Saturday 14 February 2015

This Noise Is Ours Presents: Twilight Fauna/Old Thunder - Bloodlines Tape Track Stream

February 17th 2015 is a significant date for two reasons. Firstly, it's the day that I edge one-year closer to 30 (29 to be exact) and it's also the official release date of the new split tape, featuring Appalachian ambient black-metal bands Twilight Fauna and Old Thunder. The tape is only the second physical release from US black-metal label Into The Night Records. Bloodlines features two-songs from each band.

I have teamed up with both bands and Into The Night Records to bring you a special stream, featuring one song from each band. Those two songs are below:-

1. Twilight Fauna - Blood From Stone
2. Old Thunder - An Inheritance Of Ashes

This split tape is limited to just 75 copies, with 15 being part of a special edition bundle. You can purchase the split from 17th of February onwards on tape and digitally here -

Here's the tape cover (as it's different to the digital cover above) -

Twilight Fauna Facebook -
Old Thunder Facebook -
Into The Night Records Facebook -

I'll have a review posted shortly after the tape's release too.

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