Saturday 31 January 2015

Mortals - Cursed To See The Future

What else is there to say about a band who's members also play on an all-female tribute band to Slayer, called Slaywhore! Not much I guess. Mortals released this, their second full-length, via Relapse Records last year. Since it's release, they've garnered pretty strong acclaim and have shred the boards with the likes of Eyehategod and Wolvhammer! They're a three-piece that plays blackened sludge and they've got more music coming this year, in the form of a split that I'm not gonna mention too much about yet. You'll just have to wait!


1. Voice From A Tower
2. Epochryphal Gloom
3. The Summoning
4. Devilspell
5. Series Of Decay
6. Anchored In Time

People use the term “Ungodly” too much these days, especially when describing heavy metal. The term is perfect though when talking about the music contained on Cursed To See The Future. Mortals are the epitome of ungodly with their blackened, off-kilter noise. Album opener View From A Tower starts with absolutely no warning, piercing you with blood-curdling screams and a sound that threatens to overcome you. The guitar is full of menacing low-down melody and groove, while the pace stays at a healthy speed right up to the end.

The lowly bass at the start of the slow-burning Epochryphal Gloom is more of what I was expecting from Mortals and is a nice contract to View From A Tower. The guitar swirls around you during the instrumental build-up as the cymbals crash and tumble. Taking cues from metallic black metal, Mortals fill their music with warm and inviting riffs. Mortals never feel like they’re judging you and anyone is welcome to revel in their racket. I won’t lie, this is good!

As with a lot of the bands on the Relapse roster now, Mortals express themselves in a more expansive way than your average extreme metal band. Eschewing the need to pander to the masses, they stay true to themselves and write songs that people can get lost in. The Summoning is an embodiment of that statement by virtue of it’s near ten-minute length. To think, if bands like Black Sabbath hadn’t existed, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy music like this. It does’t bare thinking about really.

They do their best at conjuring evil-doers with Devilspell. Cliche’d sentences aside, this song is as black as they come. From a guy who finds the melodic charms of Deafheaven too hard to ignore, Mortals are right up there. Just switching off and letting Devilspell’s tones take hold is satisfying in itself. Those tones continue into Series of Decay as well as some of the most intense, rasping screams you’re ever likely to hear.

The drawn-out riff at the end of Series Of Decay leads you into closing song Anchored In Time, which is brief in Mortals terms. Thankfully, it’s not riff-light though. Cursed To See The Future is everything I expected and more. It’s got a real air of quality to it and shows that since their inception in 2009, Mortals have been getting better and better. 

Stream Cursed To See The Future here:-

You can purchase the album digitally, on vinyl and on CD from their bandcamp page.

It's also available from Relapse Records here -

Mortals Facebook -
Relapse Records Facebook -

Thursday 29 January 2015

Sadhak - S/T Tape

I've decided to write a random review here, as I'm a bit drained this evening. What a perfect way to nurse that feeling than with some doom from the cold depths of Norway. Sadhak is a one-man doom project that released a tape in 2013 via Shadow Kingdom Records, which seemed to sell out pretty quickly. There's not a lot else known about this band and there hasn't been anything released since this debut. Don't say I don't treat you!


1. On The Arrival Of Man
2. The Perfection Of Wisdom

Over the last twelve or so months, I’ve become an avid fan of doom and post-metal. So much so, that I’m making the pilgrimage to Edinburgh in March for the first edition of Doom Over Edinburgh, which is going to features Solstice and Iron Void amongst others! Sadly Sadhak won’t be in attendance, but there’s no harm in getting in the mood early.

The first of two tracks on this tape, On The Arrival Of Man is incredibly atmospheric and melodic, with post-metal inspired guitar work and cleanly sung vocals. Multi-instrumentalist and sole-member Andreas Hagen, is maybe better known for his work in Svart Records band High Priest Of Saturn, but here he creates something that accessible and curiously soothing. Not something you immediately associate with doom!

Both tracks on this tape are expansive and written in a way that allows them to flow together. The Perfection Of Wisdom’s long instrumental build up together with the choral chanting, heightens expectation before the verse comes in. Once again the clean vocals sit within the mix and the music swirls around them perfectly. 

Doom was never meant to be enjoyed in short doses. You’re either in for the long haul or not at all. The great thing about Sadhak’s self-titled EP is that it’s written in such a way that it will appeal to both ardent doom fans and newcomers alike. By being focused and to-the-point, it’s full of expression and sorrowful pleasure. Hopefully, more music will appear from Sadhak in the future but if not, at least the band left us with something truly inspiring.

As I said, the tape version is sold out from both band and label; however, you can stream and purchase it digitally below via Sadhak's bandcamp page:-

Sadhak Metal Archives -
Shadow Kingdom Records Facebook -

Wednesday 28 January 2015

Fayne - The Queen Of Kings EP

It feels like a metalcore night tonight. It's cold here, not excessively cold like the US East-Coast, but cold enough to generate some snow and side-falling rain! Tonight's metalcore exponents are Fayne, from Montreal. The city that gave birth to A Perfect Murder, as well as the mighty Cryptopsy, tech-death band Neuraxis and Kataklysm no less! Okay, so we know it's got a bit of a pedigree when it comes to heavy bands.

The Queen Of Kings EP is the third EP to come from Fayne since their inception over ten years ago. After releasing two EP's, they took a break in 2008 before reforming five-years later. This EP was released later that year, physically via themselves and digitally via Crystal Math. The EP features guest vocals from Karl Schubach of Misery Signals too.


1. The Queen Of Kings
2. Believers
3. Isonic Flight
4. Concord
5. Nomad's Land (Featuring Karl Schubach of Misery Signals)

Fayne’s approach to metalcore is to hit full-throttle instantly with the title-track. There’s technical guitar, guttural screams and powerful percussion all in the mix. Add to that some catchy clean vox and Fayne seem to have all bases covered. They sit at the more melodic end of the spectrum, especially when compared to the bands I mentioned in my opening paragraph, but that’s fine with me because their penchant for progression gives them an edge.

