Thursday 1 January 2015

Krullur - Grounds For Termination EP

Well, here we are again. The dust has settled from the passing of another year, the hangovers are be subsiding (hopefully) and just like I did last year, I'm writing a review on new year's day. To be fair both the weather and TV schedule is rubbish.

I'm blowing the cobwebs away with the 2014 EP from Texan death/thrash trio Krullur, which was released by Horror Pain Gore Death. Might as well kick things off properly! Grounds For Termination originally came out on 2013 but was re-released prior to a new up-coming EP, due for release sometime in the next twelve months. Krullur themselves have been active since 1989 and have put out a slew of releases including a few demo and a full-length, in 2001.


1. Bringer Of Destruction
2. Necromancer Of Death
3. Designed For Failure
4. Pay By Pain
5. No Holds Barred
6. Infestation

For a trio, Krullur make a hellish noise. EP opener Bringer Of Destruction hails in a raw sound and an urgent approach by the band. Screaming solos, prominent percussion and black-thrash vox are the order the day. They have some catchy chops to, just like the riffs on Necromancer Of Death. If the recording was cleaned up a bit, Krullur would sound mighty, but as it is they still hold plenty of bite. Necromancer Of Death brims with traditional heavy/thrash metal attitude and it shows off their instrumentation really well.

They channel the raw energy of early-South American thrash on Designed For Failure. You can definitely hear old-school Sepultura amongst their filthy-death/thrash. Both Designed For Failure and Pay By Pain show Krullur’s heavier side. They still find time to throw a lengthy solo into the latter though! Krullur’s music is surprisingly catchy and on No Holds Barred they manage to capture a moment in time. A moment when heavy metal was gaining traction and when they were at the most productive, in terms of demos anyway. They’ve kept their sound and image instead of going for something more modern, which is very credible. Infestation closes Grounds For Termination with one final blackened-thrash assault.

This is definitely an EP for the more maniacal extreme metal fan. It carries tonnes of old-school attitude and intensity and HPGD clearly has a good ear. Well worth your time in preparation for the new EP. 

Stream Grounds For Termination here:-

It can be purchased from Horror Pain Gore Death via their bandcamp page.

Krullur themselves pressed CD copies a while ago, so if you'd rather a physical copy and if there are any left, get in touch with them via Facebook.

Krullur Facebook -
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions Facebook -

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