Thursday 6 October 2022

Burial Waves - Holy Ground

Labels: Dark Operative Records

Formats: Digital

Release Date: 12 Nov 2021


1. Light Heads

2. At Sea

3. The Romantic

4. Cinema Shame

5. The Guest

The cross-pollination of bands and indeed band members creates an ever expanding web of influences, and more importantly sounds. Washington D.C., US band Burial Waves are one that's been formed through the intertwining network of artists, notably through friendship here. Made up of members and ex-members of Black Clouds, Pianos Become The Teeth, Caverns and the EFFECTS, Burial Waves released their debut EP Holy Ground via Dark Operative Records late last year. In a live setting they've shared stages with Kowloon Walled City, Quicksand and Cave In (amongst many others). 

Burial Waves play the kind of post-hardcore/rock that is so underrated. Holy Ground opener ‘Light Heads’ contains a mixture of the aforementioned sub-genres, as well catchy melodies and cinematic appeal. The vocals are clean but with a volume to match the instrumentation, which is powerful to say the least. The music so far would easily sit next to the likes of Time In Malta (I’ve dropped that name so many times here), tour mates Cave In and even, dare I say it, self-titled album era 30 Seconds To Mars (loosely).

The opener flows nicely into ‘At Sea’ and it’s here that you can tell the heavier past of Burial Waves. More dissonant riffs and harder percussive elements hold up against the brighter lead-work and an indie/post-punk vocal approach. It’s delivery is more of a mid-paced drift but that tempo suits it so well. ‘The Romantic’ is a hypnotic, repetition-laden rock song that seems to take the best of what’s come before. Off-kilter rhythms remind you of the skill and song-writing prowess of Burial Waves, as they craft something that’s filled with heady and breathless audible highs. The subtle electronic ambience lends itself well to the scene that’s set here too. 

One thing that doesn’t always strike you when listening is that there is sometimes an odd danceability to it, as demonstrated on ‘Cinema Shame’. It’s cleverly brought to the fore in a strangely dystopian way but it never fails to lift the mood at the same time. Burial Waves are truly engrossing throughout Holy Ground and this song proves why. They round things out with ‘The Guest’, all six-plus minutes of it. Flowing with an ever growing sense of progressive/art-rock design, it provides another really emotive glimpse into the form and function of the band. So enjoyable, it’s both easy to listen too and gritty in the right ways.

Days spent listening to harsher, heavier music are erased by cleansing, familiar tones. The music that Burial Waves play takes me back to the music that shaped listening habits during my late-teens. Music that I’ve grown to love so much and always go back to. Call it post-hardcore, rock or whatever you want. This release is inspiring. 

You can stream and purchase Holy Ground digitally below:-

As of writing, I'm unaware of there being a physical version available. Please feel free to correct me if there is.

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