Saturday 31 October 2015

Sangus - Pedicabo Mundi


1. Blood Legions
2. Leeching Pigs
3. Genocido
4. Ave Il Luce

Managed to find a small window on this Halloween night to write a review. Things have been a bit patchy recently and will probably remain so for the next month or so, but things are busy behind the scenes. Anyway, Providence, Rhode Island black/thrash band Sangus got in touch with me recently about their latest EP, Pedicabo Mundi and tonight seems like the perfect opportunity to spin it. Sangus have been ripping shit up since 2013 and have two demos and two EPs to their name. The members that make up the band have plenty of experience (including time spent in Hexen, whom I've featured here before). This four-track EP was released in September via a collective called ForzaMorte that operates out of Providence, putting on shows and releasing music by like minded bands.

This is as dirty as can be. Opener Blood Legions doesn’t build up like a post-whatever song and isn’t constrained by volume. Sangus shred with all manner of blackened mayhem and screaming guitar. I’ve become accustomed to the chaos of bands like Occult 45 recently and Sangus are now added to that list! Leeching Pigs is a feedback-ridden beast but one with plenty of atmosphere during it’s menacing build-up. The metallic backdrop is exceptional while the high-pitched shrieks that make up Vovk’s vocal attack are frightening. Genocido is swimming with Latin occultism and there’s no let-up in the pace. Exhilarating is too tame a word for this. With but a brief moment for breath, the EP ends with Ave Il Luce and with it Sangus brings the house down. Ep’s tend to be just the right length but in this case it’s too damn short. I could listen to this all night and never get bored. Extreme music is meant to jump out and grab you, shake you about and make you feel filthy. Sangus does that and then some. Absolutely crucial!

Stream it and the rest of their material here:-

You can purchase a digital download of Pedicabo Mundi directly from Sangus above. There's also a limited CD available that include both this and their previous EP, as well as bonus tracks.

Sangus will be hitting the road with Mortuary Drape and Mgla in early November for some US dates. Check out the poster below:-

Sangus Facebook -
ForzaMorte Facebook -

Wednesday 28 October 2015

News feat: Herod, Raging Speedhorn, Reverted and Room Full Of Strangers


Swiss tech metal band Herod have just released the video for Northern Lights and you can watch it via Noisey here -

Herod are currently the opening band on the Deathcrusher tour, also featuring Carcass, Napalm Death. Obituary and Voivod. Check the poster for the remaining tour dates below -

Wednesday, 28 October - Northumbrian University - Newcastle, UK
Thursday, 29 October - The Forum - London, UK
Friday, 30 October - The Ritz - Manchester, UK
Saturday, 31 October - Trixzaal - Antwerpen, Belgium
Monday, 2 November - Live Music Hall - Köln, Germany
Tuesday, 3 November - L'Usine - Geneva, Switzerland
Wednesday, 4 November - Longhorn - Stuttgart, Germany
Thursday, 5 November - Folimanka Hall - Prague, Czech Republic
Friday, 6 November - The Factory - Magdeburg, Germany
Saturday, 7 November - Aalborg Metal Festival - Aalborg, Denmark
Sunday, 8 November - Tradgar'n - Gothenburg, Sweden
Monday, 9 November - Arenan - Stockholm, Sweden
Wednesday, 11 November - B90 - Gdansk, Poland
Thursday, 12 November - Rprogresija - Warsaw, Poland
Friday, 13 November - Täubchenthal - Leipzig, Germany
Saturday, 14 November - Music Hall - Gieselwind, Germany
Sunday, 15 November - Simm City - Vienna, Austria
Monday, 16 November - Backstage - Munich, Germany
Tuesday, 17 November - Estragon Club - Bologna, Italy
Thursday, 19 November - Schlachthof - Wiesbaden, Germany
Friday, 20 November - Astra Kulturhaus - Berlin, Germany
Saturday, 21 November - Speedfest - Eindhoven, Holland
Sunday, 22 November - Garage - Saarbrucken, Germany
Monday, 23 November - La Cigale - Paris, France
Tuesday, 24 November - Le Transbordeur - Lyon, France
Thursday, 26 November - Sala Riviera - Madrid, Spain
Friday, 27 November - Cine Teatro - Lisboa, Portugal
Saturday, 28 November - Sala Santana 27 - Bilbao, Spain
Sunday, 29 November - Sala Razzmatazz - Barcelona, Spain

