Monday 20 December 2010

Scene Heads-up - Demoraliser

Demoraliser are a brilliant metal band from Grimsby. These guys formed in June 2010 and already have a 7 track EP out called - Reform.Repent.Revenge.

The band have spent a huge amount of time playing shows with some great bands, including up and coming bands - The Eyes of a Traitor and Awaken Demons.

Below is link to their video for the song "Checkmate", which appears on their EP.

The band currently have a gig booked for July 24th at The Priory in Doncaster. Get down if you can!
Here is a short review of their debut EP:-

The opening track "Hellbound" comprises a 40 second breakdown, which is a clue to the rest of the EP's sound and will no doubt get people moving in a live setting.

Track 2 - "47" is the first song proper. It reminds me a bit of Devildriver to start with but takes on a direction of it's own with more melodic guitars. It's a good combination of metal and hardcore being fused together to get that aggressive, modern sound, including those good old twin guitar harmonies.

Track 3 - "Checkmate" is starts with more melodic guitar and a crunching breakdown, which later makes way for guttural screams and then dissonant guitar riffs. The band again use breakdowns to emphasise the aggression in the song.

Track 4 - "Blood Meridian" is a faster song to start, with a slightly more punky vibe in the rhythm section. The vocals are more hardcore in this song, that may remind people of No Turning Back. The song seems more angry and sinister and the lyrics back this up. They also make use of low, guttural death metal vocals and gang vocals inside the breakdown towards the end of the track and demonstrate a good time change in the closing bars to slow thing to a halt.

Track 5 - "Pallbearer" begins with the sound a rain and wind and acoustic guitar melodies to break up the relentless brutality so far and set a calmer mood before the final two tracks.

Track 6 - "Out for Justice" hits the ground running, with fast paced riffs. rhythm section and furious vocals. The band again are sticking to their brand of hardcore infused metal to bludgeon the listener. The song also includes some more thrashy parts.

Final track "Glass Hands" finishes the EP the way it started, with a pit friendly, brutal sound. The song invokes feelings of euphoria as well as visions of flailing limbs flying across the dance floor of any sweaty, small club gig and rounds of an excellent EP.

If you're into your mosh and like more modern metal, you could do a lot worse than listen to this lo!

You can download their debut EP and find out more about Demoraliser by going to and

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