Saturday 21 February 2015

Apocryfal - Aberration Of Mind


1. Intro (A Grievance)
2. Contra
3. Mother Of All
4. Aberration Of Mind
5. A Theist

My bid to be more productive is going pretty well I think. Aside from writing and working, I've just planted some Chilli/Pepper seeds so I can start to grow my own. Let's see if they like Finnish death metal! Apocryfal came to my attention because of the striking artwork and logo on the cover of their 2013 EP Aberration of Mind. I've seen a lot written about these guys recently and even though this EP is two-years old now, its got to be worth checking out. 

Apocryfal thankfully lean more towards fellow countrymen Profetus and Swallow The Sun and not modern day Children Of Bodom. Their death metal is introspective and ambient, with Intro (A Grievance) featuring plenty of doom-esque atmospherics. That intro song fades out to reveal the meaty riffs of Contra, which is pacier and packs more of an obvious punch. The music contained herein is fast but unlike the more-brutal-than-thou extreme death metal bands, Apocryfal inject more melody. Things become sickeningly scary on Mother Of All, with its nightmarish intro. In my caffeine addled state, my senses are working overtime. Especially when the double-bass kicks in! The title-track really shows you what Apocryfal are all about. The subtle black metal that is strewed across this recording coupled with the its loud production, add the finishing touches. Closing tome A Theist takes the music in a slower direction initially, before hitting an off-kilter stride all of its own. This is hell (in the best possible way). Aberration Of Mind is short, but its only meant as a taster of things to come. Apocryfal have crafted an EP of top quality death metal and it’ll hopefully give them the momentum they need to kick on and write that elusive full-length. I’ll be watching, that’s for sure!

Stream the EP here - 

You can purchase Aberration Of Mind digitally and on CD (along with other merch) from their bandcamp page above.

Apocryfal Facebook -

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