Check out more via Herod's Facebook page -

Raging Speedhorn

Raging Speedhorn have just announced that Ten Foot Wizard and Telepathy (London only) will be joining them on their UK winter tour in November. The dates are below:-

Thu, 26 Nov 2015 - The Globe, Cardiff
Fri, 27 Nov 2015 – The Underworld, London (Support acts – Gurt, Ten Foot Wizard & Telepathy)
Sat, 28 Nov 2015 - Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton
Sun, 29 Nov 2015 – The Corporation, Sheffield
Mon, 30 Nov 2015 - Star & Garter, Manchester
Tue, 1 Dec 2015 – The Exchange, Bristol

Raging Speedhorn Facebook -
Ten Foot Wizard Facebook -
Telepathy Facebook -


London based rock/metal band Reverted will be playing a launch show for their acoustic album "Stripping The Worms" at Shaka Zulu in Camden on November 3rd. During the evening they will be performing songs from the new album as well as premiering the video for "Time".

Find out more via their Facebook page -

Room Full Of Stranglers

US punks Room Full Of Strangers are currently touring Germany in support of the new album "Bad Vacation", which is to be released on October 3oth via True Trash Records & Godless America Records. The remaining tour dates are below:-

Oct/28/15 DE – Berlin, Cortina Bob
Oct/29/15 DE – Hamburg, Monkeys Music Club
Oct/30/15 DE – Essen, Freakshow Bar
Oct/31/15 DE – Bonn, Kult 41
Nov/04/15 DE – Kaiserslautern, The Clearing Barrel
Nov/05/15 DE – Würzburg, Immerhin
Nov/06/15 DE – Leipzig, Zoro
Nov/07/15 DE – Crailsheim, Juze

Room Full Of Strangers Facebook -


As This Noise Is Ours will be approaching 5 years old shortly, I feel it's about time I did a second digital compilation. My aim is to have it available by the end of the year, so will be accepting song submissions from any interested bands up until December 15th.
Bands from all countries will be accepted and songs must be submitted in either WAV or MP3 format to - Please share this post. Thanks.

Monday 26 October 2015

Rats Of Reality - The Art Of Debilitation EP


1. Shallow Bastards
2. Faceless Ones
3. Liferuiner
4. The Art Of Debilitation

Mondays suck and I’m too tired to focus now. Hopefully some good old crust punk will help regain some energy. This three-piece from Aberdeen got in touch with me not so long ago to tell me about their second EP, which was released in May. They Not being one to turn my nose up at a new band, I thought there was no time like the present. They released their debut EP last year and have a realistic (read: amusingly good natured) take on life as band, so what could go wrong!

These guys site a few decent influences in the e-mail they sent me, including Children Of Technology and Oathbreaker! I’m not hearing too much of the latter in opener Shallow Bastards, but their black/crust/thrash-schtick is strong and musically they’re pretty tight (you might be surprised to hear). There’s even melody poking it’s head through the grimness at the start of Faceless Ones, before they go all Motorhead. The screaming solo towards the end rounds out an excellent song. Thick riffs lead into one of coolest metallic-crust songs I’ve heard for sometime on Liferuiner. I’ve never been the biggest fan of crust in the past, finding some of the more established bands a bit boring. It’s not the case here at all. The title-track is a slow and lurching beast. Moving and menacing, with a faint whiff of Metallica hiding in the intro section. Thankfully there’s no histrionics and they go on to channel their inner heathen with one long black-metal blast. I can’t stress enough how good Rats Of Reality are and I think they’re destined for better things. That might sound a bit much, but sorry not sorry. Now grab some stubbies, a boombox and go hassle the squares in the local park!

You can stream and download The Art Of Debilitation (for free or name-your-price) here:-

There will be a tape version on it's way via Hellforced Records in Malaysia! Keep an eye out for that here -

Rats Of Reality Facebook -

Song Premiere! KRAK KRAK - Machina

UK noise-punks KRAK KRAK are due to release their debut album "All The Punks In The World Can't Save You Now" via Rawshark Records on November 30th.

