Saturday 17 January 2015

Teenage Rehab - Break Yourself 7"

Teenage Rehab is a US punk band who're just in it for the hangs. They've been touring the US pretty hard and they released this 7" via their own Revert Records imprint last December. They've been a band since 1999 and they've released four full-lengths since then. I've not personally heard anything my Teenage Rehab before, so I'm excited about listening to this.


1. Dirty Dog
2. Property
3. Rewind
4. Southside Poverty

Right now punk is as important to me as metal and Teenage Rehab’s loud, brash noise is perfect. I’ve been reading a lot of Maximum Rock n Roll recently and these guys seem right at home alongside the bands I’ve been checking out because of it. Opening with Dirty Dog, TR’s punk is melodic and old-school, ignoring what’s “cool” now and blazing it’s own rad trail. If you like simple yet quality punk, then TR are well worth checking out. Property has a great gang chorus that is made for a live sing-along. Add to that solid musicianship and you’ve got a winner!

The best punk songs are catchy and short. A lot of bands try to compensate for a lack of actual attitude with over-the-top orchestration, which thankfully isn’t the case here. Rewind reminds me of old Descendents and Bouncing Souls. They are my closest reference points, as I got into punk during the pop-punk era and found out about those bands via The Offspring and Blink-182, so sorry if I’m way off! Southside Poverty has some killer ska-influences in the verses. That’s something else that’s missing nowadays. It’s a feel-good song that has plenty of bounce. 

Teenage Rehab are brill and I can’t believe I hadn’t heard them until now. Punk has so many forms nowadays that it’s often hard to crawl through it to find bands and music that genuinely possesses the sound that backs up the movement that spawned it. Thankfully, Teenage Rehab are one of the good ones!

Stream Break Yourself via Teenage Rehab's bandcamp page below:-

You can also buy the 7" or a download version from that page too.

Teenage Rehab Facebook -

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