Friday 23 October 2015

Big Machine - S/T 7"


1. Slow
2. Superfastawesome
3. Black Elk
4. Tom Tom
5. Screamo
6. Refused
7. Mastodon

I'm taking a break from writing my 2-part homage to Vardan by listening to this! Big Machine appeared after the dust caused by the much missed Hammers, settled. There was people (myself included) who thought that part of the UK's noisy hardcore scene had died when they parted ways, but thankfully things didn't stay quiet for long and new bands started to spring up. Duo Big Machine released their self-titled debut EP in April. It was a collaborative effort between the band and four outstanding labels. The physical record was pressed on half-black/half-red vinyl.

Big Machine clearly has a sense of humour. You’d be forgiven for thinking that Slow was actually slow, but much like the duo’s no-nonsense approach, it’s full of heavy hardcore that doesn’t hang around. From the sublime to the ridiculous, Superfastawesome is brilliantly entertaining and over pretty much before you can say it’s name! Wailing feedback, a guitar that sounds like a layer beam and plenty of shouting. Big Machine is also off-kilter and in spite of the metal tempos on Black Elk, there’s plenty of experimentation going on. They’re clearly comfortable in leading you in different directions and this 7” is no worse off because of that. If the Sat-Nav of the same name screamed out directions like this, it’d be brilliant. As it is, Tom Tom highlights more to Big Machine’s sound. There’s even a touch of clean singing! From here on in they take aim at sub-genres and bands alike. Screamo is angular and the dual-vocals push the intensity several notches higher. Refused may be modelled on The-Shape-Of-Punk-To-Come, but it’s firmly rooted in Northern grimness, while EP closer Mastodon makes you wonder what would have happened if Ahab had fought with Moby Dick in modern times. There’s even a Blood & Thunder-riff cameo in the song. It’s an enthralling end to the EP that takes you through many different mental-states while staying consistently heavy. I think they've just released a split tape or are about to, so keep an eye out for that.

Stream the EP in full here:-

You can pick up copies from Big Machine live or by messaging them. It's also available from these labels:-

Black Lake Records -
Boslevan Records -
Barely Regal Records -
Dry Cough Records -

Big Machine Facebook -
Black Lake Records Facebook -
Boslevan Records Facebook -
Barely Regal Records Facebook -
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