They push through the gears on Believers, which initially has a faster feel to it. Taking from the death metal and hardcore that is so prominent in the Montreal scene, they up the brutality. They compliment that heaviness with another melodic chorus, that sits a bit deeper in the mix while the guitars take centre stage. I’m not taking anything away from vocalist Joseph Espinosa though, he does have a good range and a soulful singing voice, when he’s not screaming.

Believers seems to end a bit abruptly and leads straight into the interlude of Isonic Fight, with it'ss ambient guitar and subtle electronics. After that brief respite, Concord takes over with a thrashing intro. More so than before, Fayne reminds me of bands like Periphery and that ilk. It’s a comparison that some people may reach when listening to the off-kilter structure of the song. The riff that comes in at about 02:50 is brilliant though, in a simple way and their technicality shines through towards the end as does their love of groove.

Closing song Nomad’s Land is their lengthiest number and is given added heft by a performance from Karl Schubach, of Misery Signals. The punk-rhythms, breakdowns and dual-guitar harmonies are the closest hints to the metalcore influences in their sound. The song is their most assured on The Queen Of Kings and despite it’s near 7-minute length, its got more than enough bite to keep you listening. 

Though this is Fayne’s first recorded material in six-years, it shows none of the signs of a band finding their feet again. They seem to have been able to pick up from where they left off before, and in the process have written a mature and technically strong EP. Their only direction is up from here!

You can stream The Queen Of Kings and download Believers free below:-

I'm unable to find a link for Crystal Math, but you can purchase the EP both digitally and on CD from the above page.

Fayne Facebook -

Tuesday 27 January 2015

Depravation/Slowly We Rot - Split Tape

It was while writing my recent review of the Worms Feed S/T LP, that I learnt about the formation of Slowly We Rot. I'd known about their German counterparts Depravation for a little while and was already in possession of their split tape, released in 2014 by Skin & Bones Records and German label Dark Omen Records. It seems only right to review it, as both bands have released/or will be releasng new music.

The tape itself was limited to 100 copies and came with a choice of green, yellow and white covers and custom sprayed tapes to match. In Slowly We Rot's own words they play "blackened everything", while Depravation are of a similarly metallic ilk.


1. Depravation - With Dead Eyes To See
2. Slowly We Rot - Leftover
3. Slowly We Rot - Solitary Realm

Depravation are first to launch an attack on this split, on the song With Dead Eyes To See. It’s their only song on here and they don’t waste any time in getting their crusty, blackened point across. Their sound is one of chaotic hardcore with menacing guitar harmonies and raging percussion. Bleak is a word used a lot to describe heavy music, but it’s apt for the atmosphere that Depravation create. US hardcore may be more in vogue, but European hardcore is more dangerous and quite frankly, more exciting in my opinion!

Slowly We Rot follow with two songs. The rawness of Leftover eschews the barrage of noise left by Depravation, but no less gruesome. SWR’s low-end is more prominent and their overall sound leans more towards hardcore, in between the feedback. They present sludgy undertones at the start of Solitary Realm before energetically diving into some grind-laden blackness. SWR are truly maniacal during that opening passage, before they are restrained by more settling sludge tones. They exhibit the power of fellow Belgians like Seventh Circle, creating a claustrophobic impression in the process.

Both Depravation and Slowly We Rot are perfect co-habitants on this tape. Both present dark and deathly outlooks into the outside world, for those too nervous to venture forth, but also share the same DIY passion. A passion that’s obviously been shared by Skin & Bones and Dark Omen, when producing the finished product. Grab a copy before it’s too late!

Stream it via Skin & Bones Records here:- 

It's available as a name-you-price download from the above link.

Tapes can be purchased from both labels below:-

Skin & Bones Records -
Dark Omen Records -

Depravation Facebook -
Slowly We Rot Facebook -
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Sunday 25 January 2015

This Noise Is Ours Presents: Relics

Its impossible for anyone to keep ahead the of the game when it comes to new bands. There's simply not enough hours in the day; however, thanks to the power of social media, I can bring you a Huddersfield punks Relics. They may not be a new name to some, but any publicity is good publicity. Plus, I can't think of many other bands from Huddersfield off the top of my head.

Relics started in late 2013 and released their debut EP, Beast Market a year later. They've not wasted any time when it comes to gigs either, grabbing support slots with all manner of bands from Agnostic Front to MC Devvo!


1. Death By Lead
2. Frankenkilla'
3. The Circus

Relics play riffy hardcore on opener Death By Lead that's in the vein of Cancer Bats with a Southern-drawl too it, which is apt, because they’re supporting that band in April. Comparisons aside, Relics make a glorious noise made up of semi-screamed vocals and plenty of melody. It’s fast but not indecipherable and its catchy too!

Frankenkilla’ is equally as upbeat. Relics prove they have a sense of humour and even put some punk n roll influences into the song. Later on they throw a thick breakdown and gang-vocals into the mix. This song and Relics are definitely made for a live setting!

Closing song The Circus ends Beast Market on a highly infectious note. Their lyrical approach is to attack people that follow the cool kids, instead of having individuality. Musically, it’s all over the place with a really off-kilter, madcap mid section followed by their own brand of sludge towards the end. 

As mentioned earlier in the feature, I've been given permission to stream Beast Market via my bandcamp page, which you can check out below:-

You can download Beast Market for free here -

Relics also have a video up for Frankenkilla' -

Relics Facebook -

Thursday 22 January 2015

Despite - EPic

Swedish death metal. As fluid and as reliable and night and day. I mean that is best possible sense of course! From it's raw, early days when the likes of Treblinka, Nihilist and others kicked it all off, to the modern day melodic masters like In flames and Dark Tranquillity took it towards the mainstream, it's a genre that's always been consistently strong. People will no doubt be familiar with the signature "Gothenburg sound" and it's main protagonists, but here's another name to add to the list.

