Saturday 21 November 2015

Human Future - Spectrum


1. Forge
2. Misery Drone
3. Cycle
4. All Must Wither
5. Aberrations
6. Creation Wish

You know it's real life when you take one step forwards and two steps back. I'm referring to my own life here and not that of Human Future, before anyone asks. After an EP in 2013 and a split 7" with label-mates We Never Learned To Live in 2014, Human Future was already making waves in the UK scene prior to the release of this year's 12" Spectrum (via Truthseeker Music). They've just finished touring in Europe with another fave band of mine (Torpor) too! 

Human Future’s mix of experimental hardcore and danceable hooks makes them worth more than just a passing glance. Spectrum opener Forge is a great ice-breaker for those who’ve not checked them out before, while also proving a mature step forward in terms of musical progression. It majors on instrumental music with plenty of subtle textures and nuances while still being better than anything that Bring Me The Horizon has come up with lately. After an opener like that Misery Drone has a lot to live up to. Thankfully, Human Future is doing something a little different to that of their peers, which is probably what attracted Holy Roar to them in the first place. It’s bleak but also beautiful, with enough melody to suck the listener in with ease. It’s ending also feature dramatic ambience for good measure. Human Future isn’t the sort of band that just throws together a few three-four minute tracks in the hope that they’ll appeal to the kids. Cycle is nine-minutes plus of majestic guitar and a sound akin to that of Bright Flashes-era Snapcase. That should be enough to make you pay attention surely!  It’s shout-from-the-rooftops catchy. All Must Wither contains a big nod to metal during it’s opening riffs and just a bit of thrash thereafter. The vocals are delivered as if they’re a rallying cry to the masses, like a call to arms during the verses. The urgency of opener Forge is re-lived during Aberrations, though Human Future still finds time to include plenty of progression. They weave an engaging sound throughout. There’s a peculiar groove going on during Creation Wish, thanks to some pretty incredible drumming. That percussion carries on throughout the song’s entirety, save for a couple of guitar passages during the mid-section. Either way, it’s so easy to get lost in this record. That I guess is the beauty of Spectrum. It’s heavy and at time caustic, while being listenable and approachable at the same time. Brilliant!

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