Sunday 10 April 2016

Hexis - MMXIV A.D. IV KAL. IVN. Flexi


1. Sequax
2. Desolatum
3. Exterminati

I love Hexis, I always have. It occurred to me yesterday that I've nearly got all of their releases. I'm missing their self-titled demo, XI, Abalam and this little flexi disc. The music it contains was recorded live during their set at Roskilde Festival and features three tracks from debut full-length Abalam, which was released in the same year. This release was a collaboration between 5FeetUnder Records, Dingleberry Records and Ruins Records (RIP). With a new flexi disc on the way from the band, now seems like the opportune time to review this one.

In a live setting Hexis are a formidable force. This flexi demonstrates that with three quick-fire rounds of crusty blackness. Sequax benefits from a feedback-filled backdrop and just a hint of metallic melody hidden within the depths, while Filip’s desolate screams ring out over the speakers. Desolatum is equally as menacing, but this time shorter and more chaotic with elements of sludge. Hexis play with groove at the beginning of closing song Exterminati. It’s slower feel sits well alongside the other songs on this disc, but it’s no less harrowing. If you can get a copy of this and can bring yourself to play it on your turntable, you should.

Stream the flexi here:-

You can still get copies directly from Hexis here -

Copies have sold out from 5FeetUnder Records and I can't seem to find it for sale via Dingleberry or Ruins Records either.

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