Sunday 1 November 2015

Astarium - Chthonian Miasma 5"


1. Miasma I
2. Miasma II

I've been neglecting my physical review pile recently, so I'm going to put more effort into writing about releases that I've bought or been sent that I've got listed. As my vinyl is in size order, I've decided to start at the front with this fairly recent (it was released earlier this year) 5" from Russian solo-black metal band Astarium. Astarium has a penchant for small vinyl, as the last release I reviewed came in the form of a 3" vinyl, which wouldn't even play on my record player. This particular two-track record was released by long-time collaborators Narcoleptica Productions and NitroAtmosfericum Records, on clear vinyl making it a bit of a collectors piece. 

Astarium’s symphonic black metal has always been an interesting listen. Partially programmed, the orchestral overtones on Miasma I give it a rousing feel, especially with SiN’s rasping growls underneath. This would be at home on the soundtrack to the Castlevania video games. Miasma II follows very much in the same suit and is over in a flash. Both songs are vividly haunting but endearingly creative at the same time. I do sometimes wonder what Astarium’s music would be like were it to benefit from a full band production, but that’s me merely being selfish. This is definitely one for the diehards but it doesn’t mean that others can’t enjoy it too.

You can hear a snippet of Miasma I here -

I've been unable to find out if copies are still available from either Astarium or the respective labels, but you can contact them via the links below:-

Astarium Facebook -
Narcoleptica Productions Facebook -
NitroAtmosfericum Records Facebook -

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