Tuesday 24 February 2015

Hellgoat - End Of Man 7"


1. Demonic Worship Of The Horned Beast
2. End Of Man

We all experience motivation in different ways and get it from different things. I've been pondering over motivation over the last couple of weeks and I've realised that this blog drives a lot of mine. The friends I've made and the enjoyment that I get out of it is pretty hard to match. Enough of my musing though, as I've still got reviews to write and not enough time in which to write them. Hellgoat are a black metal band from Atlanta, Georgia that came to my attention though checking out Boris Records. Hellgoat have been releasing music since 2004, yet I only properly heard them last year. End Of Man was their latest release (2014) and features two songs.

Hellgoat set the scene with an extended sample at the start of Demonic Worship Of The Horned Beast. What follows though is sludge-ridden guitar that bleeds into festering black metal. It’s fast and raw, without being uncomfortable. This is for fans of big-riffs and high volume! The title-track on the b-side is raging! There’s no time for meandering intros because Hellgoat launches straight into a blackened-thrash onslaught. The contrasting deep growls and crashing cymbals add to an already grim atmosphere and despite the occasional drop in tempo, Hellgoat goes for the jugular. It decends into noise at the 02:40 mark, before the dust settles slowly. Hellgoat are due to release a new full-length soon and on this showing, they’ll give any of the more established black-thrash bands a run for their money. Don’t sleep!

You can stream and grab the digital download here:-

Vinyl copies can be purchased directly from Boris Records here - http://boris-records.com

Hellgoat Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hellgoat
Boris Records Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/borisrecords

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