Born out of the already bustling Brighton scene and featuring The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster alumni, KRAK KRAK have been playing all over the UK and have been getting plenty of attention, as they set out to release a track each week in the lead up to their debut.

You can stream a live version of new song Machina via the Soundcloud stream below -

KRAK KRAK combines metal, punk and some good ol' British noise to create something pretty confrontational.

You can keep up to date with news on the release and gigs via their Facebook page -

Friday 23 October 2015

Big Machine - S/T 7"


1. Slow
2. Superfastawesome
3. Black Elk
4. Tom Tom
5. Screamo
6. Refused
7. Mastodon

I'm taking a break from writing my 2-part homage to Vardan by listening to this! Big Machine appeared after the dust caused by the much missed Hammers, settled. There was people (myself included) who thought that part of the UK's noisy hardcore scene had died when they parted ways, but thankfully things didn't stay quiet for long and new bands started to spring up. Duo Big Machine released their self-titled debut EP in April. It was a collaborative effort between the band and four outstanding labels. The physical record was pressed on half-black/half-red vinyl.

Big Machine clearly has a sense of humour. You’d be forgiven for thinking that Slow was actually slow, but much like the duo’s no-nonsense approach, it’s full of heavy hardcore that doesn’t hang around. From the sublime to the ridiculous, Superfastawesome is brilliantly entertaining and over pretty much before you can say it’s name! Wailing feedback, a guitar that sounds like a layer beam and plenty of shouting. Big Machine is also off-kilter and in spite of the metal tempos on Black Elk, there’s plenty of experimentation going on. They’re clearly comfortable in leading you in different directions and this 7” is no worse off because of that. If the Sat-Nav of the same name screamed out directions like this, it’d be brilliant. As it is, Tom Tom highlights more to Big Machine’s sound. There’s even a touch of clean singing! From here on in they take aim at sub-genres and bands alike. Screamo is angular and the dual-vocals push the intensity several notches higher. Refused may be modelled on The-Shape-Of-Punk-To-Come, but it’s firmly rooted in Northern grimness, while EP closer Mastodon makes you wonder what would have happened if Ahab had fought with Moby Dick in modern times. There’s even a Blood & Thunder-riff cameo in the song. It’s an enthralling end to the EP that takes you through many different mental-states while staying consistently heavy. I think they've just released a split tape or are about to, so keep an eye out for that.

Stream the EP in full here:-

You can pick up copies from Big Machine live or by messaging them. It's also available from these labels:-

Black Lake Records -
Boslevan Records -
Barely Regal Records -
Dry Cough Records -

Big Machine Facebook -
Black Lake Records Facebook -
Boslevan Records Facebook -
Barely Regal Records Facebook -
Dry Cough Records Facebook -

Tuesday 20 October 2015

Marketing And Advertising Via My Blog

I am offering marketing and advertising opportunities in the form of blog post sponsorship. My blog currently has a global readership of over 225,000 people. You can sponsor a post and in return your advert will be viewed by an average of 3-5,000 people a month. Please contact me via e-mail ( if you would like to express interest and discuss rates. Serious enquiries only please.

Sunday 18 October 2015

Valve - Apnee 12"


1. Lapsit Ex Illis
2. Apnee
3. Odds
4. Une Carcasse Vide De Vie Et De Sens
5. 777

I fondly remember France for it's family holidays and for raiding it's hypermarkets for cheap wine and beer (in later years). Sadly, I didn't know how good it's heavy music scene was then. Now it's a different story. Valve are from the cultural capital of Europe, Paris. It does make you wonder what's wrong the city, when it gives birth to such bands! Anyway, there's not much to go on with this band. It's band members lurk in the shadows and it's hard to find out when they first twitched into life, but after a demo in 2012 they''ve released this LP via several labels.

