Tuesday 26 April 2016

Insision - Terminal Reckoning


1.  Among Us
2. Ominous Spiral
3. Infected
4. Shapeshifting
5. Old Ways
6. Cold Air
8. Resist (God Does Not Exist)

Swedish death metal's rich history and influence within today's extreme metal landscape is not to be ignored, but when a record is released by a band that can consider itself part of that history, it's a pretty big deal. Stockholm's Insision began their brutal reign in 1997,  have counted and continue to count many Swe-death veterans amongst their ranks and have recently released their fourth full-length via US brutal death metal label Sevared Records. 

Insision’s kick-drum heavy sound is pummelling right from the off. The buzz-saw guitars are set back in the mix with the dual low/high growls sitting on top. The guitars are allowed room to breath on opener Among Us and when they do, they open everything up. Insision is fast and technical but without coming across as being too clean or polished. The fact that there’s no stupid silent pause between Among Us and Ominous Spiral is a good thing in my book. Talking of Ominous Spiral, it contains urgency in the extreme. The bass is audible here too, which adds an extra layer of heft and the pinch harmonics remind you of their heritage. Infected could cross over into gore-death territory but Insision keeps things in check with groove-laden instrumentation and yet more superhuman drumming. The atmospheric touches later in the song prove to be a masterstroke and break up the brutality nicely, if only briefly. Shapeshifting combines a traditional extended intro with modern precision. There’s also just enough melody to stop any thoughts of atonal-tuning. The solo towards the end is pure unadulterated pleasure in musical form. Old Ways could best describe Insision’s love for their roots within Swedish death and it shows in their music The latter half of the song even features some brooding blackened riffs! Cold Air is a polar opposite to Old Ways. It moves Insision’s sound back towards the light-speed end of the spectrum, even with the tempered mid-section. The menacing alarm that signals the beginning of XXV.II.MMXIV can normally only mean one thing, but I wasn’t expecting off-kilter spacey riffs! At times is crawls and at others it is filled with tech vibes ala Cynic and Gorguts. Closing with Resist, Insision uses up every last ounce of momentum to ensure that Terminal Reckoning leaves it’s indelible mark and it bloody does! The crossover between the old-school and modern technical death is a jewel in today’s extreme scene and Insision have made the sound their own. 

Stream Terminal Reckoning and buy a download directly from Insision here:-

The CD can be purchased from Sevared Records here - http://store.sevared.com/
and from Insision here - http://insision.bigcartel.com.

Insision Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/insision
Sevared Records Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Sevared-Records

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