Thursday 28 April 2016

Cave Dweller - Chaos Part 1: The Night Mare


1. Vortex Of Futility
2. Interrupt
3. Wherein The Darkness Dwells
4. Interrupted
5. Lost In The Murk
6. Interruption
7. The Night Mare

I while ago I received a nice package of releases from Blackwood Productions. Inside the package was a mysterious piece of green muslin cloth bound in string and complete with paper scroll. Inside was a matching tape/cd set featuring the debut release from a UK entity named Cave Dweller. Alongside Cave Dwellers singular musical vision, this album saw it's physical release via both Blackwood Productions and fellow Northern UK black metal label Glorious North Productions in late 2015. A glimpse at the harrowing cover art above should head a warning of what is to be expected within.

As the snow falls outside my window, it seem like a fitting backdrop to Cave Dweller’s debut release. Amongst the sudden wave of stellar UK black metal that’s surfaced of late, this album shares a passion that only underground metal can. Vortex Of Futility is as harrowing as the art that adorns the cover of Chaos Part 1, with distorted guitars and haunting keys alongside the ghoulish growls. The drums sit deep within the music but provide a brooding rhythm. Interrupt is the first of a trio of short but hellish instrumental songs. It combines buzzing feedback with plenty of note-bending (probably not a real musical term) that sounds evil on the ear. The melody that greets you on Wherein The Darkness Dwells may be distant but its also strangely soothing when set against the shrieking vocals. If rendition or torture was provided in musical terms it would sound like this (in a good way of course!). Interrupted is a strange of collage of ambient noises and striking yet lonely guitar. The layers of noise increase, slowly covering the unnerving melody. It’s easy of get lost (sorry!) in Lost In The Murk, as it is the whole album. Each song follows the last is a seemingly perfect sequence. The slow lurch of Lost In The Murk reels you in and renders you pretty much useless for it’s entire seven+ minutes. The fact that Cave Dweller appears to a solo effort is even more impressive to these ears. Interruption is the final in the trio of instrumentals that break up the extremity of Chaos Pat 1. I have to say that I think this formula works really well. Cave Dweller leaves the title-track till the end. Its the long-player as well, having a twisted doom-like tone to it. When the tempo does pick up you’re treated to a ghostly performance featuring the same depravity and menace of the album’s opener. The varied movements of The Night Mare really do take you on a journey. Cave Dweller has managed to embrace and build on the black metal blueprint laid out by many solo projects before it. The addition of influences from genres like doom and death metal have also contributed to a great record. The all round package of Chaos Part 1 is something to truly behold and something that all parties involved in it’s release should be rightly proud of.

The full album is not streaming online but Blackwood Productions posted the below promo on Youtube for you to enjoy:-

Physical copies of Chaos Part 1 can still be purchased from Glorious North Production here -

They have sold out via Blackwood Productions.

Cave Dweller Facebook -
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Tuesday 26 April 2016

Insision - Terminal Reckoning


1.  Among Us
2. Ominous Spiral
3. Infected
4. Shapeshifting
5. Old Ways
6. Cold Air
8. Resist (God Does Not Exist)

Swedish death metal's rich history and influence within today's extreme metal landscape is not to be ignored, but when a record is released by a band that can consider itself part of that history, it's a pretty big deal. Stockholm's Insision began their brutal reign in 1997,  have counted and continue to count many Swe-death veterans amongst their ranks and have recently released their fourth full-length via US brutal death metal label Sevared Records. 

Insision’s kick-drum heavy sound is pummelling right from the off. The buzz-saw guitars are set back in the mix with the dual low/high growls sitting on top. The guitars are allowed room to breath on opener Among Us and when they do, they open everything up. Insision is fast and technical but without coming across as being too clean or polished. The fact that there’s no stupid silent pause between Among Us and Ominous Spiral is a good thing in my book. Talking of Ominous Spiral, it contains urgency in the extreme. The bass is audible here too, which adds an extra layer of heft and the pinch harmonics remind you of their heritage. Infected could cross over into gore-death territory but Insision keeps things in check with groove-laden instrumentation and yet more superhuman drumming. The atmospheric touches later in the song prove to be a masterstroke and break up the brutality nicely, if only briefly. Shapeshifting combines a traditional extended intro with modern precision. There’s also just enough melody to stop any thoughts of atonal-tuning. The solo towards the end is pure unadulterated pleasure in musical form. Old Ways could best describe Insision’s love for their roots within Swedish death and it shows in their music The latter half of the song even features some brooding blackened riffs! Cold Air is a polar opposite to Old Ways. It moves Insision’s sound back towards the light-speed end of the spectrum, even with the tempered mid-section. The menacing alarm that signals the beginning of XXV.II.MMXIV can normally only mean one thing, but I wasn’t expecting off-kilter spacey riffs! At times is crawls and at others it is filled with tech vibes ala Cynic and Gorguts. Closing with Resist, Insision uses up every last ounce of momentum to ensure that Terminal Reckoning leaves it’s indelible mark and it bloody does! The crossover between the old-school and modern technical death is a jewel in today’s extreme scene and Insision have made the sound their own. 

