Sunday 25 January 2015

This Noise Is Ours Presents: Relics

Its impossible for anyone to keep ahead the of the game when it comes to new bands. There's simply not enough hours in the day; however, thanks to the power of social media, I can bring you a Huddersfield punks Relics. They may not be a new name to some, but any publicity is good publicity. Plus, I can't think of many other bands from Huddersfield off the top of my head.

Relics started in late 2013 and released their debut EP, Beast Market a year later. They've not wasted any time when it comes to gigs either, grabbing support slots with all manner of bands from Agnostic Front to MC Devvo!


1. Death By Lead
2. Frankenkilla'
3. The Circus

Relics play riffy hardcore on opener Death By Lead that's in the vein of Cancer Bats with a Southern-drawl too it, which is apt, because they’re supporting that band in April. Comparisons aside, Relics make a glorious noise made up of semi-screamed vocals and plenty of melody. It’s fast but not indecipherable and its catchy too!

Frankenkilla’ is equally as upbeat. Relics prove they have a sense of humour and even put some punk n roll influences into the song. Later on they throw a thick breakdown and gang-vocals into the mix. This song and Relics are definitely made for a live setting!

Closing song The Circus ends Beast Market on a highly infectious note. Their lyrical approach is to attack people that follow the cool kids, instead of having individuality. Musically, it’s all over the place with a really off-kilter, madcap mid section followed by their own brand of sludge towards the end. 

As mentioned earlier in the feature, I've been given permission to stream Beast Market via my bandcamp page, which you can check out below:-

You can download Beast Market for free here -

Relics also have a video up for Frankenkilla' -

Relics Facebook -

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