Saturday 4 December 2010

Dutch Metal Scene - Human Demise

Human Demise are a hardcore band a discovered not so long ago. I chanced across a review of their most recent album, The Odditorium on Aversion online. To check that review out and the rest of the blog, go to -

Anyway, Human Demise have been around since early 2004, and have been influenced by the mid-90s hardcore scene, witch is evidenced in their sound. They've shared stages with the likes of Sick of It All and and fellow countrymen No Turning Back.

They are currently working on a new record and have a gig booked for the 28th of December in Middelberg, Netherlands.

These guys are a bit of an institution in underground Dutch hardcore circles, and I think they need to be heard by more people from outside of the Netherlands. 

Go to - for more on the band and if you want to pick up their releases, go to their labels webshop -

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  1. Hi Jim,

    Thanks for your kind words. We have plans to visit the UK in 2011. Stay Ahead!

    Human Demise