Friday 2 January 2015

Funeral Chic - Funeral Chic Tape

When I read comments in the media by legendary bands like Sick Of It All, saying that certain music formats are irrelevant and that bands should move in, I wonder what's going on in their heads. The genre that they represent instills certain ethics and values into people, such as supporting each others music and helping out at gigs etc. It breeds a DIY mentality and inclusion, at least that's my opinion. It damages a band's image and reputation when they speak badly of a tool that young and new bands have used for years as a way of getting their music out to people. You all know what I'm talking about, you've all read the articles recently.

Thankfully, there are plenty of labels and bands in both the UK and overseas who still produce tapes and the like. After all, more people now than ever want physical music and not just digital files. Headless Guru Records have featured on this blog since their very first release and their ethos hasn't changed one bit. In the middle of last year, they released this EP by noisy US hardcore mob Funeral Chic. This five-track EP has in turn helped Funeral Chic to play live with the likes of Full of Hell and Oathbreaker, which is where they should be.


1. Good Fucking Riddance
2. Hood Collector
3. Targeted
4. Humanity Abandoned
5. Death Celebrated

Noisy, chaotic hardcore seems to be having a real resurgence lately. Not that it ever went away, but it just seems to be growing. The crushing arrival of Funeral Chic into people’s consciousness is one reason for that. Metallic opener Good Fucking Riddance goes straight for the throat with wailing feedback and thick groove. Hood Collector mixes short stabs of sludge with anger-fuelled hardcore. The low-end is big while the grinding pace mid-way through keeps you on your toes. There’s no time here for noodling or hesitation.

They break out some thrash spirit during Targeted. Right away, it rips and never lets up. This is as menacing as you want it to be and the energy kicked up by FC is spot on. The stop/start moments might spoil the momentum for some, but they’re there to add to the chaos that ensues. FC speak of negativity and a human race that’s nothing more than a parasite. The closing duo of Humanity Abandoned and Death Celebrated pull no punches and play to that negativity. You’re not going to find any flowery melody on this EP and neither do you want it. 

Funeral Chic are intent of dragging you into their darkened realm and once you’ve heard this tape, you’ll be only to happy to oblige. 

Stream it via Headless Guru Records here - 

The tape version is sold out from HGR but you can download the EP for free from their bandcamp page.

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