Saturday 24 March 2018

Grave Spirit - The Beast Unburdened By Flesh 7"

Labels: Iron Bonehead Productions
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 07 Feb 2018


1. Absorbing Essence From Underneath
2. Beast Unburdened By Flesh

I am overly tired right now, thanks to a very early start that forced me to go back to bed. As a result I feel like death, so the only way to overcome that feeling is to blast some sickening US black metal. This time I chose new trio Grave Spirit and their Iron Bonehead Production debut, "The Beast Unburdened By Flesh". The artwork struck me instantly as I'm a sucker for purple on black sleeves. As I mentioned above, Grave Spirit is a fairly new entity and shares members with the likes of Death Fortress and Draghkar amongst many others. 

Sickening might not have been the best adjective to use when describing Grave Spirit, but they’re certainly nasty (in a good way). The rawness of 7” opener Absorbing Essence From Underneath is plain to hear, as the guitars add both riff and hiss, while the drums offer raging cymbal crashes and the vocals are delivered with hellish ferocity. Pure and filthy underground US black metal its best. 

The 7”s title-track is a slower and more sludgy affair initially, with the trio’s musicality at its forefront. No holds are barred and Grave Spirit allow their instrumentation to rule over the song more. Those gnarly growls are still present and correct, but it shows a slightly different side to the band. It’s a belter and it underlines the excitement that’s growing around Grave Spirit in underground circles. The 7” is a statement of intent and one that shows off just how good USBM will be in 2018.

You can stream "The Beast Unburdened By Flesh" below via Iron Bonehead Productions, where it's also available to purchase on vinyl and digitally:-

Grave Spirit -

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