Saturday 10 January 2015

Black Years - Black Years II 7"

It's time for more homegrown punk. Chester/Wrexham band Black Years to be exact! This 7" was released in October via Footloose Records, whose releases I featured quite a bit last year. They've already released one EP that seemed to go under the radar and they've also played shows alongside the mighty Bastions and '68 (the band that features ex-members of The Chariot and Norma Jean.). Oh and they've played Rhyl and made it out alive!


1. Bourbon Legend
2. Lovers
3. Criminals

It’s quite apt that Black Years shared the stage with ex-members of The Chariot, as their brand of punk sits pretty well alongside said band. Bourbon Legend features hardcore inspired screams, gruff singing and danceable riffs.  They are equal parts modern punk and snotty attitude. There’s no pop-punk cleanliness and Black Years are very adept musicians, as proven on Lovers, which features a classy solo and a great sing-along vibe.

With Criminals, they almost sound like a hard-rock band in places. Their’s is a very British sound and its all the better for it. This EP is fairly short but its got enough hooks to make you take notice. It’s hard to pin Black Years down to one particular genre but there’s something familiar about their sound. Good job guys, I’m half expecting this 7” to get a glowing review in Maximum Rock n Roll soon!

You can grab the 7" from Footloose Records here -

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