Despite reside in that fabled Swedish city and have been around since 1998. The year that Entombed released Same Difference, these guys were just starting out. It took them until 2009 to release their first full-length, In Your Despite. Since then they've released another full-length, Clenched and this EP, which they originally released last year. The EP is now getting a re-release by CreHate Music in time for the band's 2015 tour of the UK.


1. As You Bleed
2. Awakening
3. Unexceptional
4. Give Me Life
5. Sanctum Falls

Okay okay, so we’re all familiar with Sonic Syndicate and a million other In Flames rip-offs, but that’s no reason to forsake modern Swedish death metal completely. It still has a very valid place in the grand metal scheme and Despite are making their presence felt with EPic. As You Bleed features trace elements of Meshuggah and song-writing chops that show that Despite are aiming for higher things.  Their’s is an off-kilter and heavy racket, interjected by clean lead work and vox. What Despite do well is ensure that they are more parts heavy than they are melodic, like on Awakening. They throw in some very accomplished guitar playing and double bass to keep the intensity high. 

That intensity is ramped up further for Unexceptional, which thankfully doesn’t describe the song! The production is another point to mention on EPic, as Despite have made sure it’s crisp and clear. Their use of Eastern instrumentation during song, does add variation and originality though. They present more urgency on Give Me Life, which seems to condense their modern metal, making it heavier. The melodic passage in the second half of the song reminds me of Soilwork, which is no bad thing at all. I’m still a fan of catch melodic choruses.

Closing with Sanctum Falls, Despite are at their best. They’ve been able to write a concise modern metal song that would be at home on Scuzz or Kerrang TV. So this is metal that straddles the path between mainstream acceptance and underground fervour, but lets not take anything away from Despite. They’ve got the skill and the musical presence to be able to pull it off. EPic is an EP that will pull new fans in for both the band and for heavy music. This band should really be bigger!

Stream EPic here:-

It's available to purchase digitally from Despite's bandcamp page above.

Despite Facebook -
Crehate Facebook -

Tuesday 20 January 2015

Caina - Setter Of Unseen Snares LP

I'm wrestling with some decisions that will shape the future of This Noise Is Ours. You know the types; Should I go down this avenue or that one? All I can say at the moment is that they're music related and won't effect the core blog.

Anyway, I'm getting majorly off-topic now. Manchester-based black metallers Caina have a new album out. While still a solo-project on record, AC-B has assembled a live band featuring members of Cold Fell and ex-members of Esoteric Youth, some of whom provide guest appearances here. Setter Of Unseen Snares follows last year's split with Esoteric Youth and 2013's Earth Info tape It's been released as a collaboration between Church of Fuck and Skin & Bones Records in the UK and Broken Limbs Recordings in the US. This is the first 2015 release that's made its way onto the blog as well!


1. Introduction
2. I Am The Flail Of The Lord
3. Setter Of Unseen Snares
4. Vowbound
5. Applicant Supplicant
6. Orphan

The opener of Setter Of Unseen Snares is simply titled Introduction. Its a spoken word sample that's punctuated by guitar, which provides distorted ambience alongside mournful choral chanting. I Am The Flail Of The Lord is the first full leap into the blackened psyche of Caina. A tome about procreation and how the majority of our species shouldn’t carry on. The songs bedrock is its minimal instrumentation during the verses, before the full blackened torture is unleashed towards the end. The title-track rings out in full metallic glory and heads straight for the jugular. Featuring guest vocals from Old Skin’s MR, there a somewhat darker edge to it. The drums and the ambient guitar sits at opposing ends of the musical spectrum, with the latter sounding hauntingly calming while the former flails away underneath. 

The first few tracks move along at quite a frenetic pace and that pace carries on into the second half of the record, with Vowbound being equally as energetic. Energetic may not be a word you associate with black metal, but I think it some up AC-B’s song-writing and structure thus far of Setter Of Unseen Snares. Applicant/Supplicant is the last of Caina’s icy, short blasts. Strangely though, it’s also one of the most catchy tracks on the album, thanks to the guitar melody that's used during the first half of the song. It hints at lengthier, greater things to come as it’s varied movements pass.

The whole atmosphere of Setter Of Unseen Snares changes on final track Orphan. This is what I was expecting the full record to be like. Starting with low orchestral ambience, the clean vocals of guest VM (Hateful Abandon) soon take over with a startling and commanding presence. Live conspirator LT (also of Cold Fell) lends his rasping screams to the latter half of the song, contrasting VM’s vocals and adding a further layer of darkness. This is the most engrossing song on Setter Of Unseen Snares for obvious reasons and it shows AC-B’s willingness to explore his creative mind, spilling it out into songs like this. 

Setter Of Unseen Snares provides an honest and emotive glimpse inside the world of its creator and with the help of carefully selected guests, it opens up. Musically and production wise it’s perfect and despite what a supposed US black metal “musician” might say, Caina is more relevant now than ever. 

There's an exclusive stream of the song Vowbound up via Cvlt Nation here:-

LP's can be purchased below:- 

Caina -
CoF Records -
Skin And Bones Records -
Broken Limbs Recordings -

Caina Facebook -
CoF Records Facebook -
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Saturday 17 January 2015

Teenage Rehab - Break Yourself 7"

Teenage Rehab is a US punk band who're just in it for the hangs. They've been touring the US pretty hard and they released this 7" via their own Revert Records imprint last December. They've been a band since 1999 and they've released four full-lengths since then. I've not personally heard anything my Teenage Rehab before, so I'm excited about listening to this.


1. Dirty Dog
2. Property
3. Rewind
4. Southside Poverty

Right now punk is as important to me as metal and Teenage Rehab’s loud, brash noise is perfect. I’ve been reading a lot of Maximum Rock n Roll recently and these guys seem right at home alongside the bands I’ve been checking out because of it. Opening with Dirty Dog, TR’s punk is melodic and old-school, ignoring what’s “cool” now and blazing it’s own rad trail. If you like simple yet quality punk, then TR are well worth checking out. Property has a great gang chorus that is made for a live sing-along. Add to that solid musicianship and you’ve got a winner!

