Tuesday 18 October 2022

Lunation Fall - Stellar Frequencies Sessions #1

Labels: Stellar Frequencies

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 23 Oct 2021


1. Intro (Live Session)

2. Precious Time (Live Session)

3. Mydriasis (Live Session)

In mid-2021, French label Stellar Frequencies kicked off their first live session, playing host to fellow French shoegaze band Lunation Fall. That live session featured three songs and was recorded for Youtube, alongside accompanying audio that was published digitally and in the form of  limited lathe cut vinyl (15 copies in all). This session features two songs from Lunation Fall's debut album Near that was released in April of last year.

Live music brings out so many emotions and while not being present in the room to witness this short session, the recording of it still invokes that same feeling. The noise-laden ‘Intro’ provides a lot of anticipation and intrigue before Lunation Fall change tack on ‘Precious Time’. Their dreamy pop-sensibilities cross paths with lazy indie/shoegaze to create a sound that’s pleasant on the ear yet also slightly gritty as well, at least in atmosphere.

Their final live song ‘Mydriasis’ is longer but it also throws up some surprises in the vocal department, as Lunation Fall are made up of more than one very competent singer. Musically, they’re very melodic with the main story being told be the guitar work, as sensitive bass and percussion nestle behind. This song has less of a shoegaze feel to it, though the lengthy instrumental passages still allow you the chance to get lost in a day dream.

This is my first introduction to both Stellar Frequencies and to Lunation Fall. I think it’s a great one too. Many of the bands that we discover in our lives are discovered in a live setting and capturing these sessions is the perfect way to help unearth inspiring music.

You can stream and purchase the Lunation Fall session as a name-your-price-download below:-

You can also watch the recorded session on YouTube below:-

Lunation Fall - https://www.facebook.com/lunationfall

Stellar Frequencies - https://www.facebook.com/lunationfall

Now the Stellar Frequencies Bandcamp page might say that they've sold out of Lathe Copies, but their website says otherwise, so try you luck here - https://stellarfrequencies.com/produit/lunation-fall-stellar-frequencies-sessions-lathe-cut/ (but please save a copy for me!).

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