Valve plays typically dark, sludgy hardcore. It’s got a very loyal following across Europe and to be honest, our mainland cousins are the best at it. Opener Lapsit Ex Illis is an off-kilter, metallic beast. Valve don’t go for instant gratification. They fill their music with an added layer of intelligence and some really subtle nuances that beg for more attention from the listener. Their sound on this recording is gorgeously honest. The drum sound at the start of Apnee makes you feel like you’re in the room with them! On the flipped though, they manage to capture a guitar sound that’s clear and vocals that bury themselves in your synapse through sheer force. Odds begins with a lurching, lengthy passage of sparse guitar and feedback. It’s an instrumental track that eventually gets going with a mix of acoustic and electric guitar, which builds in volume throughout. What follows is their slowest, sludgiest number. Une Carcasse Vide De Vie Et De Sens contains the gnarliest doom this side of Open Tomb, yet still contains lashings of cohesive hardcore. It descends into a collage of noise and raw emotion at the midway point. Definitely a cathartic experience. That release of energy gives way to closing track 777, which is a mammoth wall of noise. Crashing cymbals and screams that hurt even your lungs! Valve is creative without being showy and infectious without being transparent. This is good, very good!

You can stream Apnee here, where it's possible to purchase Apnee via download or on vinyl:-

Valve Facebook -

The details of the labels involved in this release and links to buy from them are below:-

Wooaaargh Records (vinyl)-
Wooaaargh Records Facebook -
Poutrage Records (vinyl/tape) -
Poutrage Records Facebook -
Fall Into Void Records (vinyl) -
Fall Into Void Records Facebook -
Old Town Bicyclette (vinyl) -
Old Town Bicyclette Facebook -
Itai Itai Records (vinyl) -
Itai Itai Records Facebook -
Opposing Music (vinyl) -
Opposing Music Facebook -
Dingleberry Records (vinyl) -

Monday 12 October 2015

Il Vuoto - Sea Of Emptiness Demo

Tracklist: - 

1. I, Essence Of Nothingness
2. And Night Took Her
3. Sea Of Emptiness

When you read about this band and their music below, you'll be surprised to know that I've been looking forward to this moment all day. You see, Italy's Il Vuoto are the escapism I've been craving. Not much is known about their members or indeed when they first sprung to life, but they've been very productive this year. Sea Of Emptiness was their first demo and was self-released digitally in May. They have released another demo and a full-length since then but I wanted to start at the beginning with their mournful drone/doom. 

These cold Autumn nights are the perfect setting for bands like Il Vuoto. Their brand of drone/doom is full of sorrowful melody and expansive atmosphere. Demo opener I, Essence Of Nothingness illustrates that point with breathtaking lead guitar and vocals that sit deep within the music. The hypnotic guitar pulsates throughout the song, only breaking to reveal passages of introspection that calm the soul. That is at least until the unnervingly sampled crying leaves you wondering if this was actually recorded in the basement, alongside a sobbing captive. It really is that powerful!. The majestic piano (played by guest Jurre Timmer of Algos) and the strings that form And Night Took Her is a welcome distraction from the harrowing doomscapes of Il Vuoto, but it’s not the end. As with the opener, Jurre Timmer again provides maddening growls on the closing title-track. The musical arrangements and musicianship (minus that of And Night Took Her) were the work of Teo from fellow Italian black metal band Chiral. Sea Of Emptiness sounds very warm and strangely welcoming, as does the rest of the demo and there’s no hint of the programmed instrumentation that you get with other solo projects. I will definitely be visiting the rest of Il Vuoto’s catalogue after hearing this demo.

You can stream and download (name-your-price) Sea Of Emptiness here - 

Ill Vuoto Facebook -

Sunday 11 October 2015

V / VEGA - Leaving Lyra EP


1. Lyra
2. The Grand Declaration
3. Wandered
4. Reaching Eden (Feat. Jerry Roush)

I've tried to keep myself up to date with the ever shifting musical climate in 2015. I still read physical magazines like Decibel and Maximum Rock n Roll to see the bands they're tipping. I find that in most of the metal mags, they seem to rave about the same bands, as if they're just following each other instead of making their own minds up. Therein lies a perfect example of the flexibility you get if you write yourself and have the wherewithal to search and dig around yourself. I appreciate that people have busy lives and having your minds made up for you in the form of printed magazine reviews is easy, but there's none of that magic feeling that you get when you personally go out to discover a band that later becomes your favourite.

