Sunday 8 November 2015

Renounced - The Melancholy We Ache


1. When The Sky Comes Falling
2. The Lies We Burn
3. How Heavy The Downpour
4. When History Repeats As Tragedy
5. Perennial
6. Aching
7. An Unpainted Canvas
8. Mistakes That Dig Graves
9. Joshua Commanding The Sun To Stand Still
10. Outro

UKHC is in better health now than ever. Thanks to venues like The Temple Of Boom in Leeds and labels like Speedowax and Carry The Weight Records, the music and it's bands are something we can be proud of. Obviously, that was just a snapshot of people who make it what it is today. Renounced of course have links to the aforementioned labels, having released their debut EP Conditioned From Birth via Speedowax in 2014 and later their debut LP, The Melancholy We Ache via Carry The Weight Records not long after that. It's recently been issued on CD via Footloose Records and on tape via Life. Lair. Regret Records. With the band venturing far and wide now and in future (2016 US tour anyone?), now is a good time to check them out if you've missed em.

I once read that Renounced had been compared to Skycamefalling. Could that be what influenced the title of the LP Opener. When The Sky Comes Falling begins n strangely calm fashion before the mix of metallic-H8000 hardcore and punk reigns supreme. The hardcore they play is remarkably mature. The Lies We Burn contains one the best breakdowns in modern hardcore and the thrash that pokes it’s head up through the music reminds me of a lot of late-90’s/early-00’s stuff. The closing bars and the sample reminds me of early From Autumn To Ashes. They’re more aggressive on How Heavy The Downpour, with driving riffs and a furious tempo. It’s not enough just to listening to this record though, you’ve got invest your time in it completely. That reminds me that I’ve still not seen Renounced live yet! I’m not too sure what the back story is with these guys, such as what bands they were in previously but either way When History Repeats As Tragedy is spot on musically. It’s safe to say that I’m hooked already. They split the record up with the instrumental song Perennial, which is a nod to folk music full of pleasing acoustic guitar. Aching is achingly good (sorry!). It takes more from our European cousins in musical terms yet Renounced make the sound their own. Songs just seem to flow really well and the dual rough/clean vocals on An Unpainted Canvas are perfectly placed. Of course, when they want to be they can really turn on the heaviness. Mistakes That Dig Graves is another quality slab of atmospheric 90s hardcore, with more faultless instrumentation. For a band to get a musical formula so right in such a short space of time is pretty special. The quiet/loud dynamics  of Joshua Commanding The Sun To Stand Still are up there with Cult Of Luna and their menacing beauty really shows. Ending it all with an uplifting and powerful piano Outro, Renounced have truly planted themselves in my head. Incredible record. People speak every day about the impact that albums have on them both in the present and the future. For anyone who truly appreciates the power and the quality of heavy music, The Melancholy We Ache must rank alongside the best albums we might ever hear.

Stream the record here:-

It's available to download for the bargain sum of £2 from Renounced above. Physical copies can be purchased from the below stores -

Carry The Weight Records (LP) -
Life. Lair. Regret Records (Tape) -

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