The best punk songs are catchy and short. A lot of bands try to compensate for a lack of actual attitude with over-the-top orchestration, which thankfully isn’t the case here. Rewind reminds me of old Descendents and Bouncing Souls. They are my closest reference points, as I got into punk during the pop-punk era and found out about those bands via The Offspring and Blink-182, so sorry if I’m way off! Southside Poverty has some killer ska-influences in the verses. That’s something else that’s missing nowadays. It’s a feel-good song that has plenty of bounce. 

Teenage Rehab are brill and I can’t believe I hadn’t heard them until now. Punk has so many forms nowadays that it’s often hard to crawl through it to find bands and music that genuinely possesses the sound that backs up the movement that spawned it. Thankfully, Teenage Rehab are one of the good ones!

Stream Break Yourself via Teenage Rehab's bandcamp page below:-

You can also buy the 7" or a download version from that page too.

Teenage Rehab Facebook -

Some Singles...with Nebraska, Corpse Garden and XII Boar

Sorry for the less than imaginative title of this post. I thought I'd take some time to write about three singles that I've been sent over recent months, for no other reason than to give the creators of those singles some exposure.

There was a time when bands would release singles and really put focus on them, but as the musical climate and the ways of consuming music has changed, they've become less of a commodity for bands and a lot rarer, it has to be said. This post features South-Coast metal band Nebraska, Costa Rican death metallers Corpse Garden and UK groove-metallers XII Boar.

Nebraska - Porphyria/Cold & Disconnected

This first single from Southampton's Nebraska actually a double A-side. The band only formed last year and put out a digital three-track release in July via their bandcamp page, as well as posting videos for these tracks up on Youtube. There will certainly be more to come from these chaps this year, so there's no better place to start than with these songs.

Nebraska play modern metal laced with death metal screams and technical tempos. They mix both high and low screams on Porphyria and add elements of post-hardcore. They’ve written a very good song here, as just when you think it’s gonna stay heavy throughout, the melodic chorus comes in and surprises you. Nebraska are very adept at the metal they’re playing and show good maturity.

Cold & Disconnected follows the same formula as Porphyria. When Nebraska blast, they blast! They’ve chosen a blueprint that will attract to a lot of modern metal fans, which is fine and they have the chops to back it up. Variation and uniqueness are definite selling points that modern bands have to pay close attention to now, so Nebraska should go from strength to strength on this showing. 

Stream both of these songs and expansive instrumental track My Mind Ceases via their bandcamp page below:-

Youtube vids for both songs are also below:-

Nebraska Facebook -

Corpse Garden - Suspended Over The Abyss

Next up is Costa Rican death metal band Corpse Garden and their recent single, Suspended Over The Abyss. This track was released in September 2014 and was the band's first recorded output since their 2012 full-length Burnt By The Light.

In 2012 Corpse Garden won the chance to play at Wacken Open Air and that has bought them to the attention of more people across the world. I believe that they are also readying an album for this year, so watch this space and in the meantime, check this out.

Corpse Garden play a heavy and raw brand of death metal on Suspended Over The Abyss, with warp speed drumming and low, guttural growls. The guitars rip through the song like chainsaws as well! There is melody here from both the guitars and the bass, but Corpse Garden follow the old-school path. Once again, they’re very good at what they do and its no wonder they were chosen to play at Wacken. I’m looking forward to hearing the new album now!

You can stream the song on Youtube here:-

Corpse Garden Facebook -

XII Boar - Damage Case (Motorhead Cover)

The third and final single is a cover of the Motorhead song Damage Case, from Hampshire's sludge n roll monsters XII Boar. This trio has been pounding up and the down UK for about for years now and have released two EP's and a single prior to this.

They released their version of Damage Case as a free download in October 2014. XII Boar had a big year last year and that momentum shows no sign of stopping. UK sludge and stoner has grown hugely in recent years and these guys are helping to lead it.

What is there to be said about a Motorhead song that hasn’t been said already. Well, XII Boar’s version of Damage Case is a little different in that they take their stoner/sludge sound and apply it to the rock n roll of Motorhead to create a original take on the song. It’s heavier than the original, yet retains it’s swagger.

A lot of people will have seen XII Boar up and down the country over the last twelve months, so will have heard this song in a live setting. Undoubtedly, that’s where is should be heard. This version is creative and helps keep us all hooked prior to their up-coming full-length.

You can stream and download the track here:-

There's also a Youtube vid here:-

XII Boar Facebook -

Friday 16 January 2015

Worms Feed - S/T MMXII LP

The stark image you see above is the cover art of the S/T LP (and epitaph) of Belgium hardcore band Worms Feed. Worms Feed called it a day in mysterious circumstances in 2013, leaving behind an EP and a 7". It was that 7" (called Black Snow and released via UK label Dog Knights Productions) that first caught my attention and I quickly snapped it up. I later wondered what had happened to them, as a couple of years hand gone by with only the promise of things to come.

Thankfully, burgeoning UK label Skin & Bones Records came to the rescue and released their S/T LP last year. It was destined to remain an Internet only release until the label released it on 300 pieces of black wax. Being a fan of the band and label, I picked up a copy, along with the patch and tote bag. The whole package that encases the record is suitably dark, much like the feeling when Worms Feed departed this mortal coil. This is my attempt to do the band and this release justice.


