Wednesday 20 April 2016

Urgency - Raw Purpose 7"


1. Ignorance (You're In This Alone)
2. Destructive Course (Beaten Path)
3. Raw Purpose
4. Composure Breaks
5. Outro (Natural Selection)

When I first started collecting vinyl, I got into a lot of straight edge hardcore and youthcrew. I picked up records by xCurraheex and stuff released via Commitment Records UK, which is where I first heard about Commitment Record from the Netherlands. Well. I got an e-mail a few weeks back about this 7" they were releasing by US hardcore band Urgency and knew immediately that I had to write about it. I need to pick up more of this.

Urgency throws out some intense, thrash-laden hardcore with real rhythm. Ignorance (You’re In This Alone) begins with the best intro and the riffs just continue!  There’s more erm… urgency on Destructive Course (Beaten Path). They love feedback and it kicks off the sub-one minute title-track perfectly. This is pit-inducing hardcore at it’s best. Urgency’s straightforward approach is like a breath of fresh air and none more so is that obvious than during Composure Breaks. Outro (Natural Selection) is the heaviest song on the EP, benefiting from a hefty low-end. This EP is brief but hard hitting and proves that straight edge hardcore is as relevant and as good as ever. Get this!

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