Monday 4 April 2022

Lycia - Simpler Times 7"

Labels: Avantgarde Music

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 04 Mar 2022


1. Simpler Times

2. A Far Away Place

This weekend was a weekend of excess and today's been about recovery. In my last review, I talked about a US synthwave/shoegaze band and how it wasn't the time for me to write about them. This evening is the right time and the band in question is Lycia. Remarkably, Lycia have releases dating back as far as 1989 and their newest Simpler Times was released via Avantgarde Music in March. I don't venture into this genre of music often but that label is one I respect greatly, which is reason enough to give this release a chance.

Simpler Times is definitely far removed from my usual sphere of listening but I can understand how both it and Lycia found a home on Avantgarde Music. The upbeat synths and relaxed vocals on the single’s title track are pleasing but there is a sense of darkness within it too, which seems to take influence from goth, bringing Depeche Mode and dare I say it Pet Shop Boys to mind (I know they’re not goth!).

‘A Far Away Place’ continues down the darkened path with sinisterly whispered vocals, though the programmed synths and percussion don’t allow it to go too far in that direction. Electronic music can be hit and miss for me but I can appreciate it if done right. I think Lycia are special because they belong to a tranche of artists that create beautiful music but are also seemingly under the radar of many. They have integrity and that matters if you’re an artist.

You can stream and purchase Simpler Times directly from Lycia below:-

Physical copies can still be purchased from Avantgarde Music here -

Lycia -

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