Stream Terminal Reckoning and buy a download directly from Insision here:-

The CD can be purchased from Sevared Records here -
and from Insision here -

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Monday 25 April 2016

Sista Klivet - Dra At Helvete Tape


1. Rika Barn, Leka Bast
2. Forbrukad
3. Dott Lopp
4. Ett Skamt
5. Taj Mahal
6. Utan Dig
7. Sista Klivet

4-piece Swedish punk? Why not? This is the first full EP from Vasteras based loud punks Sista Klivet. They released a demo last year on trusty cdr and it must have caught the attention of UK label Headless Guru Records because the label released this EP on tape last December. There isn't really much else I can say by way of an intro, as I can't translate or speak Swedish but at least I can let the music do the talking!

Dra At Helvete starts with a pleasing ska-punk intro on Rika Barn, Leka Bast. A few bars later and Sista Klivet break into furious punk that reminds me of early-AFI. SK certainly aren’t the arty type. Forbrukad is the first of a handful of songs that don’t break the two-minute mark and it’s old-school sound makes it all the better. There’s definitely a heavy 80’s feel to Dott Lopp, especially with the harsh vocals that are backed up by some classic cleanly sung ones underneath. Etta Skamt passes in the blink of an eye and Taj Mahal (the only song-title I can understand) is no different, but it’s damn catchy! Utan Dig rages with no let-up in urgency. Ending with Sista Klivet, SK throw some great melodic guitar into the mix and transport you back to a (for some) forgotten era of punk. Any band that can do that deserve applause. This is great, Sweden is great and Sista Klivet is great.

Stream Dra At Helvete and grab it as a name-your-price download here:-

The tape itself is sold out from Headless Guru.

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Sunday 24 April 2016

Petrol Girls - Some Thing EP


1. Slug
2. Protagonist
3. Separated

I'm tired so motivation get up this morning one none existent. Still I'm here and I'm motivating myself by listening to some good old  (it's fairly new actually!) British punk in the form of Petrol Girls. This London four-piece started back in 2013 and Some Thing is their second EP. They proudly call their music Feminist post-hardcore and who am I to argue with that. They actually frequent a part of the UK punk scene that still stands up to the establishment and to people who have backward mentalities. They've recently taken their message (and love of cheesy disco tunes) to Europe and will be doing again in June. CD/Vinyl versions of Some Thing have been released by Bomber Music (UK), Laserlife Records (EU) and Panic State Records (US).

This is a lot more caustic than I was expecting, yet the clean vocals are really soothing. Petrol Girls know how to write a catchy song and they don’t compromise their message either. Slug is musically brilliant and the band’s raw grassroots beginnings shine through it. I would put Petrol Girls alongside the likes of Strike Anywhere and Boysetsfire, as they’re not just writing music to entertain but to provoke talk and thought. Protagonist is more urgent and angry. It’s off-kilter guitar and sped-up tempo make it a call-to-arms. Separated closes Some Thing in superb fashion. While it does feel slightly wrong of me to sit here and write about this EP from a writer’s perspective, I really like this a lot. It proves that nobody should judge a book by its cover and that you should always have an open mind. 

Stream Some Thing here:-

You can buy it directly from Petrol Girls digitally and as a special CD that includes their debut EP, from their bandcamp page above.

CD/Vinyl copies can be purchased from the below labels -

Bomber Music -
Laserlife Records -
Panic State Records -

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Friday 22 April 2016

Deitus - Acta Non Verba


1. Manifest
2. Fallen
3. Lightbearer
4. Ladder Of Divine Ascent
5. Todestrieb

2016 has already heralded some special releases as well as plenty of new music. One label that is living up to that statement is Ulthar Records. Today marks the release of the debut EP from London black metallers Deitus. Apart from a few demos this is the only release I'm aware of from the band since their formation in 2013. That said they caught the eye (or ear) of somebody as they recently played alongside Ninkharsag and Inconcessus Lux Lucis. Acta Non Verba has been released on limited cassette via Ulthar.