1. She Sang
2. Crawling In Reverse
3. Trashcanman
4. The Boy Who Cried Wolf
5. I Thought We Banned People Like You
6. Little Love Bird
7. Hank Williams Is Gone
8. Heading Nowhere Fast
9. Rehearsing Affection
10. Maggots Turn To Flies
11. Worms Feed On Us

In spite of the limited amount of material I’d heard prior to this release, I knew that Worms Feed were the type of band I could back, hard! Sadly they passed on too soon, but not without leaving behind their self-titled LP for us to enjoy as a parting gesture. The instrumental opener She Sang immediately stirs up the kind of emotions normally reserved for our closest animal/human friends. By that I mean real emotions. Worms Feed were never a band to stick to a blueprint, even in their short existence. Crawling In Reverse augments that point with the use of crust and blackened hardcore. That sets the scene for the rest of this record. They switch from mid—paced to grindingly fast quicker that you can flip a record on the amusingly titled Trashcanman. They played The Well (RIP) in Leeds once. I can only imagine what it would have been like in there with this song blasting out from the stage! Equal parts H8000 metallic hardcore and grinding violence.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf features the kind of drum rhythm and riff duo that wouldn’t have been out of place on “Orchestra Of Wolves” era Gallows. In between those passages, WF present darker verses that transcend all your favourite mosh. It’s that punk-edge that sets them apart from their peers for me. I’ve always associated Belgium with a more hard-edged sound but Worms Feed manages to add other elements into their music on I Thought We Banned People Like You, that proves otherwise. Okay, so they’re still heavy and angry, but they seem to project other nuances and feelings that some bands forget about. The slower, sludgier ending to the song proves that point further. You sometimes don’t appreciate how musical a heavy band can be and I’m sure that was the case for people on the periphery. Worms Feed prove with the opening riffs of Little Love Bird, that melody isn’t an enemy of theirs. Both the guitar and the more striking vocal melodies are used to challenge that perception. 

Music is always rehashed and copied now more than ever, but when bands do brave or different things, they often get ignored. This LP proves that the throwaway culture in which we live is wrong. WF possess occasional schizoid tendencies, as on Hank Williams Is Gone. Heralding a strangely subtle musical nod to the Country and Blues pioneer himself, they carve a striking silhouette. They’re obviously not big fans of Hank Williams III if this song's title is anything to go by! A lot of what makes heavy music so engaging for me is the impact left by the guitars and Heading Nowhere Fast is the epitome. The song starts with big riffs and they carry on through it’s full one-hundred and thirty-nine seconds of blackened, angry metallic hardcore. Another one of WF’s qualities is their ability to distill their songs into urgent yet commanding hymns. They don’t let them fumble along, believing that it’s better to leave the listener wanting more. Rehearsing Affection, with all that it’s moniker projects, is a prime example. Raging and to the point. 

The penultimate duo here are probably the most stark examples of the imagery put forth by Worms Feed. Maggots Turn To Flies starts with a bewildering wall of crust, that whilst brief, is still head-spinning. Seconds after, they break into off-kilter hardcore that is deafening. It’s all just a precursor though, as the final nail is delivered by Worms Feed On Us. Similar in stature (if not length) to that of Totem Skin’s closer on Still Waters Run Deep, “Seasons Don’t Fear The Reaper, We Can Be Like They Are”, WF leave the best till last. Its unsurprising that this is their longest song. Everything here sounds like it’s being flattened, from the crashing cymbals to the rumbling bass. WF make this track their final epitaph and like the lowering of a coffin, it requires both stillness and silence to appreciate the moment.  A brief moment in time captured in eleven short tracks. Worms Feed came and went with little fanfare from the majority but left an indelible impression on the few. For that they will forever have a place in my heart and that of those who will read this. Gone but most certainly not forgotten!.

You can stream their LP here:-

In a perfect world, this LP would have been snapped up and it's grooves worn from overuse, but amazingly Skin & Bones Records still has copies left (including the special record/tote/patch packages). Buy one from the store here -

Worms Feed Facebook -
Skin & Bones Records Facebook -

Wednesday 14 January 2015

Timekiller - Bleed Out EP

South America is pretty cool but it's been utterly misrepresented on this blog, unless you take into account my review of Beatriz Carnicero last year. I bring that up because members of Timekiller are from Brazil (and Arizona!). They play raw-punk that features influences stretching from Scandinavian hardcore to Japanese hardcore to speed-metal, which sounds like an ace mix. Plus they come Maximum Rock n Roll approved, which is fine by me. Their EP Bleed Out was released in  2014 by Spanish label Noise Of Hell Records on 7", on tape by French label Crapoulet Records and digitally by the band themselves.


1. Burden
2. Kill The Judges
3. Bleed Out
4. Sinking In Shit
5. Half Empty
6. Sick Vision
7. Time Heals Nothing

This is thick, guitar-laden punk with plenty of reverb in the vocals and massive intensity. Opener Burden sounds like garage punk turned up to the max thanks to the vox. Timekiller throw screaming leads into the mix on Kill The Judges. which can just be heard amongst the crushing walls of distortion and drumming. The songs on Bleed Out are short blasts of pit-inducing proportions. 

That said, Timekiller do inject some atmosphere into their music and specifically the title-track. They settle things down a bit on this song, which is less noisy and more menacing. If you listen carefully, there are hints of emoviolence hidden in the instrumentation, but you’ve got to get past that bass first! Things take a sharp turn on Sinking In Shit, which is where Timekiller show their love for Motorhead. It’s less of a barrage this time and more melodic. Their garage punk vibes make more sense here. Good stuff!

They go back to their blistering ways on Half Empty. Their music gets darker once again and that wall of noise from earlier songs closes in once more. While some people will hear similarities between this and a lot of power-violence, this has more character in my opinion. Like the raw-intensity of Singapore’s Abolition A.D., Timekiller don’t hold back. There’s more Motor-punk on Sick Vision. I think I like that side of Timekiller more than their all-out attack mode, but it’s a close one. This could be described as crust for none-crust people, as it’s got an edge of accessibility to it.

Closer Time Heals Nothing ends the barrage in a spitting rage, before you’ve even had time to take the rest of the EP in. This is really good. Timekiller have managed to add something substantial to the raw-punk staple. More people should pay attention to this and read Maximum Rock n Roll!

