Monday 9 February 2015

Digits - Footprints & Embers EP

FFO: Hundred Reasons and Deftones! That should do me. Digits are a post-hardcore band from the North East of England, who recently released their new EP Footprints & Embers on the 2nd of Feb. They've been getting plenty of coverage in the UK music press and are due to go on a UK tour shortly, which is billed as the 2nd run to support the EP release. They formed in 2011 and have been playing up and down the country ever since. Footprints & Embers is their 2nd EP.


1. Embers
2. Dysphoria
3. Parachutes
4. Eros

Digits will definitely appeal to those of you who like the expansive nature of Hundred Reasons and even UK gruff-punk. Their sound on EP opener Embers is melodic, but with a hint of hardcore. The song is mid-paced and it contains the kind of grit that’s only present in UK music. Dysphoria is a different beast all together. It’s faster and feel more raw on the ear, but that’s part of the charm. Digits go for the loud/quiet approach and pull it off well. Okay, so it’s not the same as you’d expect from bands like Cult Of Luna, but it brings to mind the likes of Midasuno and Hondo Maclean, which is no bad thing.

Parachutes is a bona fide anthem, destined for wider airplay. It’s got a big feel to it, one which proves that Digits can take their sound and propel it forward through good song-writing. There’ll be plenty of festival sing-along's to this in the future I’m sure! Ep closer Eros reminds of the grandeur of History era Funeral For A Friend. Damn, I used to love belting that song out when watching them live and Eros will generate the same level of fervour for Digits in the future. It’s gentle and ends the EP perfectly. 

Digits are obviously maturing as a band and heck, they even seem to take a leap forward in the space of this EP. As they play to more people and hone their sound, there’s no reason why they follow bands like Mallory Know to the top of the UK scene. 

Digits have Footprints & Embers up on iTunes, but there is no other stream available online that i know f, so you'll just have to catch them live!

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