Deitus knows how to build atmosphere and expectation. EP opener Manifest begins with a slow-building intro of heavy guitar and mid-paced rhythms before breaking into menacing yet melodic riffs. The vocals are blackened but with a slight hardcore edge (if I could be so bold!). Their sound is expansive and fully justifies the seven-and-a-half minutes that Manifest takes up. Fallen is an instrumental song that still retains the momentum of the EP opener and sounds bloody epic!. There’s a real sense of urgency when listening to Lightbearer. It’s quickened tempo and almost orthodox black metal approach makes it an intense battle hymn. You’ll struggle not to through your fist in the air to this!. The production and mastering is spot on as well. It’s not super clean but is nice and clear all the same. Ladder Of Divine Ascent begins in mid-paced fashion before developing into a pure metallic-black metal beast. There’s plenty of progression within the music put forth by Deitus, yet it still feels very accessibly even for the casual black metal listener. Closing number Todestrieb is full of pure bile. It’s an epic journey through the darkest recesses of the band. Needless to say, this is utterly brilliant from start to end. Deitus proves that it’s okay to have good production values in black metal. While purists may stick their noses up at this, there’s no denying the quality of this EP.

You can stream and purchase Acta Non Verba (digitally and on tape) here:-

Deitus Facebook -
Ulthar Records Facebook -

Wednesday 20 April 2016

Urgency - Raw Purpose 7"


1. Ignorance (You're In This Alone)
2. Destructive Course (Beaten Path)
3. Raw Purpose
4. Composure Breaks
5. Outro (Natural Selection)

When I first started collecting vinyl, I got into a lot of straight edge hardcore and youthcrew. I picked up records by xCurraheex and stuff released via Commitment Records UK, which is where I first heard about Commitment Record from the Netherlands. Well. I got an e-mail a few weeks back about this 7" they were releasing by US hardcore band Urgency and knew immediately that I had to write about it. I need to pick up more of this.

Urgency throws out some intense, thrash-laden hardcore with real rhythm. Ignorance (You’re In This Alone) begins with the best intro and the riffs just continue!  There’s more erm… urgency on Destructive Course (Beaten Path). They love feedback and it kicks off the sub-one minute title-track perfectly. This is pit-inducing hardcore at it’s best. Urgency’s straightforward approach is like a breath of fresh air and none more so is that obvious than during Composure Breaks. Outro (Natural Selection) is the heaviest song on the EP, benefiting from a hefty low-end. This EP is brief but hard hitting and proves that straight edge hardcore is as relevant and as good as ever. Get this!

Stream and purchase digital downloads here:-

7" copies on both black and blue vinyl can be found at Commitment Records here -

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Tuesday 19 April 2016

Loinen - Loinen


1. Portto
2. Kuolemanselli
3. Tassa Talossa
4. Ruumishuone
5. Sekaisin
6. Jerusalem
7. Kumijeesus
8. Hyodyton Elain

I'm anxiously trying to recover a handful of e-mails that my Outlook account tried in vein to delete. While I figure out what the hell's going on, I've decided to keep the show on the road by revisiting some releases that I've missed out on or that have been nestled deep within my (digital) review pile. This slab of madcap Finnish noise is one such release. This self-titled effort was written by Loinen and released by Svart Records in 2014 and it the band's third full-length to date, in a career that currently spans 14 years and includes several EPs and splits (including one with Horse Latitudes). 

I’ve always been a big fan of Finnish extreme music as I’ve always found it to be unique and unlike anything else to be honest. The raw and stripped down sludge of Loinen is no exception and while the lyrics are in the band’s native tongue and I don’t speak Finnish, I can dig it. Portto is a minimal opener with drums, bass and primitive growls. While a lot of people associate sludge/doom with ten minute plus songs. Loinen steer away from that and say more in about 5 minutes than others say in lengthier hymns. Kuolemanselli is filled with a rawness that makes it essential listening for those isolated moments, where it’s just you and a glass of wine. As Tassa Talossa crawls onward, I catch myself imagining what it would be like to see these guys actually playing in a cave (I don’t mean any disrespectful way either). The use of traditional instruments during Ruumishuone makes the music on Loinen even more sorrowful. The B-side to Loinen begins with Sekaisin, a stop/start song with short fits of grinding percussion. The weird chant-like singing and Arabic samples make Jerusalem an even weirder proposition. Thankfully things return to some form of relative normality with Kumijeesus, except it’s just a bit faster now. I’m definitely starting to get a sense of Loinen’s anger towards religion. Closer Hyodyton Elain is where everything finally grinds to an eventual halt. From the A-side filled with minimal sludge to the B-side that explored the band’s more experimental psyche, it’s been a hell of a journey. Loinen is well worth your time if you’re into something a little more unnerving. 