That paragraph leads me on nicely to this review. Amongst all of the big-money produced US bands and the exotic bands from far flung countries, the UK ain't doing so bad when it comes to producing world beaters of it's own. The depth and variation of British bands has always been talked about and is something that we hold dear, so it's up to bands like V/Vega to uphold that tradition. They released their debut EP Nostalgia in June 2014 and it's taken just over twelve months to release their second, via UK label Crooked Noise Records. Not only that, but they've managed to enlist the help of some high profile guests on both EP, with Nostalgia including guest vocals Daniele Tofani (Hope Dies Last) and new EP Leaving Lyra featuring Jerry Roush (ex-Of Mice & Men/Glass Cloud). They play what is described as ambient/alternative metal, but that could mean anything really.

V/Vega has just rounded out some live dates in the UK with Japanese metallers Cyclamen and on hearing EP opener Lyra, it’s obvious that they fit in perfectly alongside the progressive nature of band that band as well as Tesseract,  to name a few. The music they play isn’t just concerned with a standard set rhythm and their clean vocals give them approachability, even though they have an aggressive edge and do use screams as well. It’s a pretty soaring opener  and it shows that they want to make an impact. There’s plenty of crunching bass on The Grand Declaration, while the lead guitar does create plenty of ambient melody. They do both introspective and all-encompassing very well. V/Vega also steer clear of the usual cliche of trying to sound too much like Meshuggah and forego the whole Djent thing in favour of a sound that’s more original. I’m all in favour of that. Listening to Wanderer gave the same goosebumps that listening to Faces Of Eve gave me, while the hardcore at the start of EP closer Reaching Eden is a real shot in the arm. The added crunch that Jerry Roush’s harsh vocals really add another dimension to it and it seems that V/Vega wrote this song more with him in mind, which is perfectly understandable. Leaving Lyra is written with accuracy and impact in mind. The production and mastering give it more of a cinematic sound and the whole EP is a great listen. 

Leaving Lyra is available for streaming and download via the usual sites.

CD's and merch can be purchased via Crooked Noise Records here -

Crooked Noise Records Facebook -

Friday 9 October 2015

Scarred Added To Psycroptic UK Tour

Luxembourg Death metallers Scarred are currently making their way around the UK as main support to Australian metal band Psycroptic. The tour concludes with gigs in Leicester tonight and in Bristol tomorrow and organisers are trying to pack both out, to give each band a massive send-off.

Get along to one if you can!

Check both bands out below:-

Psycroptic Facebook -

Wednesday 7 October 2015

Altar Of Complaints/SeeK/Stubborn Father/Thetan - 4-Way Split


1. SeeK - 革命と緩和 (Revolution And Relaxation)
2. Altar Of Complaints - Leif
3. Altar Of Complaints - Alone In The Middle Of All This
4. Altar Of Complaints - Tuffcuppleoctopuss
5. Stubborn Farther - 未定 (Undecided)
6. Stubborn Father - 創造の山 (Mountain Of Creation)
7. Thetan - Those Once Here
8. Thetan - Que Sera
9. Thetan - Shooting Gallery
10. Thetan - ---
11. Thetan - Canned Rebellion
12. Thetan - The Path
13. Thetan - Call Of The Master

I can't put it off any longer. I heard this record the other day and I've been waiting for a more appropriate time to write about it, but as they say "there's no time like the present". This 4-way split is  only the second release to come from Kakusan Records, a label based in Norway specialising in releasing music by Japanese artists! Kakusan Records was formed out the ashes of Listen To Aylin Records and the label has already helped released a previous 4-way split that featured Things Fall Apart, Tall Ships Set Sail, Infro and Shizune. This new split was released in collaboration with US label MeatCube and LongLegsLongArms from Japan, with two US bands (Altar of Complaints and Thetan) and two Japanese bands (SeeK and Stubborn Father).

