Monday 12 October 2015

Il Vuoto - Sea Of Emptiness Demo

Tracklist: - 

1. I, Essence Of Nothingness
2. And Night Took Her
3. Sea Of Emptiness

When you read about this band and their music below, you'll be surprised to know that I've been looking forward to this moment all day. You see, Italy's Il Vuoto are the escapism I've been craving. Not much is known about their members or indeed when they first sprung to life, but they've been very productive this year. Sea Of Emptiness was their first demo and was self-released digitally in May. They have released another demo and a full-length since then but I wanted to start at the beginning with their mournful drone/doom. 

These cold Autumn nights are the perfect setting for bands like Il Vuoto. Their brand of drone/doom is full of sorrowful melody and expansive atmosphere. Demo opener I, Essence Of Nothingness illustrates that point with breathtaking lead guitar and vocals that sit deep within the music. The hypnotic guitar pulsates throughout the song, only breaking to reveal passages of introspection that calm the soul. That is at least until the unnervingly sampled crying leaves you wondering if this was actually recorded in the basement, alongside a sobbing captive. It really is that powerful!. The majestic piano (played by guest Jurre Timmer of Algos) and the strings that form And Night Took Her is a welcome distraction from the harrowing doomscapes of Il Vuoto, but it’s not the end. As with the opener, Jurre Timmer again provides maddening growls on the closing title-track. The musical arrangements and musicianship (minus that of And Night Took Her) were the work of Teo from fellow Italian black metal band Chiral. Sea Of Emptiness sounds very warm and strangely welcoming, as does the rest of the demo and there’s no hint of the programmed instrumentation that you get with other solo projects. I will definitely be visiting the rest of Il Vuoto’s catalogue after hearing this demo.

You can stream and download (name-your-price) Sea Of Emptiness here - 

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