Saturday 7 April 2012

Sectarian Violence - S/T 7"

This is the second of my two Grave Mistake Records reviews. This it's on the new self-titled 7" by a new band called Sectarian Violence. These guys play straight edge hardcore. Sectarian Violence features members of Coke Bust, Never Again and Stay Hungry, so you know they're gonna be killer.


1. No Regard
2. Desocialized
3. Misplaced Trust
4. Sectarian Violence
5. Self Destruction
6. Lined and Shot

Well, this is proper, fast hardcore from dudes that know what they're doing.  It's got a great feel to it and it's not restricted to one countries take of hardcore either, as members come from the US, UK and Sweden, so you've got the best of both worlds.

The first two tracks, No Regard and Desocialized fly past on the blink of an eye. The production of the songs sound really organic, sounding like it was recorded completely live, especially the vocals. This is angry stuff as well, the riffs and rhythm section are just asking for fist pumping, head banging live action.

The title track is a purely instrumental track, with some cool guitar melodies before SV launch into penultimate song Self Destruction, which is quite an apt name as it seems like they're about to.
Final track Lined and Shot is more structured and mid paced, but still has that nasty, punk/hardcore undertone and a killer solo towards the end, that leaves you with just the ringing feedback for company.

All in all, you get six raging hardcore songs in 6 minutes and that's how it should be. All the members are really proficient at what they do and having the different nationalities in the band, makes it that bit more special. Again, hats off to Grave Mistake for putting this out and showing the pretenders how hardcore should be done!

As with the Bad Advice 7" I wrote about yesterday, you can listen to two tracks off this 7" via Grave Mistake's bandcamp page:-

If you want to hear the other four tracks, you'll need to purchase a copy from the Grave Mistake webstore at

You can also go to SV's facebook page for tour and release news at

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