Thursday 28 April 2016

Cave Dweller - Chaos Part 1: The Night Mare


1. Vortex Of Futility
2. Interrupt
3. Wherein The Darkness Dwells
4. Interrupted
5. Lost In The Murk
6. Interruption
7. The Night Mare

I while ago I received a nice package of releases from Blackwood Productions. Inside the package was a mysterious piece of green muslin cloth bound in string and complete with paper scroll. Inside was a matching tape/cd set featuring the debut release from a UK entity named Cave Dweller. Alongside Cave Dwellers singular musical vision, this album saw it's physical release via both Blackwood Productions and fellow Northern UK black metal label Glorious North Productions in late 2015. A glimpse at the harrowing cover art above should head a warning of what is to be expected within.

As the snow falls outside my window, it seem like a fitting backdrop to Cave Dweller’s debut release. Amongst the sudden wave of stellar UK black metal that’s surfaced of late, this album shares a passion that only underground metal can. Vortex Of Futility is as harrowing as the art that adorns the cover of Chaos Part 1, with distorted guitars and haunting keys alongside the ghoulish growls. The drums sit deep within the music but provide a brooding rhythm. Interrupt is the first of a trio of short but hellish instrumental songs. It combines buzzing feedback with plenty of note-bending (probably not a real musical term) that sounds evil on the ear. The melody that greets you on Wherein The Darkness Dwells may be distant but its also strangely soothing when set against the shrieking vocals. If rendition or torture was provided in musical terms it would sound like this (in a good way of course!). Interrupted is a strange of collage of ambient noises and striking yet lonely guitar. The layers of noise increase, slowly covering the unnerving melody. It’s easy of get lost (sorry!) in Lost In The Murk, as it is the whole album. Each song follows the last is a seemingly perfect sequence. The slow lurch of Lost In The Murk reels you in and renders you pretty much useless for it’s entire seven+ minutes. The fact that Cave Dweller appears to a solo effort is even more impressive to these ears. Interruption is the final in the trio of instrumentals that break up the extremity of Chaos Pat 1. I have to say that I think this formula works really well. Cave Dweller leaves the title-track till the end. Its the long-player as well, having a twisted doom-like tone to it. When the tempo does pick up you’re treated to a ghostly performance featuring the same depravity and menace of the album’s opener. The varied movements of The Night Mare really do take you on a journey. Cave Dweller has managed to embrace and build on the black metal blueprint laid out by many solo projects before it. The addition of influences from genres like doom and death metal have also contributed to a great record. The all round package of Chaos Part 1 is something to truly behold and something that all parties involved in it’s release should be rightly proud of.

The full album is not streaming online but Blackwood Productions posted the below promo on Youtube for you to enjoy:-

Physical copies of Chaos Part 1 can still be purchased from Glorious North Production here -

They have sold out via Blackwood Productions.

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