This split is a bit different in that the participating bands don’t contribute an even number of tracks, but what it does do is show off the breadth of creativity and variation that they bring. Take for example the sole song (and opener) by SeeK (JPN) - 革命と緩和 (Revolution And Relaxation). It’s a sizeable slab of visceral Japanese screamo that is injected with real musical atmosphere. It has an authoritative majesty to it that I guess can only come from a nation as driven as Japan. That was certainly an effective way to kick things off. Next up is Altar Of Complaints (US). They pepper their noisy screamo with dramatic leads and jarring time-signatures, while the drumming is purely chaotic on Leif. Until I sat down to right this review, I had no idea that these guys had called it a day and that these were their last recordings. I guess that makes this a pretty poignant release for long-standing fans of the band. I think it sucks when I don’t discover band until they’re over but then time in finite. Alone In The Middle Of All This will last long in the memory for sure. I don’t even know how to begin to pronounce Tuffcuppleoctopuss, but I don’t mind because the song itself blows any such cares away. Stubborn Father (JPN) seem to be a band with extreme ADHD. After a mid-paced intro they break into a squealing, grinding racket called 未定 (Undecided). It has to be heard to be believed, as it switches from high-octane to moody and mid-paced at the flick of a switch. It’s not quite math but not far off and it fits together perfectly. 創造の山 (Mountain Of Creation) is a shorter and even more head-smashing song, which seems to take more from powerviolence. I really should make a point of picking up other music by Stubborn Father! US drum/bass duo Thetan close out this split with 7 rapid fire numbers filled with raging low-fi hardcore. Those Once Here bristles with palpable anger during the verses and mournful atmosphere during the instrumental mid-section. That’s kind of the story of this grinding monster. There’s real inventiveness during Que Sera. The bass playing makes up for the lack of guitar with ease. Thetan reminds me a bit of fellow US duo Lifes on Shooting Gallery, which leads into the effects-filled drum interlude . You think Canned Rebellion is another instrumental track before it bursts into life with ten-seconds to go. The pace doesn’t let up with The Path and Call Of The Master following instantaneously, It’s an exhilarating way to end a split that’s shown what four bands with shared outlooks and different approaches can achieve with limited space. This is a cracking record for anyone who appreciates heaviness together with a bit of madness thrown in. Also, a great way to discover four new bands if you’ve not already heard of them!

You can stream the whole split here:-

Pre-orders can be purchased from the below links:-

Kakusan Records (Europe) -
MeatCubeLabel (USA) -
LongLegsLongArms (Japan) -

SeeK Facebook -
Altar Of Complaints Facebook -
Stubborn Father Facebook -
Thetan Facebook -
Kakusan Records Facebook -
MeatCubeLabel Facebook -
LongLegsLongArms Facebook -

Monday 5 October 2015

Total Fucking Destruction/FUBAR - Split 7"


1. Total Fucking Destruction - Push
2. Total Fucking Destruction - Song For Daniel
3. Total Fucking Destruction - Bugs
4. Total Fucking Destruction - Halucinaut
5. FUBAR - Nothing Or Too Little
6. FUBAR - Niet Gezaaid Toch Geoogst
7. FUBAR - Death In Doubt
8. FUBAR - Klokkenluiders
9. FUBAR - Drone

There was a million other records sitting in my review pile/list but the only one that was calling out to me tonight was this 7" split. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to check out the latest TFD songs and adding FUBAR to the equation was always going to be bonus! I probably don't need to introduce either band to you now, but TFD is a US grind band featuring members of Old Head (previously featured on here) and another quite well known Stateside band, while FUBAR are from the Netherlands and also play loud, fast noise. This nine-track split has been released by Give Praise Records, who always nail it.