Stream and download Bleed Out here:-

To grab a copy of the 7", you'll need to contact Noise Of Hell Records via their blog here -

Tape copies can be purchased from Crapoulet Records here -

Timekiller Facebook -
Noise Of Hell Facebook -
Crapoulet Records Facebook -

Monday 12 January 2015

A Room Swept White - No Love Lost EP

Melodic hardcore just keeps on growing. Our European cousins are taking the genre by the horns at the moment and really making themselves heard. Thankfully, the Brits are doing their bit too. With bands like Architects and Bring Me The Horizon clearing the way of late, bands like A Room Swept White are starting to get noticed. Today is a big day for the band, as they have just released their second EP, No Love Lost. Having been a band since 2011, they've hit stages with fellow Brits Palm Reader and Feed The Rhino amongst others and completed a UK tour in November of last year.


1. Recollection
2. This Life
3. No Love Lost
4. Time Heals
5. Better Days

No Love Lost begins with the short intro song Recollection. Clean vocals sit within the spare instrumentation before you’re led into This Life, which has exhilarating drumming at it’s core. Talking of core, the vocals are pure, raging screams. A Room Swept White don’t rely on breakdowns, instead taking a (good)emo-inspired approach to their guitar textures. The introspective passage mid-way through follows the expansive nature of Recollection and there’s still time in the song for the band to add in some off-kilter riffs. It’s got everything so far, but doesn’t sound cluttered.

The title-track is heavier and features stop/start textures that accentuate those moments. It’s great though to hear a melodic hardcore band actually pay proper attention to melody, instead of it being an afterthought. Unwittingly, it seems as though A Room Swept White are dragging their chosen genre back in time. Back to the time when bands like Funeral For A Friend introduce us to Casually Dressed And Deep In Conversation. Back to when it meant something. Time Heals reminds me of Stretch Arm Strong for some reason. People reading this may think i’m in the wrong ball park with these comparisons, but there’s an energy on No Love Lost that is hard to ignore. Closing piece Better Days tugs at the heartstrings with thoughtful musicianship and raw, emotive screams. 

No Love Lost is quite an astounding EP in terms of its quality. I don’t mean that lightly either. I could have been accused of being a bit indifferent when it comes to young melodic hardcore/metalcore bands lately, but A Room Swept White have injected some life back into me. This EP is definitely for the time when you need a lift and to be reminded that it’s really okay. Brilliant job by a band that more people will be hearing this year.

The whole EP is currently streaming on the Dead Press website here -

The EP is available now in iTunes here -

A Room Swept White Facebook -

Sunday 11 January 2015

Astarium - Atenvx

Tonight I'm revisiting a revisiting a Russian black metal band that's been featured here a few time before. I'm retrospectively reviewing the 2013 album Atenvx that was released on CD by Metallic Media. Also released on tape by both Hell Division Productions and Apocalyptic Art, Atenvx was Astariun's fourth and latest full-length. It's difficult for studio-only projects to gain and keep traction, especially those from peripheral countries like Russia, so it's testament to SiN's persistence that Astarium is still going strong ten years on from it's formation in 2005.


1. Crepuscle
2. Howl To The Curst
3. Avernus Legion
4. Spiral Of Purgatory
5. Lycanthopy Seal
6. Judicum Dei
7. Realm Of Nykta
8. In Stygian Bog

After glancing at the cover art that contains a star-filled sky and a motif that looks like a constellation, you’re propelled deeper into the otherworldly atmosphere of Astarium with opening instrumental CrepuscleHowl To The Curst is a departure from the stark distance of Crepuscle. It features Astarium’s trademark black metal and SiN’s unique growling vocals. SiN’s lyrics are in English on this release, which makes it more accessible. 

The symphonic side to Astarium’s sound comes through more on Avernus Legion. I still find it amazing that one person can create music like this without the backing of a full band, even now. Most of SiN’s music with Astarium is self-recorded and played using synths/electronics, yet doesn’t sound artificial.  The textures and layers that make up Spiral Of Purgatory, give the song great momentum. The organ-style melody that flows through the song adds more orchestral atmosphere too. It does remind me of an old arcade-game soundtrack, but that comparison is meant with no disrespect to the music on Atenvx.

On Lycanthropy Seal, which heralds in the second half of the album, Astarium weave images of the cold Russian winter with the sounds of howling wolves. The ambient piano and strings during the intro passage paints a beautiful picture before minimal black metal takes over. The tracks on Atenvx seem to be very focused, with Judicum Dei being the longest at just over five-minutes. Its that focus and good song-writing that gives this album a lot of momentum. 

Penultimate song Realm Of Nykta is the last full black hymn on Atenvx and typifies that momentum I was talking about. It’s all rounded out by instrumental track In Stygian Bog, which rumbles to the sound feedback and distant strings. It’s more haunting yet it features some startlingly good jazzy-bass mid-way through. I was not expecting that! It's off kilter and shows a more organic side to Astarium.

Atenvx is not streaming online, but you can download album track Judicum Dei from Astarium's website here -

Physical CD and tape copies can be purchased from the labels below:-

Apocalyptic Art -
Hell Division Productions -
Metallic Media -

Astarium Facebook -
Apocalyptic Art Facebook -
Metallic Media Facebook -

Saturday 10 January 2015

Black Years - Black Years II 7"

It's time for more homegrown punk. Chester/Wrexham band Black Years to be exact! This 7" was released in October via Footloose Records, whose releases I featured quite a bit last year. They've already released one EP that seemed to go under the radar and they've also played shows alongside the mighty Bastions and '68 (the band that features ex-members of The Chariot and Norma Jean.). Oh and they've played Rhyl and made it out alive!


1. Bourbon Legend
2. Lovers
3. Criminals

It’s quite apt that Black Years shared the stage with ex-members of The Chariot, as their brand of punk sits pretty well alongside said band. Bourbon Legend features hardcore inspired screams, gruff singing and danceable riffs.  They are equal parts modern punk and snotty attitude. There’s no pop-punk cleanliness and Black Years are very adept musicians, as proven on Lovers, which features a classy solo and a great sing-along vibe.

With Criminals, they almost sound like a hard-rock band in places. Their’s is a very British sound and its all the better for it. This EP is fairly short but its got enough hooks to make you take notice. It’s hard to pin Black Years down to one particular genre but there’s something familiar about their sound. Good job guys, I’m half expecting this 7” to get a glowing review in Maximum Rock n Roll soon!

