Friday 22 April 2016

Deitus - Acta Non Verba


1. Manifest
2. Fallen
3. Lightbearer
4. Ladder Of Divine Ascent
5. Todestrieb

2016 has already heralded some special releases as well as plenty of new music. One label that is living up to that statement is Ulthar Records. Today marks the release of the debut EP from London black metallers Deitus. Apart from a few demos this is the only release I'm aware of from the band since their formation in 2013. That said they caught the eye (or ear) of somebody as they recently played alongside Ninkharsag and Inconcessus Lux Lucis. Acta Non Verba has been released on limited cassette via Ulthar.

Deitus knows how to build atmosphere and expectation. EP opener Manifest begins with a slow-building intro of heavy guitar and mid-paced rhythms before breaking into menacing yet melodic riffs. The vocals are blackened but with a slight hardcore edge (if I could be so bold!). Their sound is expansive and fully justifies the seven-and-a-half minutes that Manifest takes up. Fallen is an instrumental song that still retains the momentum of the EP opener and sounds bloody epic!. There’s a real sense of urgency when listening to Lightbearer. It’s quickened tempo and almost orthodox black metal approach makes it an intense battle hymn. You’ll struggle not to through your fist in the air to this!. The production and mastering is spot on as well. It’s not super clean but is nice and clear all the same. Ladder Of Divine Ascent begins in mid-paced fashion before developing into a pure metallic-black metal beast. There’s plenty of progression within the music put forth by Deitus, yet it still feels very accessibly even for the casual black metal listener. Closing number Todestrieb is full of pure bile. It’s an epic journey through the darkest recesses of the band. Needless to say, this is utterly brilliant from start to end. Deitus proves that it’s okay to have good production values in black metal. While purists may stick their noses up at this, there’s no denying the quality of this EP.

You can stream and purchase Acta Non Verba (digitally and on tape) here:-

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