Monday 9 November 2015

Ithaca - Trespassers 7"


1. Otherworldly
2. Lifelost
3. Wither & Wane
4. Trespassers

Ithaca has a link to Renounced, whom I reviewed yesterday. That link is that they're both heading out for a weekender (along with Venom Prison) in December. So prior to that mini-tour I thought I'd get better acquainted with them. After releasing previous EP Narrow The Way in 2014, Trespassers was committed to wax by CoF Records and Soaked In Torment Records in July. It was recorded and mixed by heavy music supremo Joe Clayton at No Studio (he also provided guest vox on Wither & Wane), was mastered by Mr Boatright at Audiosiege and the layout/art was done by Dia Artio. I think that tells you all you need to know about the quality of this EP! 

It seems we’re in the midst of another upturn in UK hardcore/screamo. Ithaca is part of the current wave that’s risen over the last couple of years and this 7” really signifies their arrival. Bringing to mind (the much missed) Esoteric Youth and Svalbard, Otherworldly is technically impressive while still being snarlingly belligerent. Lifelost is the soundtrack to a dire world. One where hope no longer exists and light is all but drowned out. There’s a Southern-drawl to the riffs, plenty of high-pitched harmonics and catharsis around every turn. Even the introspective mid-section breeds nervous expectation. Wither & Wane strips the pace back and replaces it with thick slabs of guitar. The sharp and technical turns throughout stop you from getting comfortable, while underlining Ithaca’s experimental approach. The closing title-track feels lonely and isolated. The vocals during the opening sixty-seconds have a great live-echoey sound, before it all crescendo’s. Doom and mournful instrumental textures replace the heaviness at the mid-point. They really flex their musical might here and it’s a pure-filthy joy too. It ends as abruptly as it begun. Trespassers has the ability to make you feel detached but at the same time stronger. It conjures up a set of emotions that enhances the listening experience. Any music that can do that is worth something.

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