Monday 26 October 2015

Rats Of Reality - The Art Of Debilitation EP


1. Shallow Bastards
2. Faceless Ones
3. Liferuiner
4. The Art Of Debilitation

Mondays suck and I’m too tired to focus now. Hopefully some good old crust punk will help regain some energy. This three-piece from Aberdeen got in touch with me not so long ago to tell me about their second EP, which was released in May. They Not being one to turn my nose up at a new band, I thought there was no time like the present. They released their debut EP last year and have a realistic (read: amusingly good natured) take on life as band, so what could go wrong!

These guys site a few decent influences in the e-mail they sent me, including Children Of Technology and Oathbreaker! I’m not hearing too much of the latter in opener Shallow Bastards, but their black/crust/thrash-schtick is strong and musically they’re pretty tight (you might be surprised to hear). There’s even melody poking it’s head through the grimness at the start of Faceless Ones, before they go all Motorhead. The screaming solo towards the end rounds out an excellent song. Thick riffs lead into one of coolest metallic-crust songs I’ve heard for sometime on Liferuiner. I’ve never been the biggest fan of crust in the past, finding some of the more established bands a bit boring. It’s not the case here at all. The title-track is a slow and lurching beast. Moving and menacing, with a faint whiff of Metallica hiding in the intro section. Thankfully there’s no histrionics and they go on to channel their inner heathen with one long black-metal blast. I can’t stress enough how good Rats Of Reality are and I think they’re destined for better things. That might sound a bit much, but sorry not sorry. Now grab some stubbies, a boombox and go hassle the squares in the local park!

You can stream and download The Art Of Debilitation (for free or name-your-price) here:-

There will be a tape version on it's way via Hellforced Records in Malaysia! Keep an eye out for that here -

Rats Of Reality Facebook -

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