Monday 2 November 2015

Hiraeth - The World Ends With You... EP


1. Words To Echo
2. Barely Breathing (Feat: William Alex Young of Clockwork)
3. Beside Me
4. Walkers

It's time for some UK melodic hardcore. London based five-piece Hiraeth released their debut EP in September. They've recently played alongside Hollow Earth and Renounced and have been playing staged wherever they can. In fact, they're a band who have cut their teeth live, honing their sound before committing themselves to the studio and due to that they've come to the attention of the heavyweights of UK printed music press. Not a bad effort at all.

That attention is well deserved after hearing The World Ends With You. Words To Echo starts with the serenest of guitar intros before mixing mighty screams with death-metal breakdowns. The music is off-kilter and rough around the edges at times but you expect that with any band starting out. One thing’s for sure though, they’re not constrained solely to the melodic hardcore blueprint. Barely Breathing drinks from same pond as Soilwork, with a European groove-metal slant. Their high octane delivery on Beside Me highlights their energy as a band. They’re cohesive sound is the biggest clue to their live-experience and while they’re still fine-tuning that sound fully, the clean vocals are a very nice touch. Closing song Walkers doesn’t allow the momentum to slip and the mix of extremity and modern hardcore makes it pretty exhilarating. Hiraeth may only be starting out but they have a lot of promise and definite appeal. They’re not just following the usual path and clearly have more far-reaching influences. Watching the grow should be really exciting.

Hiraeth don't have a Bandcamp but their EP is available for streaming and download via iTunes, Amazon and other major outlets. You can check out the lyric video for Words To Echo on Youtube below:-

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