Wednesday 18 November 2015

Venom Prison - The Primal Chaos 7"


1. Babylon The Whore
2. Daemon Vulgaris
3. Narcotic
4. The Primal Chaos

It looks like 2015 is going to come a cold and grim end, if recent weather and world events are anything to go by. Just as well then that we've got a new breed of UKHeavy to get us through! Following on from my recent Ithaca and Renounced reviews, I wanted to home in on Venom prison who incidentaly will be joining those two bands for a weekend tour in December, visiting London, Milton Keynes and Bristol. Earlier this year Venom Prison released their new 7" The Primal Chaos via recently formed label Soaked In Torment Records. 

My god this is something else! Venom Prison spews raucous death metal, taking old-school influences and mixing them with modern heavy hardcore. Babylon The Whore is filled with kick-drum madness, breakdowns and squealing guitars. The vocals are torturous growls, straight from the depths. This is the sound I was hoping for and one that other bands have sadly failed in their attempts to emulate. Daemon Vulgaris begins with grin-inducing twin guitar, before the band whip’s up a whirlwind. It’s breakneck but never out of control. In the short space of this 7”, Venom Prison makes a big impression. Narcotic is an intense and urgent battering. There’s no rest. Closing with the title-track, the atmosphere turns even more menacing. It’s also the longest song on the EP and is even more engaging because of that. There’s no pretence or sugar-sweet production here. Venom Prison shoots straight from the hip. 

You can stream and download The Primal Chaos (for £1 or more!) here:-

Grab a 7" directly from the band at gigs or from Soaked In Torment Records below:-

Venom Prison Facebook -
Soaked In Torment Records Facebook -

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