Saturday 31 October 2015

Sangus - Pedicabo Mundi


1. Blood Legions
2. Leeching Pigs
3. Genocido
4. Ave Il Luce

Managed to find a small window on this Halloween night to write a review. Things have been a bit patchy recently and will probably remain so for the next month or so, but things are busy behind the scenes. Anyway, Providence, Rhode Island black/thrash band Sangus got in touch with me recently about their latest EP, Pedicabo Mundi and tonight seems like the perfect opportunity to spin it. Sangus have been ripping shit up since 2013 and have two demos and two EPs to their name. The members that make up the band have plenty of experience (including time spent in Hexen, whom I've featured here before). This four-track EP was released in September via a collective called ForzaMorte that operates out of Providence, putting on shows and releasing music by like minded bands.

This is as dirty as can be. Opener Blood Legions doesn’t build up like a post-whatever song and isn’t constrained by volume. Sangus shred with all manner of blackened mayhem and screaming guitar. I’ve become accustomed to the chaos of bands like Occult 45 recently and Sangus are now added to that list! Leeching Pigs is a feedback-ridden beast but one with plenty of atmosphere during it’s menacing build-up. The metallic backdrop is exceptional while the high-pitched shrieks that make up Vovk’s vocal attack are frightening. Genocido is swimming with Latin occultism and there’s no let-up in the pace. Exhilarating is too tame a word for this. With but a brief moment for breath, the EP ends with Ave Il Luce and with it Sangus brings the house down. Ep’s tend to be just the right length but in this case it’s too damn short. I could listen to this all night and never get bored. Extreme music is meant to jump out and grab you, shake you about and make you feel filthy. Sangus does that and then some. Absolutely crucial!

Stream it and the rest of their material here:-

You can purchase a digital download of Pedicabo Mundi directly from Sangus above. There's also a limited CD available that include both this and their previous EP, as well as bonus tracks.

Sangus will be hitting the road with Mortuary Drape and Mgla in early November for some US dates. Check out the poster below:-

Sangus Facebook -
ForzaMorte Facebook -

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