Wednesday 14 January 2015

Timekiller - Bleed Out EP

South America is pretty cool but it's been utterly misrepresented on this blog, unless you take into account my review of Beatriz Carnicero last year. I bring that up because members of Timekiller are from Brazil (and Arizona!). They play raw-punk that features influences stretching from Scandinavian hardcore to Japanese hardcore to speed-metal, which sounds like an ace mix. Plus they come Maximum Rock n Roll approved, which is fine by me. Their EP Bleed Out was released in  2014 by Spanish label Noise Of Hell Records on 7", on tape by French label Crapoulet Records and digitally by the band themselves.


1. Burden
2. Kill The Judges
3. Bleed Out
4. Sinking In Shit
5. Half Empty
6. Sick Vision
7. Time Heals Nothing

This is thick, guitar-laden punk with plenty of reverb in the vocals and massive intensity. Opener Burden sounds like garage punk turned up to the max thanks to the vox. Timekiller throw screaming leads into the mix on Kill The Judges. which can just be heard amongst the crushing walls of distortion and drumming. The songs on Bleed Out are short blasts of pit-inducing proportions. 

That said, Timekiller do inject some atmosphere into their music and specifically the title-track. They settle things down a bit on this song, which is less noisy and more menacing. If you listen carefully, there are hints of emoviolence hidden in the instrumentation, but you’ve got to get past that bass first! Things take a sharp turn on Sinking In Shit, which is where Timekiller show their love for Motorhead. It’s less of a barrage this time and more melodic. Their garage punk vibes make more sense here. Good stuff!

They go back to their blistering ways on Half Empty. Their music gets darker once again and that wall of noise from earlier songs closes in once more. While some people will hear similarities between this and a lot of power-violence, this has more character in my opinion. Like the raw-intensity of Singapore’s Abolition A.D., Timekiller don’t hold back. There’s more Motor-punk on Sick Vision. I think I like that side of Timekiller more than their all-out attack mode, but it’s a close one. This could be described as crust for none-crust people, as it’s got an edge of accessibility to it.

Closer Time Heals Nothing ends the barrage in a spitting rage, before you’ve even had time to take the rest of the EP in. This is really good. Timekiller have managed to add something substantial to the raw-punk staple. More people should pay attention to this and read Maximum Rock n Roll!

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