You can grab the 7" from Footloose Records here -

Black Years Facebook -
Footloose Records Facebook -

Friday 9 January 2015

Oranssi Pazuzu - Valonielu

Finland keeps producing amazing bands. More progressive than their Scandinavian neighbours and with a keen eye for individualism. One of the main reasons for this shift in musical quality has been Finnish label Svart Records, whom on this occasion with North American brethren 20 Buck Spin, brought to life the third-full length from Tampere's Oranssi Pazuzu back in 2013. Valonielu features six-tracks brimming with progressive black metal that has more in common with USBM than it does with the ice-cold, anti-human take of those of their home continent.


1. Vino Verso
2. Tyhja Tempelli
3. Uraanisula
4. Reika Maisemassa
5. Olen Aukaissut Uuden Silman
6. Ympyra On Viva Tomussa

More than ever, I crave both engaging music and the time to immerse myself in it. Alas, it’s all the more difficult to find time now, which makes it all the more special when it comes along. I’ve been meaning to sit down with this album for a long time! I’ve read so much about Oranssi Pazuzu in various publications and immediately they seem very captivating. Opening song Vino Verso appears amidst a swathe of sci-fi effects and off-kilter progression. I appreciate that sci-fi might not be the right kind of comparison for the sound on Valonielu, but each to their own. Vino Verso isn’t a speed-laden BM song and it doesn’t need to be. It builds your curiosity with it’s other-worldliness.

Both the album opener and Tyhja Tempelli are relatively short compositions (in black metal terms anyway). Both feature plenty of melody, especially the latter thanks to excellent guitar and electronic effects. While Oranssi Pazuzu may be adept at writing shorter songs, they excel when it comes to more progressive and sprawling numbers. Uraanisula starts with calming acoustic guitar but quickly changes take completely, with space-age blips and low-slung guitar. Again, majoring on OP’s mid-paced tempos, it captures the haunting beauty of the band perfectly. So much so, that it would be unfair to lumber them solely with the black metal tag. The improvisational sliding guitar highlights their propensity for random jazz break-outs and keeps you on your toes. 

I really like the mixture of mid-length and longer songs. Not enough bands mix it up. You either get twelve mid-paced numbers or four-five epics. Oranssi Pazuzu gives you both and with Reika Maisemassa, they add more jazz to the equation. By now, the breathe of variation on this record hits you. It’s trippy without being pretentious and fits in completely alongside the rest of the album. They go from that to a more industrial sound on Olen Aukaissut Uuden Silman. It holds a more straightforward black metal appeal during the verses but still retains OP’s trademark melodic feel. There’s a lot to be said for the if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it adage that so many bands stick to these days. Thank god for bands like Oranssi Pazuzu.

They close Valonielu with one final epic in the form of Ympyra On Viva Tomussa. As the wind blows up to a new extreme outside my window, all is calm and the anticipation builds in the same way that this song does. Magical moments are few and far between in our increasingly sensationalist world, but this is one of those moments. The song does away with the space-age sound effects and takes on a more earthly feel. You could easily set this music to a night stood watching the Aurora Borealis. Imagine that sensory experience! Oranssi Pazuzu don’t rush things during the build-up and the climax is more of a release because of it. It’s fifteen minutes of pure, unadulterated musical pleasure that has to be heard in it’s entirety. Yes it’s heavy and yes it features no pop-sensibilities for the hipsters to enjoy, but it’s true and from the heart. It’s not something that you own, it’s something that owns you. 

Stream Valonielu in all it's majesty here:-

You can buy Valonielu in both digital and physical form from Svart Records here - and from 20 Buck Spin here -

Oranssi Pazuzu Facebook -
Svart Records Facebook -
20 Buck Spin Facebook -

Spewtilator - Goathrower 7"

Wow, I've only been back at work a week and I'm already knackered! The show must go on though. Seriously, sorry for the lack of posts this week, things have caught up with me a bit and time hasn't been forthcoming. I've been looking forward to this evening all week. I've been cutting down on the alcohol intake since the new year and finally cracked open a keg of beer this evening (yes, a keg!). It's also the first chance this week that I've had to sit down and listen to some heavy musical stylings.

Those stylings come in the form of Atlanta, Georgia heavy band Spewtilator (one of my favourite band names ever and I'm sure I've said that before somewhere). They released the Goathrower 7" last year via US label Boris Records (whom my friend Martin reminded me about a while ago). Spewtilator have been plying their brand of death-thrash-grind since 2007, in the form of many demo's, EP's and splits.


1. Goathrower
2. Cherokee Curse
3. Cave Of Hatred (Wizard Of Jams)
4. Afterworld Inebriation
5. Let's Get Drugs

Spewtilator start things off with a title-track filled with rabid thrash. Their approach is raw and the recording/mastering brings that out with aplomb. It’s the kind of raw that makes complete sense and makes them sound even meaner. The death-fuelled vox and the powerful instrumentation (including that blinding solo), shows that Spewtilator mean business.

There’s no time for noodling here. Cherokee Curse follows immediately with the contrasting high/low-pitched screams helping to remind you that this band isn’t a one-trick pony. Remember the first time you heard Iron Reagan? You’ll get that same feeling again when listening to Spewtilator.
They go into grinding-overdrive on the scarily short Cave Of Hatred (Wizard of Jams). This is where their love of all things super-fast meets their love of thrash. Twenty-seven seconds of madness.

Afterworld Inebriation creates the perfect setting for the perfect circle-pit, with the awesome drumming that kicks things off. There’s simply no let up on pace throughout the song and the use of melody makes it better. They’ve clearly been brought up on true heavy metal! Ending with the battering ram Let’s Get Drugs, Spewtilator bring things to a close in typically intense fashion. No guesses what they did when they finished recording this beast! 

The artwork and the song-titles should give a big enough clue, but Spewtilator are brilliant, rip-roaring fun. Best listened to on vinyl of course!