You can here five songs from the record here:-

You can grab the LP (for not very much) from Svart Records here - It's definitely worth a punt at that price!

Loinen Facebook -
Svart Records Facebook -

Monday 18 April 2016

Speirling - The Piper


1. Tempest Of Truth
2. Filthy And Cold
3. Wrath Of The Wild
4. Three Shrill Notes
5. The World Breaks
6. Into The Blazing Abyss
7. Born Again Damned

At the turn of April the only known release from UK black metal band Speirling was released via Ulthar Records.The Piper was originally released in 2008 via Unholy Design Records and has now been made available on various formats (cd, tape and digital download). This band of brothers with links to Winterfylleth and Ethernal has created an opus about a Piper, who was raised and then rejected by Christians before corrupted their young. This reissue provides another murky glimpse into the underground history of UK black metal.

Beginning with the beguiling intro piece titled Tempest Of Truth, Speirling creates mournful yet menacing black metal with a primitive edge. Nechtan’s drumming is something to behold especially during Filthy And Cold. The ravaging screams of Blaidd are accompanied by up-tempo guitar playing that marches at pace. Wrath Of The Wild flows beyond the black metal blueprint, mixing subtle elements of death and guitar melodies are woven into the background alongside folk-inspired instrumentation. Three Shrill Notes does not proceed as it’s title would suggest. It’s mid-paced stride and off-kilter time signatures during the opening verses make it a joy to listen to. Later on it retreats back toward more familiar territory. Considering that Speirling was a duo, their sound is thicker and a lot more powerful than I was expecting. The World Breaks is a bit of a thrashy number yet it still shows off the band’s more orthodox black metal leanings. The guitar work on Into The Blazing Abyss is nothing short of majestic. The song itself follows straight on from The World Breaks so as to not to loose momentum, before finishing in serene fashion. Closer Born Again Damned extends the misery one final time, this time with the use of both harsh and clean hypnotic vocals. Those hypnotic vocals continue throughout and while its the longest song on the album, it doesn’t feel like it. I love hearing hidden gems like this and it’s wider circulation via Ulthar Records means other people can check it out as well. Really enjoyable release.

You can stream and download The Piper here:-

Tape versions are also available from Ulthar Records above.

Speirling Metal Archives page -
Ulthar Records Facebook page -

Saturday 16 April 2016

Sunpocrisy - Eyegasm, Hallelujah!


1. Eyegasm
2. Mausoleum Of The Almost
3. Transmogrification
4. Eternitarian
5. Of Barbs And Barbules
6. Kairos Through Aion
7. Gravis Vociferatur
8. Festive Garments
9. Hallelujah!

It's time to delve back into the crazy realm of Italian extreme metal. Well post-metal to be exact.  Eyegasm, Hallelujah! is the second full-length from Brescia's Sunpocrisy. Forming in 2007, Sunpocrisy had already released an EP and an earlier full-length prior to this latest effort last year. The pressing of the record was handled by Wooaaargh, Shove, Dullest and Drown Within Recs. They have some of the best visuals I've seen on an LP sleeve for a while and perusing their tour-posters on Facebook definitely gave me an eyegasm (sorry)!

