Monday 18 April 2022

Song Premiere: Greed Worm - Baptized By Arsonists + Hell Is Real EP Review

On April 20th Tomb Tree will be releasing the EP Hell Is Real by Chicago's Greed Worm on 12" lathe format. Some are even rumoured to be swirl dipped. If you've been checking in with ZBR/Tomb Tree of late, you'll have seen some dipped LPs already. They're a work of art! 

Greed Worm is a sludgy hardcore band from Chicago and this is their debut release. It's my pleasure to be able to share track 2 'Baptized By Arsonists' with you prior to the full EP release on Wednesday:-

Make sure you head over to tomorrow, to get a peak at the physical records.

Lathes go live on the Tomb Tree store at 11am CST on April 20th - 

The EP will be available digitally via bandcamp too -


1. Trash Kingdom

2. Baptized By Arsonists

3. Cold Dead Hands

4. Hell Is Real

5. Sermons Of Vermin

6. Dumbocracy

Greed Worm is a proper heavy prospect. EP opener ‘Trash Kingdom’ starts out as mid-paced, stomping sludgy hardcore before hitting a higher tempo later on. Bass-heavy, it takes it’s lead from the drumming, which dictates the intense riffs and throaty roars. The blasting that closed out the opening song, carries on through to ‘Baptized By Arsonists’. There’s a slightly distressed rawness to it but that’s how it should be. Just balls-out heavy hardcore in a nutshell. 

Greed Worm’s use of samples throughout paints a picture of the EP’s theme, which is pretty apocalyptic. ‘Cold Dead Hands’ employs a lengthy sampled passage at it’s beginning and when the full band hits the loud pedal, it reminds me of the slower, sludgier end of powerviolence. I’m pretty convinced that this is one of the heaviest releases that Tomb Tree has been involved in. The title-track ‘Hell Is Real’ definitely backs up that notion with some added technicality and metallic might.

It feels like Greed Worm is heralding a new age of metallic hardcore. ’Sermons Of Vermin’ is a battering ram that decries the state of the US at the moment and in doing so, it brings the political message back into the music too. EP closer ‘Dumbocracy’ takes on more of an industrial form, which I guess has been present throughout but it’s more obvious here, especially in the percussion. It’s ends very abruptly and then there’s about ninety-seconds of silence before some bizarre, electronic music and vocals appear, as if they were a secret track. A great EP overall

FFO: Integrity, Cursed, Trap Them, Water Torture, Full of Hell (IMO)

Greed Worm -

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