Wednesday 22 December 2010

Scene Heads-up - Book of Job

Here's another kick ass local band for you! Book of Job are a metal band from Leeds, but are slightly different from a lot of bands, as they're more progressive.

They are playing at Rehab in Harrogate tonight at Bottom of the Bottle, alongside local boys Waking Theo and York rockers, The Fallen. The gig starts at 9pm.

They are also down to support Harrogate's own Ericbana and Rash Decision on their tour on 2011, at Scruffy Murphy's in Birmingham on Feb 23.

As well as the gigs mentioned above, the band are playing in Barnsley on January 7 with The Ocean Between us. These guys are always playing shows so you've got no excuse for missing them.

You can find them at and at!/BOOKOFJOBUK?v=wall, which is updated more regularly!

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