Sunpocrisy consists of six members, which makes sense considering their progressive leanings. They present the unexpected on opener Eyegasm with clean singing and synths nestling alongside heavier guitar and off-kilter tempos. About a third of the way through the song the screams break out, but the melody remains. I think I can finally say that Italian post/progressive metal isn’t just operatic anymore (thank god). The opener segues into Mausoleum Of The Almost following an abrupt but brief pause. it follows Eyegasm in much the same vein. It’a subtly heavy in places but easier on the ear for those who don’t like extremes. The textures that Sunpocrisy weave are enchanting if you just sit back and listen. They are clever enough to temper their lengthy compositions with short interludes like Transmogrification. Eternitarian is the longest song on the album but as soon as it begins, it covers you in swathes of guitar and distant singing. I’m really struggling to find any sort of comparison for this record as well. After all, comparisons are an ugly beast. Back to the subject at hand though; Eternitarian is quite possibly the grandest song you’ll set ears on this year. The album’s second interlude, Of Barbs And Barbules soars like a majestic hymn and is pretty serene especially when the piano kicks in. Kairos Through Aion further accentuates how good this record is. Musically, Sunpocrisy doesn’t do anything too obscure or showy, which is why I like them. They keep things simple in a clever way, so their music actually sounds more complex even though it isn’t. The use of dual-harsh/clean vocals during Gravis Vociferatur adds another nuance to Eyegasm, Hallelujah!, as do the sporadic electronic effects. Penultimate song Festive Garments starts in truly hypnotic fashion with a nursery rhyme-esque melody, before getting very heavy indeed. At times it’s the most experimental song on the album and at other times it’s atonal riffs bring it down to a more generic level, but that’s no criticism. Hallelujah! signs off in style as do Sunpocrisy. Now this is a long album but it’s not the heavy slog you’d expect. Sunpocrisy makes it okay to listen to post/prog-metal again and do so in a way that brings the sound up to date. They’re adventurous and glorious. Over and out.

You can stream Eyegasm, Hallelujah! below:-

You can purchase download, CD and double gatefold LP versions of the record directly from Sunpocrisy above.

You can also buy physical copies from the below labels:-

Wooaaargh Recs -
Drown Within Recs -

Sunpocrisy Facebook -
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Tuesday 12 April 2016

Vehement - Collapse


1. Hollow Empire
2. Aasvogel
3. Collapse Pt.1 - Carrion Rule
4. Collapse Pt.2 - Oceans Of Rot
5. Absolute Nothing

Live At Doomsday Fest 2015 (cd bonus tracks):

6. Tidal Verse
7. Oceans Of Rot
8. Far Below Us

Eastbourne is a seaside town synonymous with elderly coach parties and typical British summer holidays. According to Metal Archives, Vehement is the only extreme metal band to call it home. Following their formation in 2005 they released two demos titled "The Inception" and "The Misanthropic Collective" (in 2007 and 2008 respectively). A five year gap followed before the digital release of debut full-length Collapse, which was subsequently picked up for a limited cd release last year via new black metal label Blackwood Productions. They ended last year on high by playing with the might Endstille and this year looks to be just as good, with an appearance at Mammothfest alongside Textures and Eastern Front already booked in. The limited cd version also included three live bonus tracks taken from Vehement's appearance at 2015's Doomsday Fest.

Vehement does not mess about! As soon as you press play on Collapse, Hollow Empire flies out at you with some force. It’s groove-laden black metal is interspersed with blasting sections that try and catch you off guard. The guitars give off a subtle symphonic texture that’s akin to Dimmu Borgir during their later albums, which is pleasingly good. They have an ear for temperate instrumental sections too, as the mid-way point in Hollow Empire attests. Vehement likes to play longer songs and that fits their sound. Their black metal is both majestic and engaging. Things get even better on Aasvogel thanks to some properly epic lead guitar work. Its’s amazing how music like this can help you forget all of the shit that surrounds you but I found myself head-banging to this song feverishly. The cool thing about Vehement is that they aren’t pretentious or overly-proggy (that’s probably two ways of saying the same thing but who cares!) and they’re bloody listenable. Collapse Pt.1 - Carrion Rule begins with an icy blast that continues for an inhumane amount of time. Andras is either a superhuman drummer or just has amazing stamina. Towards the latter half of the song there is a mere hint of black n roll but it soon gets usurped by more quality lead work. Also, I’ve just noticed that Collapse Pt.1 and Pt.2 are the same length, at least according to iTunes!  Collapse Pt.2 - Oceans Of Rot simply follows on immediately after Pt.1. I think it’s a great way to continue an albums momentum and I wonder why more bands don’t do the same thing. I hate pointless pauses, what can I say. Oceans Of Rot begins with a slower intro section and even some Akercocke-like clean vocals. It later descends into another truly orchestral black metal hymn and one that buries itself deep within your head. The final track proper on Collapse is Absolute Nothing, which thankfully isn’t the ambient field recording I thought it was gonna be. Instead it’s a relatively urgent (for Vehement anyway) blackened tome. What follows are a trio of live songs taken from the band’s performance during 2015’s Doomsday Festival. Live recordings are never gonna sound as engaging as their studio recorded counterparts but they do serve a purpose. Tidal Verse illustrates Vehement’s live sound and energy. They manage to capture their engaging sound really well. It’s a long eleven+ minute crawl through the depths but it’s still mesmerising. They follow it up with Oceans Of Rot, which sounds just as heavy as it did on the cd. Its at this point that you realise just how powerful it is. The trio finishes with Far Below Us, which alongside Tidal Verse must be a new song, as it didn’t appear on any of their previous releases. It rounds out a brilliant record, with plenty of hooks and substance (which isn’t what you’d usually say about a black metal record). I must call out Blackwood Productions for having a bloody decent ear and to Vehement for truly surprising me.

