Sunday 8 February 2015

Pandrea/Bastos - Split 7"

It's been a while since I've checked out anything new from Romanian label Fading Halo Records. They introduced me to Coins As Portraits and I Stared Into The Forest and they've always been purveyors of really good avant-garde hardcore and the like. This time they've teamed up with fellow Romanian label Dvvm Recs. to release this split 7".

Both Pandrea and Bastos are from Bucharest. They're both new bands to me; however, Bastos does feature ex-Void Forger member Volodea (who designed the header/logo for This Noise Is Ours!). It's good to hear from old friends again.


1. Pandrea - Camatar
2. Bastos - No Handle
3. Bastos - Fingers Crossed

I get a little confused about the running order when reviewing splits digitally, but as Pandrea’s name comes first on the cover art, I’m starting with them. Pandrea contribute one song called Camatar (which apparently translates to Moneylender) to the release. As the song starts, you’re greeted with jangly guitar and Romanian language lyrics. Pandrea themselves describe their music as “noise rock” and I suppose that’s as close as you’re going to get to describing their sound, which covers many different elements. Bastos are equally as off-kilter with their first song No Handle. There’s more jangly guitar in their music as well and it feels more like a (good) screamo song, albeit instrumental. Fingers Crossed follows suit in the same way. It’s got some really catchy riffs in it and is a good opposite to the slightly more chaotic approach of Pandrea. 

Both Pandrea and Bastos add loads of different musical elements to this split, from jazz noodling to catchy emo/indie riffs to weird Primus-esque noise. Exactly what I would have expected from bands linked to Fading Halo Records and a sign of just how broad the Romanian scene is now.

You can stream and download the split from Pandrea's bandcamp page below:-

It's also available on Bastos's bandcamp page here -

The 7" itself is due to be released soon. Keep up to date via the label/band pages below:-

Pandrea Facebook -
Bastos Facebook -
Fading Halo Records Facebook -
Dvvm Recs. Facebook -

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