Saturday 14 November 2015

Coma Regalia/We Had A Deal - Split 7"


1. Coma Regalia - The Brothers
2. Coma Regalia - Liam The Silent
3. Coma Regalia - Rafe The Brave
4. We Had A Deal - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
5. We Had A Deal - Send In The Clowns, Frank

Today has been a draining day, but I still feel compelled to write. I feel I should have written more about Coma Regalia because they put together the nicest looking records of any band in my opinion. This split with German screamo band We Had A Deal is no exception, as it was presented inside a silk-screened zine-style hardcover booklet. I remember getting it in the post a while ago and thinking how original it was. I ordered my copy from Skin & Bones Records (who seem to have vanished recently, along with my pre-ordered copy of the new We Had A Deal single-sided LP that they were helping to release). Still, I'm not gonna get to hung up about that on here. This 7" was released in June 2014 by six labels - Pure Heart Records, Farblos Records, Middle Man Records, Walking Is Still Honest Records, Crapoulet Records and of course Skin & Bones Records.

Coma Regalia seems to be forever active. Their hardcore is a product of how they see the world each day. They play three songs here beginning with The Brothers. It acts as a pre-cursor with lowly guitar and distant screaming before seamlessly fusing into Liam The Silent. Coma Regalia’s sound is at times chaotic while they prefer a live recording, compared to the modern day polished sound. That suits the record well for me. Musically there’s plenty of texture and skill, which shows their experience off. Rafe The Brave’s lyrics are quite stark when read along with the music, in a way I can’t really describe. The songs here are laid out in story fashion with an ending that give brief moments for reflection. After the duo of Coma Regalia, We Had A Deal’s two extra members provide them with more immediate volume and power. It’s not all about that of course and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club compliments the songs it has followed and also channels the danceability of the band it shares it’s name with. Pretty dramatic European screamo. Send In The Clowns, Frank is a bit of a sleeper. It begins with radio friendly riffs but gets heavier while the dual-vocals are nice and contrasting. I like that even in the confines of hardcore/screamo music you can get two bands coming together, from different parts of the world and with different approaches, yet both can make something really worthwhile and enjoyable. From the packaging to the music itself, this is great.

You can stream the split here:-

You can download the record above via Middle Man Records, as well as from the bands and other participating labels.

You can buy the 7" version from the links below (Note: these are only links for the labels that are still active or who have copies in stock):-

Pure Heart Records -

Coma Regalia Facebook -
We Had A Deal Facebook -
Pure Heart Records Facebook -
Farblos Records Facebook -
Middle Man Records Facebook -
Skin & Bones Records Facebook -
Walking Is Still Honest Records Facebook -
Crapoulet Records Facebook -

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