands. The EP's sound is good and all the parts are clear and distinguishable. These guys have a bright future and need exposure. Go to their myspace page - to find our more. They have an interesting blog up about their recording sessions for the Vestige EP.

Remember you can also download the EP from Bandcamp, for free by typing in $0.00 when after clicking on "Buy it now", or contribute a little to the bands cause by paying a small donation to download it.




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