You can stream Collapse below:-

You can buy cd copies directly from Vehement here - and from Blackwood Productions here -

Vehement Facebook -
Blackwood Productions Facebook -

Sunday 10 April 2016

Hexis - MMXIV A.D. IV KAL. IVN. Flexi


1. Sequax
2. Desolatum
3. Exterminati

I love Hexis, I always have. It occurred to me yesterday that I've nearly got all of their releases. I'm missing their self-titled demo, XI, Abalam and this little flexi disc. The music it contains was recorded live during their set at Roskilde Festival and features three tracks from debut full-length Abalam, which was released in the same year. This release was a collaboration between 5FeetUnder Records, Dingleberry Records and Ruins Records (RIP). With a new flexi disc on the way from the band, now seems like the opportune time to review this one.

In a live setting Hexis are a formidable force. This flexi demonstrates that with three quick-fire rounds of crusty blackness. Sequax benefits from a feedback-filled backdrop and just a hint of metallic melody hidden within the depths, while Filip’s desolate screams ring out over the speakers. Desolatum is equally as menacing, but this time shorter and more chaotic with elements of sludge. Hexis play with groove at the beginning of closing song Exterminati. It’s slower feel sits well alongside the other songs on this disc, but it’s no less harrowing. If you can get a copy of this and can bring yourself to play it on your turntable, you should.

Stream the flexi here:-

You can still get copies directly from Hexis here -

Copies have sold out from 5FeetUnder Records and I can't seem to find it for sale via Dingleberry or Ruins Records either.

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Saturday 9 April 2016

Human Bodies/Leather Chalice - Split 7"


1. Human Bodies - Only The Sigh
2. Human Bodies - Malice Prepense
3. Leather Chalice - Good Intentions (Coming Home Part One)
4. Leather Chalice - Last Gifts Of Worship (Coming Home Part Two)

After a couple of days of walking round in a confused and angry haze, I'm back to relative normality (if such a thing even exists!). I wanted something noisy to give me a jolt and this split between Human Bodies and Leather Chalice should do nicely. Released in limited quantities last September by Broken Limbs Recordings and Prison Tatt Records, it brings together two of the most cerebral acts in the US extreme underground. 

Black metal band Human Bodies have been pretty busy of late, having completed a full U.S tour around the release of the 7”. Their sound here is emblazoned with black n roll rhythms and rasping distant screams on Only The Sigh. Malice Prepense follows after a short pause and immediately picks up the momentum. The soundscape they weave is full of metallic nuances and black dissonance but it’s also really listenable. Leather Chalice are all the more atavistic and raw. Good Intentions (Coming Home Part One) features caustic screams and a recognisably intense musical backdrop. Last Gifts Of Worship (Coming Home Part Two), like the rest of the songs on this split is brief but no less impacting. The varied approaches by both Human Bodies and Leather Chalice compliment each other. Both bands deserve the praise they’ve already gained and more besides. if you’re bored of the usual black metal blueprint then check this out. The artwork is worth the price of admission on its own!

