Sunday 29 November 2015

Grim Vision - War - Agony 7"


1. Fallen Soldier
2. War Machine
3. Ten Minutes

German hardcore is heavy. If you've ever listened to Ancst or Henry Fonda then you'll know what I mean, but there's a different strain of the genre that is equally as heavy. It has it's roots closer to Belgian H8000 and one exponent of it is Hamburg's Grim Vision. They released their latest 7" earlier this year via German label Bastardized Recordings. I had no idea about this before I started researching for this review, but Bastardized Recordings have worked with some pretty big names over the years. Their Alumni list includes Arsonists Get All The Girls, Converge (!?!), Darkest Hour, God Forbid and more. It's safe to say they have an ear for hardcore, so I'm expecting good things from Grim Vision.

Grim Vision mixes hardcore with death and grinding tendencies on War - Agony. Fallen Soldier is crushing, with intense screams and raw production. The instrumentation is relentless and there’s constant bass-rumbling in the background. The great things about Grim Vision is that they have a very European sound. They don’t fall into a more predictable US take on hardcore, War Machine keeps the pace high following Fallen Soldier and just when you expect them to launch into some massive chug-laden breakdown, they don’t. They keep things more original and interesting. EP closer Ten Minutes is much more angsty, with an intro-section taken straight from the best 90’s hardcore records. There’s subtle nods to Holy Terror amongst the sludgy riffs and when the band hits full stride, it’s gloriously hate-filled. This may be a short EP, but it leaves it’s mark. Let’s hope for a full-length soon.

You can stream and download War - Agony below:-

7' copies can be picked up from Bastardized Recordings here - 

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