Thursday 29 January 2015

Sadhak - S/T Tape

I've decided to write a random review here, as I'm a bit drained this evening. What a perfect way to nurse that feeling than with some doom from the cold depths of Norway. Sadhak is a one-man doom project that released a tape in 2013 via Shadow Kingdom Records, which seemed to sell out pretty quickly. There's not a lot else known about this band and there hasn't been anything released since this debut. Don't say I don't treat you!


1. On The Arrival Of Man
2. The Perfection Of Wisdom

Over the last twelve or so months, I’ve become an avid fan of doom and post-metal. So much so, that I’m making the pilgrimage to Edinburgh in March for the first edition of Doom Over Edinburgh, which is going to features Solstice and Iron Void amongst others! Sadly Sadhak won’t be in attendance, but there’s no harm in getting in the mood early.

The first of two tracks on this tape, On The Arrival Of Man is incredibly atmospheric and melodic, with post-metal inspired guitar work and cleanly sung vocals. Multi-instrumentalist and sole-member Andreas Hagen, is maybe better known for his work in Svart Records band High Priest Of Saturn, but here he creates something that accessible and curiously soothing. Not something you immediately associate with doom!

Both tracks on this tape are expansive and written in a way that allows them to flow together. The Perfection Of Wisdom’s long instrumental build up together with the choral chanting, heightens expectation before the verse comes in. Once again the clean vocals sit within the mix and the music swirls around them perfectly. 

Doom was never meant to be enjoyed in short doses. You’re either in for the long haul or not at all. The great thing about Sadhak’s self-titled EP is that it’s written in such a way that it will appeal to both ardent doom fans and newcomers alike. By being focused and to-the-point, it’s full of expression and sorrowful pleasure. Hopefully, more music will appear from Sadhak in the future but if not, at least the band left us with something truly inspiring.

As I said, the tape version is sold out from both band and label; however, you can stream and purchase it digitally below via Sadhak's bandcamp page:-

Sadhak Metal Archives -
Shadow Kingdom Records Facebook -

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