Stream and download the split here:-

Grab the 7" from the below links -

Broken Limbs Recordings -
Prison Tatt Records -

Human Bodies Facebook -
Leather Chalice Facebook -
Broken Limbs Recordings Facebook -
Prison Tatt Records Facebook -

Monday 4 April 2016

Suppressive Fire - Bedlam


1. Ceasefire
2. The Hellwraith
3. Coup D'etat
4. They Flesh Consumed
5. Bayonet Penetration
6. Nazi Face Melter
7. Pyrophoric Blood
8. Ironsights
9. Crucify The Kings
10. Holy Masochism
11. Bedlam

It's time for some war-inspired, Nazi hatin' black thrash. After a demo and a split record featuring Black Flag and Thin Lizzy covers, Raleigh (North Carolina) three-piece Suppressive Fire have finally released their debut album. Suppressive Fire clearly aren't shy, having already supported Warbringer and Exmortus this year, as well as scoring an up-coming support slot with Absu in their hometown also. Anyway, I'm hoping that the concoction of black thrash and alcohol will help me banish this damn head cold!

Somebody posed a question to me the other day that went something like this; “How can you listen to heavy metal? It all just sounds like witches wailing”. We’ve all been asked the same question before haven’t we? I answered with “I’ve listened to it for over 15 years now and I don’t know any different” and “because it’s real, energetic and skillful, unlike mainstream pop and dance”. Bands like Suppressive Fire are another reason why, as they’re hard-working and write music that they find fun and to hell with anyone else! Ceasefire rages about war and is more thrash than black, but packs a hell of a lot of riffs into it’s short 3+ minute time span. The Hellwraith does actually bring to mind bands like Warbringer with it’s militaristic approach and blackened growls. Coup D’etat may also be the title of a Megadeth song, but this is no cleanly delivered metal song. Suppressive Fire’s version is all fire and brimstone with Slayer-isms thrown in for good measure. They switch tempos on Thy Flesh Consumed, going all old-school death metal but with a screamer of an intro solo thrown in for good measure. The rest of the song ain’t bad either and flashed passed in the blink of an eye. Bayonet Penetration is the best title for a song period. The riffs are catchy and I’ll challenge anyone not to shout the title when outside in public. Nazi Face Melter pretty much sums up SF’s mood and utter disdain towards dictatorial tyrants and regimes. Play this to the SS and they would have surrendered there and then. SF starts Pyrophoric Blood with the sort of instrumental thrash into that Metallica would be proud of. Of course, they follow it up with utter devastation. If it’s pure speed you’re after then Ironsights is the rabble rouser for you! At this point I’ll acknowledge my overdue of exclamation marks. This music makes a person do that!!! Crucify The Kings lures you into a false sense of security with it’s mid-paced verses but leaves your jaw age with it’s chorus and blinding lead-work. Before you know it, penultimate belter Holy Masochism kicks you square in the face with ridiculous accuracy. clearly they’ve spent to long on the shooting range!. They wait till the end of the record to produce something more ambient, at least during it’s opening bars. Bedlam (the title-track) promises a bit of balladry but descends into one final intense blast. Black thrash (and thrash in general) has always been a good excuse to pound beers but Bedlam contains more than just entertainment value. This is razor-sharp extreme metal with a nod to the old-school. Long my Suppressive Fire reign.

You can stream Bedlam and pick it up in various forms (including as part of a t-shirt bundle) directly from Suppressive Fire here:-

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Saturday 2 April 2016

Time Waster - Demo


1. Overcome The Odds
2. My Eyes
3. Filled With Hate
4. Disbelief

Today has been utter garbage and as a result, I've not been able to achieve what I wanted to. On the plus side though I have managed to improve my momentum review-wise (though it may not seem like it). To cheer myself up I'm turning to the demo from another Brighton band (and Headless Guru Recs release), Time Waster, which was released in July 2015. They have links to Charybdis, whom I reviewed last week and they're currently recording an LP, so this is the perfect opportunity to check them out properly.

It’s pretty hard to keep up with the amount of bands that have come out of Brighton over the last twelve months, but I’m pretty sure most have been covered here in some form or another. Time Waster is the latest addition to that ever-growing list and their debut demo features four fast and raging hardcore punk songs. Overcome The Odds is positive in title and there’s a slight youth-crew vibe to the music, with gang-vox and punk riffs. This is as straight-up as t gets. The tempo and urgency of My Eyes makes is super catchy and Time Waster don’t waste time (sorry) with flowery touches or obtuse instrumentation. They keep things to the point and tight. They remind me a lot of American hardcore band Will To Die on Filled With Hate, obviously without the Americanisms! Disbelief ends it all with a no nonsense blast of good old British hardcore punk  On this evidence Time Waster’s LP will be well worth the wait. 

Stream and download the demo here:-

You can also pick up both tape and vinyl copies from their bandcamp page above or from Headless Guru Records (vinyl only) here -

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