Sunday 24 April 2016

Petrol Girls - Some Thing EP


1. Slug
2. Protagonist
3. Separated

I'm tired so motivation get up this morning one none existent. Still I'm here and I'm motivating myself by listening to some good old  (it's fairly new actually!) British punk in the form of Petrol Girls. This London four-piece started back in 2013 and Some Thing is their second EP. They proudly call their music Feminist post-hardcore and who am I to argue with that. They actually frequent a part of the UK punk scene that still stands up to the establishment and to people who have backward mentalities. They've recently taken their message (and love of cheesy disco tunes) to Europe and will be doing again in June. CD/Vinyl versions of Some Thing have been released by Bomber Music (UK), Laserlife Records (EU) and Panic State Records (US).

This is a lot more caustic than I was expecting, yet the clean vocals are really soothing. Petrol Girls know how to write a catchy song and they don’t compromise their message either. Slug is musically brilliant and the band’s raw grassroots beginnings shine through it. I would put Petrol Girls alongside the likes of Strike Anywhere and Boysetsfire, as they’re not just writing music to entertain but to provoke talk and thought. Protagonist is more urgent and angry. It’s off-kilter guitar and sped-up tempo make it a call-to-arms. Separated closes Some Thing in superb fashion. While it does feel slightly wrong of me to sit here and write about this EP from a writer’s perspective, I really like this a lot. It proves that nobody should judge a book by its cover and that you should always have an open mind. 

Stream Some Thing here:-

You can buy it directly from Petrol Girls digitally and as a special CD that includes their debut EP, from their bandcamp page above.

CD/Vinyl copies can be purchased from the below labels -

Bomber Music -
Laserlife Records -
Panic State Records -

Petrol Girls Facebook -
Bomber Music Facebook -
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Panic State Records Facebook -

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