Monday 25 April 2016

Sista Klivet - Dra At Helvete Tape


1. Rika Barn, Leka Bast
2. Forbrukad
3. Dott Lopp
4. Ett Skamt
5. Taj Mahal
6. Utan Dig
7. Sista Klivet

4-piece Swedish punk? Why not? This is the first full EP from Vasteras based loud punks Sista Klivet. They released a demo last year on trusty cdr and it must have caught the attention of UK label Headless Guru Records because the label released this EP on tape last December. There isn't really much else I can say by way of an intro, as I can't translate or speak Swedish but at least I can let the music do the talking!

Dra At Helvete starts with a pleasing ska-punk intro on Rika Barn, Leka Bast. A few bars later and Sista Klivet break into furious punk that reminds me of early-AFI. SK certainly aren’t the arty type. Forbrukad is the first of a handful of songs that don’t break the two-minute mark and it’s old-school sound makes it all the better. There’s definitely a heavy 80’s feel to Dott Lopp, especially with the harsh vocals that are backed up by some classic cleanly sung ones underneath. Etta Skamt passes in the blink of an eye and Taj Mahal (the only song-title I can understand) is no different, but it’s damn catchy! Utan Dig rages with no let-up in urgency. Ending with Sista Klivet, SK throw some great melodic guitar into the mix and transport you back to a (for some) forgotten era of punk. Any band that can do that deserve applause. This is great, Sweden is great and Sista Klivet is great.

Stream Dra At Helvete and grab it as a name-your-price download here:-

The tape itself is sold out from Headless Guru.

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