Jam Goathrower here:-

You can purchase Goathrower both digitally and physically from Boris Records via their bandcamp page above.

Spewtilator Facebook -
Boris Records Facebook -

Saturday 3 January 2015

When We Were Wolves - Heartless EP

It's been a busy 2015 already and we're only 3 days in! That said, I'm still catching up with a tonne of releases from 2014 that I haven't written about yet, so expect reviews of both old and new stuff over the coming weeks. Right now and sticking with the Welsh theme, I'm moving South and checking out the 2014 EP by When We Were Wolves. 

When We Were Wolves have been around since 2011 and released their first EP, The More Things Change, The More We Stay The Same, the following year. The EP garnered national praise amongst the music press and allowed them to share the stage with the likes of Born Of Osiris, Devil Sold His Soul and local boys The Blackout. Not wanting to rest of their laurels, they released this EP a year later and also completed a UK tour to support it.


1. Dying On The Inside
2. The Devil You Know
3. Blind
4. Confession
5. Heartless

Heartless is filled with modern metal, laced with thrash and hardcore. Opener Dying On The Inside treads a well trodden path in terms of musicality but one that sounds very accomplished with it. The clean vocals are a strong aspect of When We Were Wolves’ music for me. Their song-writing is good and they make a decent impact on first listen.

When they move in a more melodic direction, they really begin to stand out. The Devil You Know starts with a great guitar intro before it switches to off-kilter hardcore. That clean singing again lifts the song and is obviously a key element in WWWW’s sound. There are definite similarities to bands like Soilwork and Killswitch Engage within Heartless, which is no bad comparison at all. The other obvious influence is the post-hardcore sound that was nurtured in Wales thanks to The Blackout and more so Funeral For A Friend.

Blind contains more off-kilter textures and highlights the band’s heavier and more urgent side. It’s a more straight-forward metal sound but the extra pace gives it tonnes of bite and energy. The good production job gives the recording more zip and presence too. Their garage continues on Confession, which is similar in approach and structure to Blind. The added melodic guitar gives it more variation and keeps momentum high.

Heartless flies by surprisingly quickly and before you know it the title-track is bringing it to an end. WWWW choose to leave their most epic song until the end, which proves a good decision. The overall performance on Heartless is very assured and measured. There’s no histrionics and the vocals during the song really standout, as is the whole song really. 

Good metal/hardcore played well is a simple thing to ask for, but it rarely exceeds your expectations a lot of the time. I wasn’t sure what expect from When We Were Wolves but on Heartless, they’ve got it right and I’d go as far to say that they’ve put some more established bands to shame. It’s no surprise that they’re getting the attention they are doing.

You can get Heartless digitally from all the usual outlets, including Amazon, iTunes and Spotify. Physical CDs and other merch can be found here -

When We Were Wolves Facebook -

This Noise Is Ours Presents: The Terminal Voyeurs

Rhyl, North Wales is well known for Burberry caps and curfew tags than it is for heavy metal, but thanks to a small number of like-minded people it's becoming a bit of heavy metal hotspot within the local area. The Terminal Voyeurs are one of the areas newest bands and they've recently recorded their debut song Dust Witch.

I've been given special permission to provide a stream of the song via my bandcamp page to help spread the word. The band are in the process of writing and recording their debut EP, which should be released sometime this year. So stream away -

(Note: The stream above says the song is by me, it's not!)

They've also got a few gigs coming up -

Jan 15/16 - Llandudno - Bodafon Farm 2 -
Jan 26 - Prestatyn - w/Sleep Beggar + J E Double F - Beggar

Keep an eye on the band's Facebook page for gig news and progress on the recording of the EP -

Friday 2 January 2015

Funeral Chic - Funeral Chic Tape

When I read comments in the media by legendary bands like Sick Of It All, saying that certain music formats are irrelevant and that bands should move in, I wonder what's going on in their heads. The genre that they represent instills certain ethics and values into people, such as supporting each others music and helping out at gigs etc. It breeds a DIY mentality and inclusion, at least that's my opinion. It damages a band's image and reputation when they speak badly of a tool that young and new bands have used for years as a way of getting their music out to people. You all know what I'm talking about, you've all read the articles recently.

Thankfully, there are plenty of labels and bands in both the UK and overseas who still produce tapes and the like. After all, more people now than ever want physical music and not just digital files. Headless Guru Records have featured on this blog since their very first release and their ethos hasn't changed one bit. In the middle of last year, they released this EP by noisy US hardcore mob Funeral Chic. This five-track EP has in turn helped Funeral Chic to play live with the likes of Full of Hell and Oathbreaker, which is where they should be.


1. Good Fucking Riddance
2. Hood Collector
3. Targeted
4. Humanity Abandoned
5. Death Celebrated

Noisy, chaotic hardcore seems to be having a real resurgence lately. Not that it ever went away, but it just seems to be growing. The crushing arrival of Funeral Chic into people’s consciousness is one reason for that. Metallic opener Good Fucking Riddance goes straight for the throat with wailing feedback and thick groove. Hood Collector mixes short stabs of sludge with anger-fuelled hardcore. The low-end is big while the grinding pace mid-way through keeps you on your toes. There’s no time here for noodling or hesitation.

They break out some thrash spirit during Targeted. Right away, it rips and never lets up. This is as menacing as you want it to be and the energy kicked up by FC is spot on. The stop/start moments might spoil the momentum for some, but they’re there to add to the chaos that ensues. FC speak of negativity and a human race that’s nothing more than a parasite. The closing duo of Humanity Abandoned and Death Celebrated pull no punches and play to that negativity. You’re not going to find any flowery melody on this EP and neither do you want it. 

Funeral Chic are intent of dragging you into their darkened realm and once you’ve heard this tape, you’ll be only to happy to oblige. 

Stream it via Headless Guru Records here - 

The tape version is sold out from HGR but you can download the EP for free from their bandcamp page.

Funeral Chic Facebook -
Headless Guru Records Facebook -