I seriously don’t think I can type fast enough to keep up with this record, but I’m gonna try. The sampled screams and stupidly fast drumming on Push is TFD through and through but I wasn’t expecting jazzy-singing or audible vocals. Song For Daniel is more familiar sounding but with an added rock-edge throughout. Old Head seems to be creeping into everything. Bugs is twenty-seconds of hyperactivity that could have been written by System Of A Down and that acts as a break before one final inhumane blast called Halucinaut. Musically it’s pretty damn catchy yet all over the place, but in a strangely controlled manner. As forward-thinking and fun grind goes, Total Fucking Destruction lead the way for me. FUBAR follow up with something all the more menacing. Nothing Or Too Little airs more towards hardcore groove with thicker riffs, but the closing thirty-seconds blasts by in a whirlwind of dual-vocalised madness. No breath is taken before Niet Gezaaid Toch Geoogst and it’s all the better for it. They even find time for the briefest of screaming solos. FUBAR are the furrowed brow to TFD’s cheeky grin but they don’t half smash out Death In Doubt. They make up for any notions of seriousness by outplaying even themselves on the intense Klokkenluiders and Drone in lightning-quick succession. Damn this whole split is infectious from start to end and will demand repeat listens purely due to the amount going on in these songs. If you’ve fallen out of love with grind or if the extreme metal fires are no longer burning, both TFD and FUBAR will re-ignite it. This is beast!

You can hear morsels from both bands here via the Give Praise bandcamp page:-

The 7" can be purchased here -

Total Fucking Destruction Facebook -
FUBAR Facebook -
Give Praise Records Facebook -

Sunday 4 October 2015

Abhorrent Deformity - Entity Of Malevolence


1. Crown Of Worms
2. Manifested Filth
3. Skeleton Carver
4. Buried Beneath Human Remains
5. Stench Of The Decomposed
6. Boundless Suffering
7. Entity Of Malevolence
8. Enshrined In Putrid Decay
9. Baptized In Embalming Fluid
10. Casket Maker

It's not often I sit down and write about a release prior to it actually htting people's ears, but tonight is an exception (though I should really be better at it). I've managed to get some time to check out the new and first full-length from North Carolina's Abhorrent Deformity. Entity Of Malevolence will be released via Comatose Music at the end of this month but I couldn't resist hearing it. Abhorrent Deformity have been playing slamming, brutal death metal for a couple of years now and released a demo last year. Their line-up is well versed in the art of death, including drummer Matthew Green who acted as Kraanium's live drummer for a while and they've been championed in the music press by TBDM's Trevor Strnad. 

This is the sort of record that will scare the crap out of the residents in the block I’ll be moving too soon! After a brief but blistering intro section, opening track Crown Of Worms blows any notions of easy listening out of the window. Deep growls, warp-speed drumming and technical riffs are the order of the day. Modern-day death metal sometimes sounds too clinical or watered down. No chance of that here! There’s more treble in Manifested Filth, but it’s presented in an old-school way and the slam sections are well crafted and not overplayed. AD embody the current death metal crop though and they’ve made me realise that I haven’t got enough illegible logos in my record collection. The breakdown during Skeleton Carver is best heard live, as are all of the songs on Entity Of Malevolence. Listening to this album in a confined space (for example; on public transport) might elicit a response that would involve furious moshing, such is the power and ferocity of AD’s short blasting bursts. That’s the beauty of their style though, as they don’t ponder or slowly feel their way around. They’ve got the chops to back up the horrifying song-titles. A prime example being Buried Beneath Human Remains, where the lyrics are audible! Despite all of the mayhem, they also do atmospheric too. Stench Of The Decomposed benefits from a haunting intro that adds another dimension to the song, which manages to retain the creepy feel throughout it’s near five-minute running time. There is one thing missing though and that’s some squealing solos, which Entity Of Malevolence could do with in my opinion. Minor quibbles aside, AD step up the pace and brutality on Boundless Suffering. It’s utterly metal from start to finish with a crushing use of underlying slam. They don’t pause for breath and launch into the title-track. The grinding pace of Entity Of Malevolence really does make it feel like there’s more on here than there really is. It’s certainly worth the price of admission and musically, AD nail it. The production and mastering is as you’d expect with a death metal album of this ilk, but that doesn’t mean it won’t leave a shit-eating grin on your face. Precision is always the name of game and Enshrined In Putrid Decay is structured to illustrate that point. Hell, it’s even catchy in place. By the time the brilliantly titled Baptised In Embalming Fluid comes on, you may be in a kick-drum induced trance. It’s over all too bloody quickly and closing song Casket Maker is one last blistering nail in the coffin. 

You can listen to the title-track on Youtube here:-

Though the official album release date is 30th October, copies are shipping from AD's BigCartel page here -

Abhorrent Deformity Facebook -
Comatose Music Facebook -